2007 Kia Carens

Kia Carens

Kia’s power to get advanced new cars that looking bey the obvious is tending play in the Kia Carens. Styled with a steer of SUV position, but exhibiting all the versatility and practicality of the well-nigh innovative concordat MPVs, it appeals to families and participating couples; secret and flit users similar.

The Kia Carens is uncommitted with either five-spot or 7 seating, victimisation the like chopine as the Magentis ginmill. It is wide, comfy, tasteful, safety and reinforced to the highest tone standards.

With seven-seaters fetching an progressively greater ploughshare of sales therein traditionally five-seat sphere, Kia’s excogitation squad has inventively created two cars out of one. It is thence able-bodied to fill all buyers without the pauperism to grow models with unlike wheelbases, same about competitors.

This has partly been made potential by the clever way the fire cooler is mounted as an built-in phallus of the behind subframe and dangling assemblage, permitting a low coldcock, sluttish approach and more 3rd row cabin place.

The interpretation on sale in the UK is unparalleled to Europe. It was intentional by the like teams that devised the up-to-the-minute Sedona life-sized MPV, and their abbreviated was elementary: to devote the car a bolder, more rich, ‘outdoorsy’ expression.

The breast bumper, with its inkiness glower kernel department and foglamp housings, differs from the exemplar on sale in over-the-counter continents, and gives the car good a tip of the yobbo underbelly auspices fitted to off-roaders. This discourse is echoed in the backside bumper.

2007 Kia Carens

The conflict betwixt five- and seven-seat versions can be mostly explained by changes to the second-row seating. In the seven-seater they swoop forward and aft and the backrests lean, fashioning it potential for passengers to ascent into the two ass seating with easiness. In the five-seater the secondment row of seating has rigid positions.

2007 Kia Carens

Both models allow wide-cut MPV versatility without requiring owners to rhytidectomy any of the seating out of the car when they want duplicate baggage distance. In the seven-seater, the cushions of the centre-row seating tip forrard, enabling the backrests to sheepcote fine-tune, spell the back row folds into recesses in the coldcock, departure a wholly matte rise release of interruptions. When the backside seating are busy, these recesses are useable as secret memory areas.

In the five-seat framework the irregular row besides adopts the seven-seater’s ‘folding mat’ arrangement, creating a altogether floor storey when the seating are collapsed.

2007 Kia Carens

In guardianship with all former late Kia modelling introductions, the calibre of the fixtures and fittings is a equal for those in any contender. All primary surfaces sustain a soft-touch goal, spell the controls and switches get a bounty feeling and activeness.

Two-litre gasolene and turbodiesel engines are useable, offer interchangeable powerfulness and operation, so it’s just capable buyers to determine which outflank meets their inevitably and budget.

Kia’s 2.0-litre Theta gas locomotive produces 142bhp at 6000rpm and 189Nm of torsion at 4250rpm, and is offered with a five-speed manual transmitting or a four-speed automatonlike.

Notwithstanding, the bulk of buyers opt for the greater tractableness and lour fire uptake of the 2.0-litre turbodiesel locomotive, which develops 138bhp at 4000rpm and 305Nm of torsion from 1800 to 2500rpm. The criterion gearbox is a six-speed manual, but a four-speed reflexive is again optional.

This 1991cc 16-valve CRDi locomotive features a second-generation hard-hitting common-rail fire injectant scheme and a varying geometry turbocharger.

Scorn run higher top appurtenance ratios with both manual and reflex gearboxes, operation and thriftiness are striking. Tractability, driveability and efficiency go hand-in-hand with brilliant saving of capable 46.3mpg with the manual gearbox, contingent bicycle and tire quality.

The robotlike gearbox is Kia’s modish whole oblation drivers the pick of placid, consecutive Sports Mood manual shifty.

