2007 Kia Cee D

Kia cee-d

Styled by a consecrate multi-national Kia pattern squad in Germany, aided by a excogitation squad in Korea, the new Kia cee’d is solely bespoke to play the requirements of the European C-segment and the tastes of European consumers.

cee’d has a ‘rowdy not raspy’ appearing, compounding powerfully firm forms with sensitively streamlined lines, jewel-like particularization and a liberal posture. It’s a conception that points towards the futurity elements of Kia’s evolving excogitation speech – and those elements are a reflexion of standardised features get-go revealed in the Kia conception fomite, of the like discover, revealed at the Hollands Drive Prove sooner this yr.

“We treasured to piddle cee’d as beautiful, as finely elaborate and incisively executed as potential,” enthused Miklos Kovacs, Chieftain Decorator ED plan, Kia R&D Inwardness, Russelsheim, Germany. “Kia set us respective goals – to make a mod, typical, harmoniously balanced C-segment challenger, to precede the start item for the new pattern DNA for Kia and to foreground that this car is a really European figure, a car intentional in Europe, made in Europe, to meet 100% of European client necessarily.”

2007 Kia Cee D

The cee’d has respective of the center excogitation elements of two sooner Kia cars – the Sorento SUV and Picanto modest car. The cee’d surfaces are sheer, the shoulders stiff, with a goodness posture and touch of solidness. Sorento has this solidness, but besides around real aerodynamic lines, from the grillwork and headlamps, ended the cowling and into the A-pillars.

2007 Kia cee-d

With cee’d, the major flow-line runs from low exactly pamperer, roughly the lattice, complete the cowling, up the A-pillar, on the roof-rail, refine the C-pillar and about the taillight clusters and into the bumper – enveloping the hale car.

2007 Kia Cee D

“European car buyers are particularly raw to fomite proportions and can differentiate when a fomite looks ‘veracious’ – but it is a gut notion. What is significant with ratio is creating a ‘punt of stress’ and cee’d has a comparatively yearn figurehead to produce more tensity ‘tween presence and bottom. Done the distinctly sensed caliber of cee’d we wishing to shew a sure innovation received for Kia to transmit to the out-of-door reality that we really realize what character is all roughly,” added Kovacs.

Crafted to satisfy every buyer’s every sense

The panache, implementation, timbre, fit and destination of the new Kia cee’d midland has been intentional and highly-developed to the highest standards to full evidence the steel’s maturation ‘mightiness to storm’ earlier a European hearing. Kia’s aged executives are now sealed that when customers beginning afford the doorway and tone into cee’d they are passing to be deep impressed.

“The internal invention of cee’d is so near that possible customers leave get ‘bang at esp’ when they unfold the doors,” enthuses David Labrosse, Handler Ware Preparation, Kia R&D Kernel, Russelsheim. “cee’d presents customers with more intimately matched materials, more soft-touch surfaces and more superiority fabrics made in Europe to cause local tastes. cee’d testament pay Kia buyers multiple choices and authorise them to produce their own interiors, their own mankind and their own ambiance.”

The cee’d presence threshold hinges lineament leash ‘detentes’ – the close berth an extra-wide 70 degrees, as one of the key pattern briefs for Kia’s new C-segment competitor was to guarantee light of incoming and first-class admittance both strawman and back, summation class-best bottom legroom.

The advanced, neat figure base that characterises the outside of Kia cee’d is replicated passim the home, which continues the new modeling’s stem of oblation utmost consumer pick. “Not but volition the cee’d be uncommitted with leash trimming/equipment levels, it leave too acquaint customers with the chance to take ‘tween quartet national concepts, fin gist deal styles and vii dissimilar fabrics – contingent modelling,” comments Ms. Dominique Raye, Invention Director Colouration & Cut, Kia European Invention Kernel.

The 4 inside concepts are Canonic, Rainbow (in Disconsolate or Crimson), Authoritative and Flashy. The gist smokestack can be ruined in Nigrify, Facile, Bluing, Bloom or Aluminum pigment. The national shave choices admit: fivesome fabrics – Gray-headed, Blueing, Redden (with beckon rule), Graeco-roman (with stripe practice), Gaudy (with the woven textile replicating a tire stride figure) and two leathers, Greyness and Melanize.

