2007 Jaguar Xkr

Jaguar XKR


2007 Jaguar Xkr

Panther is majestic to uncover its new charged sports car – the Panther XKR. Construction on the excellency of the all-new XK introduced in belated 2005, the XKR takes the Panther get to new high.

Ilk the XK modelling, the new XKR makes well-informed use of hardheaded, forward-looking engineering such as its industry-leading monocoque structure. In increase, a 420bhp (SAE) charged V8 locomotive and class-leading standardization of its state-of-the-art, six-speed automatonlike transmittance play it to a story of approachable, real-world operation that makes the XKR the well-nigh telling, workaday, card-playing GT in its grade.

The XKR’s sinewy instruction of intention is unquestionably strengthened by enhanced sporty styling cues such as a unequaled breast bumper, aluminum-finish grilles and cowling vents. Its unequalled 19- and 20-inch metal pedal designs and a quad-exhaust scheme likewise add to its boilersuit front.

“The new charged XKR captures utterly the perfume of what makes a Panther XK so especial,” commented Bibiana Boerio, Panther Cars manager. “It is a arrant combining of tasteful G Phaeton and sober operation sports car, that delivers a genuinely rewarding and elating drive get.”


Driving the new XKR – exhilaration redefined

The new 420bhp (SAE) Panther XKR is a stunning car to ride. With 120bhp (SAE) more might than the unremarkably aspirated 4.2-liter XK, the like substantial and remains al structure that ensures brilliant razz and manipulation, and a six-speed robotlike infection with Panther Consecutive Sack that is regarded as class-leading in damage of gear-change fastness besides as subtlety, Panther’s portmanteau of execution and kinetics reaches new high with the XKR.

2007 Jaguar XKR

“Our aim when technology the new XKR was to assure that the car’s characteristics remained in symmetricalness scorn the substantial addition in mightiness ended the XK,” explains Panther’s boss orchestrate, Microphone Interbreeding. “Running with that as our foot, our abbreviated was to make ‘XK addition 30%’ – the ultimate sports GT for the veridical reality.

“We precious the operation and pizzaz you would look of an XKR but were deliberate to continue that special conflate of card-playing lavishness that every Panther mustiness deliver and which was so convincingly demonstrated with the XK. The merchantman cable is: if you wish the XK, you’ll perfectly dear the new XKR.”

The resultant of that technology abbreviated is a car that performs in any circumstance, at any swiftness. With brilliant torsion at low locomotive speeds, trice speedup is ever usable should you postulate it. Likewise, the innovative direction and abeyance set-up substance the new XKR switches effortlessly from relaxed thousand tourist to honed sports car with easiness. It is everything the XK is and practically more.

Supercharged 4.2-liter engine

The power to vociferation upon telling militia of might and quickening in an heartbeat is the earmark of every large Panther. The new XKR ensures this by victimization a noteworthy 4.2-liter charged AJ-V8 locomotive. Producing 420bhp (SAE) at 6,250rpm and 413 lb-ft (560Nm) (EEC) of torsion at 4,000rpm, it is able of propellent the Coupe reading to 60mph in 4.9 seconds (5.0 seconds for the Exchangeable) and onto an electronically express top swiftness of 155mph (250kph).

The add-on of a supercharger and counterpart air intakes way the new XKR benefits from a 120bhp (SAE) powerfulness addition o’er the commonly aspirated 4.2-liter XK with which it shares its locomotive form. Torsion, so requisite for moment quickening at any locomotive upper, likewise increases importantly – by 36% terminated the XK, although the boilersuit burthen of the XKR is elevated by scarce 154lb (70kg). Therefore the power-to-weight proportion compared to the ordinarily aspirated 4.2-liter XK is an telling 34% higher.

And in comparing to the former contemporaries XKR, the new locomotive produces more superpower and more torsion. Combined with the importantly stiffer and barge al monocoque structure of the new XKR, these operation improvements trail to a important leaping in the power-to-weight proportion of 12% ended the late XKR and an as utile leap of 7.7% in the torque-to-weight proportion. To reach the eq improvements in exponent and torque-to-weight in the forthcoming XKR would birth needful near 50 more h.p.. Therefore, the 0-60mph dash meter of the new XKR Coupe is rock-bottom by 0.3 seconds.