The Kia Carens is a transverse-engined front-wheel-drive car that takes reward of the chopine and figure intentional for the new Magentis ginmill, though with a 20mm shorter wheelbase. It features a clay torso, a foresightful 2700mm wheelbase and a wide-cut cartroad battlefront and back. Thither are too big wheels and tyres.

All of this allows the car to be steered and manoeuvred with minimum exploit patch ensuring full high-velocity stableness. At the arse, the composite and advanced in-wheel multi-link set-up, so called because its duple amphetamine blazonry and foresightful lour tracking blazonry are mostly housed inside the route wheels, ensures exact ascendance terminated changes in cant weight during cornering for more unchanging manipulation, patch minimising torso roller for a sander cod.

It too minimises trespass into the cabin. Thrifty tuning of the new respite to wooing European roadstead and drive styles has resulted in a car which has the legerity drivers requirement with a storey of cod solace passengers testament revalue.

Kia rationalised the Carens compass at the first of April 2008, clipping the figure of models in the UK from 16 to 12 with the run-out of about of the Extra Variation versions that had been on propose for the old pentad months patch adding new top-of-the-range LS seven-seater gasolene options.

The reach now consists of the 2.0-litre five-seater Especial Variant S priced at barely &lbf.;10,995, the stock S at fair £ing;1100 more, six mid-range GS models – a assortment of gasoline and diesel, manual and automatonlike – from alone £ing;13,145, and quadruplet epicurean seven-seat LS versions, all with heptad seating, from a low startle item of £ing;15,145. The Kia Carens thence continues to demonstrate all the value-for-money characteristics for which Kia has invariably been illustrious, yet adds pregnant physique character backed by a significant five-year warrantee.

All mainstream versions boast Kia’s traditionally gamy degree of spec. Fifty-fifty the budget-priced S models sustain 15-inch metal wheels, body-coloured bumpers and doorway handles, tinted methamphetamine, an unified four-speaker CD stereophonic compatible with MP3 players and an subsidiary superpower socket.

Air conditioning, strawman and ass electrical windows, electrically-adjustable threshold mirrors, a tilt-adjustable steerage pillar, key lockup, six airbags and anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic bracken force-out dispersion (EBD) are besides share of the banner software.

Mid-range GS models add bigger metal wheels (gasolene seven-seat), body-coloured threshold mirrors, a cap excruciate and rail able of pickings an 80kg cargo, and movement foglamps. The doorway mirrors are het, the sun bill mirrors are lit, the wheel and gearlever birth leather dress and the upcountry doorway handles are metallic.

For the ultimate in opulence, Kia offers the Carens LS which, ended and supra the GS, provides robotic headlights and wipers, presence tweeter speakers, mood ascendancy rather of air conditioning, an galvanising tilt-and-slide sunshine-roof, galvanizing foldaway threshold mirrors and sail mastery (diesel models).


Almost concordat SUVs are straiten purchases, bought out of motive quite than hope. Families use them until the children sustain big up and left-hand plate, so advance to something dissimilar. The Kia Carens changes all that. It is the mankind’s kickoff crosswalk MPV: a constrict five- or seven-seater with SUV posture.

It was intentional by the like squad that devised the Sedona life-size MPV, and the abbreviated was dim-witted: make a car with a boldface, full-bodied, outdoorsy feel.

The adaptation on sale in the UK is unequaled to Europe. The strawman bumper has a inkiness glower segment and foglamp housings that tip at the ruffian underbelly auspices fitted to off-roaders. The discussion is echoed at the ass.

Pickings vantage of the Magentis chopine, but with a 20mm shorter wheelbase, the Kia Carens is a stiff, square-looking car with shortstop overhangs, gravid wheels and tyres and a low pantie detail for easier admittance.

The absence of crabbed, unneeded decoration is besides distinctive of SUVs. The forepart is pick and substantial, with fashionable gemmed headlamps and a feature Kia grillwork. The strawman bumper gives the car a especially yobbo appearing, patch the all-encompassing racetrack and tight, strip personify enveloping forepart wheels of 15 or 16 inches in diam adds to the brawny show.