For the hoy colour-ways a insurance of meet darker amphetamine surfaces and ignitor lour surfaces is followed in ordering to preclude undesirable reflections, spell maximizing the signified of national spa.

Driver-focused cockpit and controls

Although the C-segment is a powerfully family-oriented sphere, the cee’d driver volition relish the feel of a ‘contract and jazzy’ cockpit with its thick-rimmed, three-spoke wheel, clean three-dial pawn clump below a tightly curving cowl and inwardness hatful angled towards the driver.

All the controls are ergonomically intentional to situation them inside wanton ambit of the driver’s workforce and the boilersuit layout has on-key elegance. Enceinte tending has been precondition to the smell of how all the controls use so that eve the near kid of switches has an suitably tactual and cheering timber when operated.

The tool bunch has a ‘hi-tech’ appearing, with the big fundamental speedometer flanked by a rev-counter (to the leftover) and piddle temperature and fire gauges to the redress. The dial art are elaborate, exact and unclutter, piece the ‘hi-tech’ flavor is enhanced by the use of flame-orange elucidation for the dials, sound equipment and transposition paraphernalia.

For cee’d, Kia has adoptive European-style steerage tower stalks with the mastery for the windshield wipers on the compensate and routine indicators on the remaining.

A gore of switches on the driver’s threshold armrest allows ascendancy of the galvanising forepart and backside windows and the two electrically adjustable outside mirrors. The driver and rider windows sustain an motorcar astir lineament with rubber sensors for added contraption on EX and TX versions.

‘Floating’ style centre stack

The fashionable gist smokestack is a key ocular have of the internal conception and can be coherent with one of phoebe dissimilar finishes. Intentional so that it appears to ‘blow’ beside the driver, it features equipment ordered in lucid, horizontal layers with the info center supra the tailored RDS sound arrangement supplied by S, which first-rate a slip of nestling switches (including exchange lockup and chance blinker) and the heat/airing controls. Remarkably, the smokestack is flanked by quatern enceinte air vents – quite than the more unremarkably plant two.

2007 Kia Cee D

The center batch sweeps devour to fulfill the coldcock cabinet which houses an melange tray (with USB and AUX iPod®* connections on EX and TX trims), paraphernalia chooser and hand-brake pry, pair cup-holders and large-capacity entrepot box topped by a cushioned armrest.

Seating for five in spacious comfort

The cee’d battlefront seating are semi-bucket excogitation with reclining backrests operated by a knurled orbitual command. These multi-adjustable seating suffer wider cushions and backrests to fling master accompaniment with generous proportions to adapt drivers and passengers of all shapes and sizes. Adjustable lumbar documentation is usable on both driver and rider seating, which are supplied by Johnson & Controls.

All cee’d models are fitted with a 60/40 schism bum bottom shock and back. To addition baggage place, the cushions tip forrad and the backrests folding nail matte, positioning neatly with the proboscis deck. Slots to shop the detachable ass mind restraints when the seating are folded, are provided in the bottom of the cushions.

Both LX and EX models lineament a woven textile bottom upholstery, piece TX models deliver part-leather seating and can be coherent with an evening more deluxe atmosphere, thanks to wide leather passementerie – uncommitted as an alternative on TX and EX models.

All cinque seating suffer manually adjustable nous restraints and three-point seatbelts as touchstone. Structured ‘dynamic’ caput restraints leave be banner on both the breast seating of EX and TX models, marker the outset sentence this engineering has been applied to the C1-segment. During a bottom gremlin, the unified ‘participating’ brain restraints motion ahead to concentrate the endangerment of lash injuries to the cervix or rear.

All-new diesel and high-power gasoline engines

For its all-new cee’d, Kia is oblation customers a prize of cinque engines, ranging in mightiness turnout from 90 to 140 ps, including an all-new, extremely antiphonal 1.6-litre diesel intentional, engineered and manufactured in Europe peculiarly for use therein significant fledgling, to advance encouragement its appealingness for C-segment car buyers.

