2007 Opel Astra Gtc

Opel Astra GTC

The new variation Astra GTC (Grandmother Turismo Squeeze) was launched in February 2007 with new stinting engines, elegant looks, improved engineering and an expanded equipment grasp. When the GTC earlier came onto the commercialize in Borderland 2005, the self-propelled pressure dubbed it “perhaps the near exciting Astra e’er”. Based on the active three-door example, the new variant boasts a add of 11 locomotive versions with an turnout reach of 90 to 240 hp. The top-of-the-line manakin is the Astra OPC with a top velocity of 244 km/h. About of the GTC’s near typical conception characteristics admit the convergence, forward-pointing position and slimline, silklike silhouette with an arced, slanted roofline. The successful exemplar’s singular part is accentuated by a earth premier: the view windscreen, which is banner in the Astra GTC Cosmo, extends from the cowling up into the cap to the B-pillar and creates a hale new gumption of place and profile. The press three-door’s technical highlights admit the adaptative IDSPlus figure arrangement with electronic Uninterrupted Damping Ascendancy (CDC), likewise as the AFL headlight scheme (Adaptative Onwards Ignition) with active sheer igniter.

2007 Opel Astra Gtc

Design and packaging

With its eve more exciting and dynamical appearing, the new Astra GTC modeling sets itself advance aside from its competitors and serves as a draught for succeeding Opel models. Designers boost honed the typical stigma aspect that was beginning presented therein exemplar cable, patch ensuring the car is stillness distinctly placeable as a penis of the Astra phratry. The flashy honeycomb wicket is peculiarly attention-getting.

2007 Opel Astra GTC

The Astra GTC owes its brawny anticipate its sportsmanlike proportions, which it achieves without compromise in footing of routine functionality. It has the like wheelbase as the saloon, and clearance in the GTC is just decreased slimly thanks to a frown seats place. In plus, the GTC has a generous and hard-nosed trunk bulk of 340 liters. The backside terrace ass rear can be rent and folded onward for more pliant use of national quad.

The new-edition Astra’s home boasts surfaces with an level more high-quality feel and tone. Classifiable conception elements in the cockpit admit the salient centre comfort, extra chromium-plate rings for the air conditioning and radiocommunication controls, too as new trimming for the doors and board, which likewise boasts three-d instruments. The top Cosmo variance features décor clipping and inlays made from deluxe pianoforte lacquer surfaces.

Passive safety

2007 Opel Astra Gtc

Barely wish the forerunner modelling, the new Astra GTC boasts gamey levels of guard. The consumer tribute system Euro NCAP (European New Car Appraisal Plan) awarded the Astra GTC fundament, the five-seater saloon, the highest evaluation of fivesome stars for grown rider shelter. With a totality of 34 points, Euro NCAP classified it as one of the safest vehicles in the press form. The Astra too achieved real full results for nipper security, with quartet stars and 39 points.

The Astra GTC’s all-encompassing SAFETEC condom packet includes chest/hip position airbags in both forepart seating. These accompaniment the two strawman airbags and the psyche drapery airbags that stretch the stallion duration of the upcountry in the remaining and rightfulness ceiling pillars. Both outer arse seating accompany ISOFIX mountings for shaver seating as banner.

Chassis and active safety

The Astra GTC delivers marked lightness and accurate manipulation with a gamey story of impulsive safe. The cornerstone for the GTC’s marked nimbleness and exact treatment is provided by the IDS (Synergistic Drive Organisation) anatomy with McPherson figurehead axle, patented torsion-beam bottom axle, too as liberalist springiness abeyance and dampers, and a sullen of the consistence by 15 mm (compared to the five-door manakin). Every GTC comes measure with Electronic Stableness Syllabus ESPPlus, Grip Restraint TCPlus, figurehead and bum saucer brakes, Anti-lock Braking Organization (ABS), Cornering Bracken Ascendancy (CBC), bracken help and Electro-Hydraulic Powerfulness Direction (EHPS).

2007 Opel Astra Gtc

The optional IDSPlus bod with electronic Uninterrupted Damping Ascendancy (CDC) is besides uncommitted. This structured anatomy command arrangement, in which the restraint units and sensors of ESPPlus, ABS and CDC switch information incessantly, was introduced to the press grade first in the Opel Astra. GTC owners besides gain from IDSPlus when it comes to drive fun: a ghost of the SportSwitch activates the play mood, resulting in more calculate respite, direction and gun reaction.

Although the GTC’s bod antecedently counted among the outdo in its course, engineers ground possible for melioration in details. An illustration of this is the optional Poke Stableness Assistance’s (TSA) ascendence organisation. The newest contemporaries of this prophylactic organization reduces imbalance in the car-trailer compounding sooner and more efficaciously.

2007 Opel Astra Gtc

Engines and transmissions

A scope of vii petrol and quatern diesel units with displacements from 1.3 to 2.0 liters and exponent outputs from 66 to 177 kW (90 to 240 hp) is useable for the Astra GTC. The two spick-and-span 1.6-liter petrol units, the 85 kW/115 hp four-cylinder locomotive with uninterrupted varying camshaft phasing and the 132 kW/180 hp turbo rendering with overboost part are all furnished to fill succeeding beat expelling standards. This is too rightful for the two new 1.7 CDTI common-rail turbo diesels with 81 kW/110 hp or 92 kW/125 hp, which volition flourish the locomotive orbit during leap 2007. All foursome engines accomplish the symmetricalness of more might with lour fire expenditure. The all-encompassing excerpt of engines is complemented by a transmitting stove which includes pentad and six-speed manual gearboxes, machine-controlled Easytronic five-speed and six-speed manual transmissions, likewise as quartet and six-speed automatics.

Quality and economic efficiency

The new Astra GTC, which is manufactured at the Belgian implant in Antwerp, meets the highest standards in caliber, reliableness and servicing aliveness. Owners lucre from hanker overhaul intervals and rock-bottom alimony mass, which aid downplay operational costs. The splendid assess keeping, which has been confirmed by judgement institutes, is ensured by the extensively galvanized consistence with a 12-year anti-perforation warrant. A farther client profit: as with all its early models, Opel offers a biennial new-car maker’s warrant for the Astra GTC that goes far bey the mandatary undertake.

2007 Opel Astra Gtc

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