2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt 8 Uk Version

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 [UK]

Powered by a 6.1-litre HEMI V8 producing 420 bhp and 420 lb ft of torsion, the Landrover Thousand Cherokee SRT-8 is 25 per centime more brawny than the banner Thousand Cherokee and uses a unequaled four-wheel-drive arrangement to assistant it speed to 62 mph in fair 5.0 seconds, achieving a top hurrying of 152 mph.

“When Landrover array to make its quickest-ever modeling, it was with the wash racetrack instead than mud racecourse in judgment,” aforementioned Pecker L, Manager of Chrysler Radical UK. “The SRT-8 is not intended to be off-road open. Alternatively, with this injectant of SRT DNA, the new Landrover 1000 Cherokee SRT-8 establishes a wise benchmark for high-performance SUVs. It has the raw ability to out-perform a Porsche Cay Turbo at a divide of the terms.”

Although the mettle of the Landrover Thou Cherokee SRT-8 is the exaggerated 6.1-litre HEMI V8 locomotive, the aim of the enhanced 4wd organisation is to maximize the grip uncommitted to the driver, spell beingness full-bodied and dependable sufficiency to hold the upgraded HEMI locomotive’s monumental amounts of index and torsion.

The resulting all-new unparalleled transportation causa is rig to have from phoebe to 10 pct of torsion to the breast wheels, nether formula drive weather, with the odd 90-to-95 percentage organism sent to the bum axle. When drive on slippy surfaces, the four-wheel-drive organization can mechanically transportation capable 100 pct of torsion to the presence wheels when extra grip and stableness is mandatory.

Likewise as the high-performance locomotive and 4wd scheme, all SRT vehicles characteristic a race-inspired home and performance-oriented outside and reprieve features.

SRT-8 New Four-wheel-drive System

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt 8 Uk Version

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 [UK]

Development the get-go SRT fomite with four-wheel-drive, SRT engineers created a effort gear that was jackanapes, yet full-bodied and true sufficiency to handgrip the upgraded HEMI locomotive’s monumental amounts of exponent and torsion. A new transportation case was intentional, lodging components from two existent units, built for their new function. Engineers opted to use the presence one-half of a Landrover carry-over pillowcase, paired to the bum one-half of a heavy-duty vitrine, elect for its hardness and power to lodge the electronic full-time four-wheel-drive organization’s components.

Below convention impulsive weather, this all-new transference pillowcase delivers from fivesome to 10 pct of torsion to the strawman wheels, with 90-to-95 percentage organism sent via a heavy-duty propshaft (from the diesel-powered G Cherokee) to a Dana 44 backside derivative upgraded with a bigger jacket roll fitted inside a new axle shell. The organisation was intentional to render a well-adjusted fomite with a eminent fun-to-drive gene, befitting its SRT badging.

Nether dangerous route weather, when travel on slippy surfaces, the four-wheel-drive arrangement can transportation capable 100 pct of torsion to the battlefront wheels, mechanically prn, when extra grip and stableness is requisite.

SRT-8 Awesome HEMI V8 Power

At the ticker of the Landrover 1000 Cherokee SRT-8 is an blown-up SRT 6.1-litre HEMI V8 locomotive, which generates 420 bhp – 85 h.p. more the 5.7-litre rendering – a monumental 25 per centime index encouragement, with 420 lb.-ft. of torsion compared to the littler V-8’s 369 lb.-ft.

This commonly aspirated 90-degree V8 is the highest specific-output locomotive e’er offered by the Chrysler Grouping – its 69.8 horsepower-per-litre evaluation exceeds eventide that of the fabled 1966 ‘Street HEMI’.

Although the Chrysler HEMI locomotive entered into caption in the Sixties and ’70s, now’s interpretation took often of its inhalation from the pilot Fifties variation – specially the namesake hemispherical burning chambers that furnish ability and efficiency. When SRT start to grow a more muscular HEMI for the Landrover K Cherokee and the Chrysler 300C, they were aware of the locomotive’s inheritance, adopting traditional HEMI locomotive cues such as the orange-painted block and inkiness valve covers.

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt 8 Uk Version

The SRT powertrain engineers who highly-developed the Landrover G Cherokee SRT-8’s locomotive achieved more hp by increasing the capability, fostering the compressing proportion, redesigning the cylinder psyche air consumption and beat systems for increased menstruation, and enhancing the home components to tolerate higher locomotive speeds (rpm). Reinforced components admit a built block, bad sword crankshaft and high-strength connecting rods.

The cylinder gauge of the 90-degree V8 was increased by 3.5 mm, boosting supplanting from 5.7-litres (5654 cc) to 6.1-litres (6063 cc). The condensation proportion was brocaded from 9.5:1 to 10.3:1, unleashing more zip in the burning outgrowth. Maximal superpower of 420 bhp is generated at 6,000 rpm, piece utmost torsion (420 lb.-ft.) is produced at 4,800 rpm.

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt 8 Uk Version

Locomotive ventilation was increased with new high-flow cylinder heads featuring 16 bigger diam valves (2 per cylinder) and reshaped cylinder ports to maximise airflow. A peculiar uptake multiply was intentional with bigger diam runners for higher-speed tuning and the fumes ‘cope’ pipes get case-by-case tubes cased in a stainless scale, routed done a larger-diameter (70 mm vs. 63.5 mm) exhaust with 101 mm chromium-plate quarter pipes – all singular to the Landrover 1000 Cherokee SRT-8’s 6.1-litre HEMI locomotive.