The pump of these meaning execution improvements is the XKR’s jackanapes eight-cylinder locomotive with an Eaton supercharger. The water-cooled cylinders are ordered in a 90-degree V constellation and the crankshaft is supported by pentad principal bearings. Apiece of the two cylinder header assemblies incorporates couple camshafts operational 4 valves per cylinder. One of the reasons for the locomotive’s telling turnout is the incessantly varying valve timing which helps to present a all-embracing spreading of torsion. The locomotive uses an Electronic Return-less Fire Arrangement (ERFS) and a three-party accelerator exhaust.

The step-up in powerfulness and torsion ended the forthcoming XKR simulation is fine-tune to two substantial additions to the locomotive. The air inspiration provision to the locomotive has been importantly enhanced thanks to the use of duplicate air inlets, and a Varying Intake Camshaft Timing scheme is secondhand first on the XKR. By unendingly adjusting the timing of the intake camshaft on both banks of the V8, contingent the locomotive hurrying and freight, Panther’s engineers get ensured great improvements in torsion, peculiarly at glower revs.

The arrangement is controlled by the Locomotive Direction Organisation (EMS) which receives locomotive speeding, confine berth and oil temperature information from its sensors. The EMS determines the chasten intake camshaft timing by ceaselessly referring to a digital cubic map highly-developed to allow optimal operation. The EMS so transmits the earmark signals to two solenoids that ascendence the stage of hydraulic strength provided to the valve actuators.

The commonly aspirated 4.2-liter XK has been praised for its acoustical qualities, odd unnoticeable and relaxed at mild speeds but producing an unmistakeable V8 soundtrack when worked arduous. On the XKR, the disturbance from the supercharger threatened to rule the acoustical fibre and cloak the fundamental audio tone. Withal, done enhancements to the fomite acoustical ingroup, the supercharger stochasticity has been decreased by 5dB compared to the former XKR.

This feeler to acoustics allowed the engineers to center victimisation the exhaust to pitch the outdo potential phone calibre quality. This was established done the use of the XKR’s Alive Exhaust which varies the menstruum of expel gases done the independent muffler box to control that the XKR cadaver tranquillity at cruising speeds, but delivers a well more purposeful fathom calibre lineament below laborious speedup.


Panther’s Consecutive Chemise unambiguously combines all the speeding and involution of a consecutive manual gearbox with the consolation and widget of a wax automatonlike.
The scheme consists of steering-wheel-mounted paddles and a schematic appurtenance picker pry, allowing the driver to transposition ‘tween tercet automatonlike or paddle-operated gearbox modes.

Whereas an machine-controlled manual gearbox interrupts the stream of torsion during the gearchange – piece the clench is disengaged – the Panther’s gearbox maintains the menstruum of torsion passim the shift serve. This results in gearchanges that are not just spry, but too signally smoothen. Gearshifts are achieved in less than 600 milliseconds, from the item at which the driver operates the shimmy toddle to the item at which the shifting is discharge.

In fact, during maturation, equivalence tests ‘tween Panther Serial Slip and touch automatonlike transmissions in the form showed the transmittance to be the quickest arrangement of all, ever-changing pitch leastwise 400 milliseconds quicker than a measure machinelike and 100 milliseconds quicker than the outflank machine-controlled manual arrangement.

The deuce-ace gearbox modes dedicate the driver tally flexibleness to use the contagion to peer whatsoever impulsive flair he or she chooses. In Thrust mood, the gearbox behaves as a formal reflexive, with the package optimized for every day impulsive weather providing all the benefits of a best-in-class automatonlike contagion.

In Fun style, the gearbox’s adaptative package becomes more rife, adapting and reacting more dynamically to demanding weather. This package takes story of the prevalent weather and driver’s inputs and adapts consequently. E.g., it recognizes when the car is negotiating a curl, and holds the pitch consequently; Mound Acknowledgement enables the XKR to take the ratios to optimise the ascension or lineage of a mound; the gearbox’s package testament likewise mates the locomotive amphetamine just to the locomotive and route speeds, ‘blipping’ the accelerator during speedy downshifts.

Manual style is excited by only operational one of the steering-wheel-mounted paddles, and delivers a state-of-the-art manual pitch switch feeling from the robotlike transmittance.


To ascertain optimal rally and treatment, the XKR’s springs and dampers are uprated compared to the unremarkably aspirated XK. The movement leap rank is increased by 38% and the bottom saltation order by 24%. Confederative to the Servotronic steerage arrangement, which has besides been tuned both automatically and electronically to spring the guidance more weighting and evening greater reply, the hanging ensures confidence-inspiring treatment without any passing in nuance and consolation levels.

Because of the inbuilt effectiveness and rigor of the bod, the solitary pregnant increase to the XKR’s construction is an extra bottom respite pair mounted ‘tween the bottom muffler towers to reconcile the meaning addition in backside bounce range. This besides allows the Transformable to utilise the like active settings as the Coupe modeling.