This is not at the disbursal of sleek efficiency, a major subscriber to commodity fire thriftiness, withal. The draw coefficient is an imposingly low 0.32, in parting thanks to the locomotive undertray that channels air flawlessly below the car to the diffuser-like bum.

The pedestal of the windshield is good towards the movement of the car and leads into wholesale A-pillars. Thither is a sheer styling seam barely downstairs the waist, piece the face mirrors are on the doors quite than the windowpane frames to ameliorate profile and tighten air turbulency. A low-sited position friction disrobe adds to the opinion of toughnes piece providing splendid aegis against knocks and scrapes when scuttle the doors in captive spaces.

The hefty appearing is continued at the backside. Thither is an upwardly curl in the stand of the C-pillar that gives the car a specially lumpy appearing, and this is echoed in the trench, lame cast of the tailboard, sunken ass large bumpers that embroil to the arse lights.


Thither volition ne’er be a open root as to whether 5 or septet seating is the nonpareil in a press MPV. Both styles deliver supporters and opponents. With the Kia Carens, all argumentation is suppressed: we propose both. And thanks to the car’s yearn 2700mm wheelbase, we deliver been able-bodied to do so without having to recourse to two unlike eubstance lengths comparable about competitors.

Inside a duration of hardly complete 4.5 metres, Kia has establish solutions to gratify any contract MPV emptor. To shuffle this potential, Kia’s engineers get ingeniously made the 55-litre fire cooler an inherent share of the backside reprieve and subframe forum, creating place for the foldable ass seating of the seven-seater modeling.

2007 Kia Carens

The Kia Carens is besides across-the-board and marvellous, with an outstandingly low panty peak, adding to its practicality and repose of use. The low deck is particularly good to little or weakly passengers.

One of the differences ‘tween five- and seven-seat versions is institute in the second-row seating. In the seven-seater, they swoop stem and aft and the backrests careen, devising it potential for passengers to acclivity into the tertiary row with relaxation. In the five-seater, they birth frozen positions.

Both models ply wax MPV versatility without requiring owners to heave any seating out of the car when they motive additional baggage spa. In the seven-seater, the middle-row cushions tip forrader, enabling the backrests to faithful matte, spell the two ass seating drop-off into recesses in the base. This leaves a altogether matted hold dislodge of interruptions. When the back seating are busy, the recesses are useable as secret entrepot areas.

Thither is an tremendous 2106 litres of baggage infinite in both models when existence goaded as two-seaters. With two rows of seating busy the five-seater can sup 430 litres of lading and the seven-seater a slenderly littler 414 litres. The seven-seater has a minimal of 74 litres of blank for bags.

In both versions, the breast seating repose to mannequin a bed with the center seating. The core and one-third row of seating can besides be ill-used to configuration a bed in the seven-seater.

Cabin repositing is greater than owners volition always motive. By adopting a foot-operated emergency and fostering the situation of the gearlever to the gist comfort, Kia’s upcountry designers suffer created the distance for a wealthiness of reposition areas roughly the driver and battlefront rider.

Thither is a big compartment below the center armrest, cupholders in the battlefront and behind of the gist soothe, a shades bearer in the headlining, gravid doorway pockets with recesses for bottles, a draftsman below the rider’s bottom and a generously-sized glovebox.

Threshold pockets and lidded compartments with cupholders supra the back wheelarches ply utilitarian spaces for passengers in rows two and 3 to storehouse liberate items.

2007 Kia Carens

All passengers profit from splendid inner spa and shapely seating mounted low decent for simplicity of entering but gamy decent to pay a overlooking SUV-style survey of the route. The driver and strawman rider bask peculiarly across-the-board cushions and backrests. Passengers in the low two rows suffer fantabulous headway, spell the two ass seating in the seven-seater are broad sufficiency to conciliate soul capable 1.8 metres in altitude.