Consumers are presented with a stove of two diesel engines, leash petrol locomotive (all cinque are Euro4 compliant), five-speed or six-speed manual gearboxes and four-speed robotlike transmissions, tailor-made to apiece locomotive’s characteristics – contingent exemplar.

“Same every over-the-counter facet of new Kia cee’d, the radical of ‘consumers multiple-choice’ continues with the superpower trains,” comments Dr. Seog-Jae Lee, Worldwide Director, Powertrain Technology, Kia R&D Essence, Russelsheim. “Buyers bequeath be capable to prime the combining of locomotive/infection that trump suits their motoring habits and life-style. Most one-half of cee’d buyers (48%) are expected to edict diesel-powered cars, piece 95% of buyers bequeath intend manual infection.”

All pentad engines useable in the Kia cee’d boast technological innovations that bear veridical benefits to the client, patch requiring less sustenance and have enhanced strength. Those client benefits admit more index and torsion without incurring higher fire phthisis, sander run with depress vibrations and quieter performance.

Around of the cee’d engines volition be uncommitted in sure markets with lowered maximal index to courtship local tax requirements, though their full-bodied torsion outputs are mostly retained permanently drivability.

2007 Kia Cee D

Higher power, lower consumption diesel

Made at Kia’s new deftness in Slovakia, the all-new 1.6-litre CRDi 4 cylinder 16-valve diesel features a nerve admixture occlusion and an aluminum cylinder caput, with a second-generation hard-hitting common-rail fire shot scheme. It is fitted with an electrically actuated sophisticated varying geometry turbocharger (VGT) to control brisk operation and houseclean emissions. Its mightiness and torsion figures are extremely competitory – 115 ps (84.6 kW) and 255.2 Nm (26.0 kg.m), severally. This locomotive is paired to a five-speed manual infection and is expected to be the nigh democratic locomotive option among cee’d customers.

Consumers demanding higher operation can assign Kia’s improved, Korean-built 2.0-litre CRDi diesel that is too fitted in New Carens. This SOHC 16-valve CRDi whole besides features second-generation common-rail engineering, summation a VGT to get 140 ps (103 kW) at 4,000 rpm and 305 Nm (31 kg.m) of torsion from fair 2000 rpm. The manual transmittance fitted with this locomotive features six speeds.

For local tax reasons, a ‘lower-power’ edition of both diesel engines volition be offered in about markets. The low 1.6 produces 90 ps (66.2 kW) and 235.6 Nm (24.0 kg.m), spell the low 2.0 gives 135 ps (99.3 kW) with the like 305 Nm (31 kg.m) of torsion as the high-energy whole.

Choice of three gasoline engines

cee’d can likewise be logical with tercet class-competitive 16-valve gas engines – fountainhead proved Kia powerfulness units, advance highly-developed for use therein new example, and all fitted with performance-boosting endlessly varying valve timing (CVVT) and upgraded electronic multi-point fire shot.

All ternary engines (1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 litres) are supplied with a five-speed manual transmittal as stock, spell the 1.6 and 2.0 units can be arranged with a four-speed automatonlike gearbox.

The 1.4-litre locomotive creates a uttermost ability turnout of 109 ps (80.2 kW) at 6200 rpm, with 137.4 Nm (14.0 kg.m) of torsion. The 1.6-litre whole produces 122 ps (89.7 kW) at 6200 rpm and 154.1 Nm (15.7 kg.m) of torsion.

For the ultimate gasolene cee’d functioning, Kia’s concordat DOHC 1975cc gasolene locomotive generates a uttermost of 140ps (103 kW) at 6,000 rpm, and 184 Nm (18.8 kg.m) of torsion at 4,750 rpm (therein diligence).

As with the diesel engines, for local tax reasons, a ‘lower-power’ interpretation of about petrol engines leave be offered in roughly markets.

2007 Kia Cee D

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