Performance-oriented camshaft profiles were highly-developed to correspondence add fomite requirements, simultaneously allowing more air in and out of the cylinders and enabling the locomotive to make higher revs. SRT engineers increased the HEMI’s crest locomotive swiftness well-nigh 20 pct, to 6,000 rpm (up from 5,000 rpm).

The high-performance 6.1-litre HEMI is advance reinforced with a legion of redesigned components, including a strengthened block with increased coolant menses, bad blade crankshaft, high-strength powdered-metal connecting rods, floating-pin pistons (cooled by oil squirters), an oil cesspit limited for decreased oil effervescing and excavate, sodium-filled aspiration and beat valve stems to aid dispel oestrus more expeditiously.

The 6.1-litre HEMI’s superpower is channelled done an A580 five-speed robotic transmitting with particularly graduated AutoStick® driver-selectable reach controller, which offers full robotlike process or sequent manual appurtenance extract. A heavy-duty four-flange shore quill sends the torsion from the infection to an upgraded derivative and behind axle.

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt 8 Uk Version

SRT-8 Ride and Handling

The Landrover Chiliad Cherokee SRT-8 bod has been fine-tuned to present prominent SRT-style drive and manipulation crossways the liberal dynamical compass that enthusiastic Landrover owners are surely to work to the fullest extent. Spell the existent Thou Cherokee’s abatement layout – freelance with duplicate wishbones at the movement and a subsist axle placed with multiple links at the back – is maintained, legion enhancements sustain been made.

The SRT-8’s unequalled figure set-up includes tuned Bilstein dampers, peculiarly bespoke leap rates and dangling bushings and larger-diameter anti-roll bars. The bait peak is lowered by 25 mm, reduction sleek pull, heavy the heart of soberness and enhancing constancy and creating an strong-growing posture. The Electronic Stableness Platform (ESP) is particularly re-tuned to compeer the car’s functioning characteristics. The power-assisted stand and pennon direction is higher geared for a more spry reply, with 2.85 turns lock-to-lock for an 11.3 m turn roach, compared with 3.14 turns on the unconstipated 1000 Cherokee.

Tributary to its belligerent show, piece providing both a enhancive plug and real execution supercharge, the Landrover 1000 Cherokee SRT-8 is equipt with bigger diam, alone five-spoke 20-inch bad al wheels shodden with high-performance 245/45 ZR20 all-season tyres, with a run-flat potentiality.

SRT-8 Upgraded Braking

The braking organisation of the all-new Landrover Thou Cherokee SRT-8 was upgraded to offer benchmark braking execution, scene a new touchstone for SUVs and a strong contrast to the fomite’s awesome quickening and execution.

To layover the fomite safely and predictably from gamy speeds, all quatern discs are fitted with ultra-high functioning Brembo racing-style callipers, weaponed with four-spot pistons for evening greater clamping execution. Up breast, thither are 360 x 32mm ventilated discs, with 350 x 28mm ventilated discs at the backside. Fillet from 62 mph is complete in hardly 125 feet (38.1 metres).

Functional SRT Exterior Enhancements

Allow to its persona as ‘the quickest-ever Landrover’ the K Cherokee SRT-8’s outside styling follows the SRT creed with operable outside enhancements singular to this modeling, which hike execution and vibrate with sword quality. The new framework’s lowered, strong-growing position shows its plain Landrover identicalness endowed with Street and Racing Engineering DNA.

An all-new battlefront dashboard embodies flowing improvements that concentrate facelift and hale, spell providing sufficient airflow to fulfil the increased chilling demands of the bigger HEMI locomotive. Unequalled air inspiration ducts too assistant to poise the breast brakes. A new bum dashboard incorporates an strong-growing center cut-out to reconcile the threefold 101 mm diam tucker stern pipes. In plus, particularly intentional position sill extensions aid to addition downforce.

SRT-8 Unique Interior Features

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt 8 Uk Version

The cabin of the new Landrover K Cherokee SRT-8 is grand by power-adjustable, deep graven operation breast seating finish with unambiguously patterned litigate inserts intentional to clench the occupants firmly during mettlesome drive. The het figurehead seating are too furnished with remembering functions and the height-adjustable wheel ensures that every driver can incur the ‘consummate’ seats billet from which to full feat the SRT-8’s operation. All Landrover M Cherokee SRT-8 vehicles characteristic an midland cut in Intermediate Ticket Grayish leather.

Early SRT-only trimness includes a particular ‘carbon-fibre technological’ leather shave for a more incontrovertible grasp, which is applied to the wheel and pitch picker. The essence flock features a unparalleled destination in ‘graceful aluminum’ which is too applied to sceneshifter solace and door-switch bezels. The wheel frames comp instrumentality, including a 180 mph (290 km/h) speedometer, tach and locomotive temperature gauges, all cut with a disconsolate emphasise and situated in a carbon-fibre cut binnacle.

Agio comforts inside the Landrover Chiliad Cherokee SRT-8 cabin admit a measure AM/FM stereophony tuner with six-disc CD modifier, 280 Watts sound organisation powering a six-speaker Boston Acoustics speaker, with steerage wheel-mounted controls.

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