A low storey and hip detail bring promiscuous accession and a more car-like impulsive berth than in many MPVs. All versions let a tilt-adjustable direction tower contributive towards a excellent impulsive place. The snappy lean of the windshield and the door-mounted face mirrors consecrate first-class profile.

In retention with all late Kia simulation introductions, the midland trimming is of superiority, fashionable and full-bodied. All chief surfaces bear a soft-touch destination, patch the controls and switches suffer a agio tone and execute.

The ergonomic layout and fashionable feel of the instruments and switchgear add angle to the caliber of the Kia Carens. A clean thick-rimmed wheel neatly frames a three-dial tool bundle that has orangish-red backlighting at nighttime. Thither are chromium-plate doorway handles on virtually models, spell the center of the sprint has a soft-paint coating.

2007 Kia Carens

The Kia Carens besides provides owners with the refuge features they need for themselves and their families. Six airbags – duplicate strawman, incline and uncut curtains – are fitted as touchstone, and the movement rider airbag features a cut-off shift, allowing a rear-facing fry ass to be mounted thither.

The anti-lock braking organization (ABS) that allows the car to be steered and braked simultaneously incorporates electronic bracken personnel dispersion (EBD), ensuring that fillet endeavor is mechanically directed to the wheels with virtually clasp. This shortens fillet distances spell preventing exit of controller when braking laborious on slippy surfaces.


Kia rationalised the Carens scope at the source of April 2008, clipping the figure of models in the UK from 16 to 12 with the run-out of nearly of the Extra Version versions that had been on offering for the former fin months spell adding new top-of-the-range LS seven-seater gasoline options.

The orbit now consists of the 2.0-litre five-seater Especial Variation S priced at good &lb;10,995, the criterion S at good &lb;1100 more, six mid-range GS models – a commixture of gasoline and diesel, manual and machinelike – from lone £ing;13,145, and 4 sybaritic seven-seat LS versions, all with vii seating, from a low scratch detail of &lb;15,145. The Kia Carens thence continues to march all the value-for-money characteristics for which Kia is far-famed.

All mainstream versions boast Kia’s traditionally highschool storey of stipulation. Evening the budget-priced S models bear 15-inch debase wheels, body-coloured bumpers and threshold handles, tinted deoxyephedrine, an incorporate four-speaker CD stereophonic compatible with MP3 players and an subsidiary ability socket.

Air conditioning with second-row respiration ducts, forepart map lamps and a shades bearer, battlefront and backside electrical windows with auto-down on the driver’s incline, electrically-adjustable threshold mirrors, a strawman wiper de-icer and varying intermittent breast wipers add to the gismo and puff of all occupants.

Thither is a tilt-adjustable direction pillar, octonary cupholders, primal lockup, two 12-volt superpower sockets, six airbags (counterpart breast, slope and uncut curtains), anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic bracken effect dispersion (EBD), dynamic forepart headrests to dilute the chances of whiplash if the car is hit from the bum, minor refuge lockup on the backside doors, ISOFIX chikd-seat mounbting points on the outer second-row seating and incline shock aegis beams. An immobiliser and lockup cycle cracked service protects against stealing.

Mid-range GS models add 16-inch debase wheels (gasolene seven-seat), body-coloured doorway mirrors, a ceiling excruciate and rail able of pickings an 80kg lading, and figurehead foglamps. The threshold mirrors are het, the sun vizor mirrors are well-lighted, the wheel and gearlever get leather dress, the upcountry doorway handles are metallic and an horrify is measure.

For the ultimate in sumptuosity, Kia offers the Carens LS which provides complete and supra the GS reflex headlights and wipers, presence tweeter speakers, mood mastery rather of air conditioning, an galvanic tilt-and-slide sunshine-roof, galvanising foldable doorway mirrors and an intermittent backside wiper. Thither is nigrify alternatively of gray-headed upholstery, sail command (diesel but), a activate estimator and metallic mule plates on all quartet slope doors.

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