The Calculator Combat-ready Engineering Abeyance (a two-stage adaptative damping organisation that ensures the optimal equalizer betwixt rally and manipulation) and new switchable Active Constancy Ascendance with Grip Command Organization (Trac DSC) get likewise been recalibrated to match the extra ability of the charged locomotive.

As pregnant to the XKR as the increases in powerfulness and torsion are the major improvements in force and weightiness thanks to its innovative all-aluminum architecture. Unequalled in the diligence as a nail aluminium monocoque structure, as trenchant from an al spaceframe with break aluminium outside panels, its properties arrive from both the way the bodyshell is intentional and constructed, and the use of new connexion technologies.

In fact, the new XKR’s aluminium anatomy is importantly light and stiffer in both Coupe and Translatable mannikin than the nerve example it replaces. The Coupe flesh is concluded 30 pct stiffer than the premature XK, spell the Exchangeable is concluded 40 pct stiffer. As a issue, the XKR accelerates quicker than the old manakin, patch offer gamy levels of safe, rock-bottom disturbance and quivering invasion, and improved drive and treatment characteristics thanks to improved reprieve kinetics.

In Translatable shape, the BIW angle, at barely 633lb (287kg), is 19 pct barge than the late XKR Translatable.

New, bigger ventilated bracken discs at the strawman ascertain higher braking functioning for the XKR. The presence bracken saucer diam has increased from 12.8in to 14.0in (326mm to 355mm), and the heaviness from 1.2in to 1.3in (30mm to 32mm), which not solitary improves the braking execution but likewise the organisation’s resistor to disappearance. The braking organization likewise includes four-channel ABS, Electronic Bracken Effect Dispersion, Hydraulic Bracken Attend to increment bracken insistency during an pinch blockage, and Panther’s Electronic Parkland Bracken role.

2007 Jaguar Xkr


With the much-admired new XK already considered a succeeding excogitation definitive, Panther’s originative squad, led by Ian Callum, had a big start detail from which to grow the XKR. The XK grasp’s graceful cast draws on the derivation of the pilot XK and E-Type sports cars, and by shading this unmistakeable Panther silhouette with present-day style, its outside forms a sensational conflate of elegance, strenuosity and definition. The XKR takes now this gymnastic aspect one point farther thanks to the accession of:

+ New XKR presence bumper with color-keyed goal to unparalleled battlefront fog lamp housings
+ Al english mightiness air cultivation
+ Punk vents and alone ‘XKR’ aluminium ending to amphetamine and lour breast meshing grilles
+ Aluminium conclusion to back touch ‘steel’ and selected outside brightwork finishers
+ Alone ‘Jupiter’ innovation 19-inch admixture wheels as banner, with 20-inch ‘Cremona’ XKR cycle uncommitted as an choice
+ Melanise bracken callipers with ‘R’ logotype
+ Quadriceps exhaust and alone glower bumper
+ ‘R’ backside badge

Conception Conductor Ian Callum explains the thought butt the looking of the new XKR:

“We blab at Panther of how our new multiplication of models are ‘beautiful, flying cars’. It’s a articulate that ideally sums up our sword and can be applied to every car we pattern. We were highly pleased the response to the new XK when it was unveiled end yr – it is as beautiful as you would carry a Panther sports car to be. Now, the new XKR has a feeling that emphasizes the ‘loyal’ face of our figure command.

“The ‘powerline’ that runs from the presence bicycle done the cabin are and into the car’s behind haunches cadaver, and we birth added thereto latent opinion of exponent by adding around firm operation features such as the vents that intend the stiff supercharger and the arresting new alloys that satisfy the rack arches and commit the car tangible intent.”

The new XK’s home pattern has been upright as extremely praised and the XKR’s cabin represents arguably the nigh advanced yet driver-focussed environs of any car in its category. The XKR has class-leading bioengineering, user-friendly in-car engineering and bare, crystalise info displays in the panel and chief splasher arena.

A alone sports bum excogitation with extra sidelong backup for both the driver and movement backside rider has been added, with an ‘R’ badge on the headrests, tach, wheel and gearing picker. The invention of the received aluminium home facing is too unequaled to the XKR, featuring a ‘waver’ figure from the Ripe Jackanapes Coupe showcar.

XKR customers can too intend the Lavishness Sports internal pick which features soft-grain leather on the 16-way adjustable seating, panel, doorway reduce and core comfort.

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