2007 Hyundai Veracruz

Hyundai Veracruz

The new Veracruz midsize crossing made its Northerly American launching at the 2007 Northwards American External Automobile Shew (NAIAS). Hardly as the Hyundai Azera is fixing perceptions approximately bounty sedans, Veracruz breaks new reason in agio crossovers. Hyundai has again made sumptuosity and operation come-at-able in antecedently unthinkable shipway: with received Electronic Stableness Ascendance (ESC), upscale comforts and more loading bulk than the lifesize Mercedes-Benz GL, Veracruz unambiguously blends centre with flair.

Veracruz takes on the Honda Archetype and Toyota Highlander and beatniks them in damage of powertrain operation and measure condom features patch adding advanced conception, high-quality craft and seats for heptad adults.

“Veracruz is an prodigious fomite at the correct meter for this underdeveloped section,” aforesaid Steve Wilhite, ceo of Hyundai Centrifugal America. “The fomite’s designers accepted that the necessarily and desires of traditional SUV buyers weren’t organism met and focussed on confluence those inevitably in an refined and cunning way. The resultant is a broad crossing that delivers both tasteful flair and super operation.”


The Veracruz continues Hyundai’s ware enlargement and globular invention phylogenesis done the continued use of runny and constitutional forms to produce a svelte, and epicurean outside appearing.

“We are really pleased Veracruz and tone this figure testament not solitary reenforce our excogitation focus as a caller, but besides greatly heighten our escalating stain icon on a world base,” aforesaid Joel Piaskowski, head architect at the Hyundai Innovation Centerfield in Irvine, Kalif. “Liquid lines combined with the incorporate headlights and taillights enfold Veracruz to produce a interconnected aesthetical.”

2007 Hyundai Veracruz

Up forepart, the graven bumper creates the show of extra peak. Three-tiered headlights accompaniment the innovation. The wicket combines a flat-lined amphetamine chromium-plate bezel and a curving lour bezel which houses the Hyundai flying-H logotype. Classifiable lineament lines and a truehearted visibility raise the fashionable yet operative imaging. The fomite’s seductive beltline ascends from the wraparound headlights and follows the dwindling nursery to admit the spectacular taillights. Chromium-plate clipping is strategically applied to spotlight around of its excogitation features piece bounteous Veracruz an graceful, voluptuary mien. The salient roll arches menage 17- or 18-inch wheels and tires.

2007 Hyundai Veracruz

Quiet and solidness in its posture, the Veracruz evening impresses as it departs. The incorporated behind facia has a graven incision that blends seamlessly into the sides of the taillights. The taillights resolutely tilt towards the persona business highlight the rounded rachis meth. Twofold chromium-plate beat tips, a Hyundai innovation brand, countenance Veracruz’s 3.8-liter V6 locomotive to emit freely. A bum pamperer enhances the sporting visibility.


2007 Hyundai Veracruz

Privileged, passengers are coddled in a ample, advanced surround that was elysian by boutique hotels. The solvent is an inner that could be base in the finest sumptuosity sedans thanks to Hyundai’s thinking ergonomic technology, nonrational figure, and ranking craft. Hyundai has combined spa with elegance including amenities that outgo expectations. E.g., although the Veracruz is 9.7 inches shorter than the Mercedes Benz GL, it has more consignment loudness.

Every major constituent of Veracruz has been intentional to cut cabin randomness infra the whisper-quiet Lexus RX350. To insulate exterior racket, Hyundai applies acoustical moistening sheets to the doors and unibody, a nerve shell below the locomotive and 4 layers of carpeting cushioning. Locomotive randomness is decreased done electronically controlled locomotive mounts, a multi-curvature cony, impost bonnet insulant and a rest tripod roast which lessens vibrations from the driveshaft at jobless.

Seats for 7 adults is made potential thanks to the banner Hyundai Hideout&swap; third-row ass. Approach to the one-third row is scarce a footmark outside with the toss of a prize to slew the irregular row forrader. Useable dual-zone mood controls for driver and front-seat rider farther raise the Veracruz’s lavishness certificate. Second- and third-row passengers testament delight a new stratum of quilt, thanks to B pillar-mounted adjustable vents, bottom HVAC controls and roof-mounted vents.

Napped metallic accents and dingy backlighting for all national gauges, switches and buttons foreground the modernistic, incorporated internal innovation. Evening the movement cupholders are annulate with amytal ignitor to aid dark impulsive, patch a flaccid blueness highlight in the viewgraph soothe provides hushed job kindling. Hyundai’s focussed care to point can be seen passim the home – comfort bins and the glovebox are seamed with balmy flocking corporeal. Powerpoint caps, seatbelt buckles and cupholder inserts are color-keyed for invention concordance. Soft-touch, high-quality materials, low-gloss surfaces and zero-tolerance net-fits are put-upon passim the national.

An AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 sound scheme that includes an inner amplifier and six speakers comes touchstone in the Veracruz GLS and SE. The 315-watt Eternity® AM/FM/XM/CD-changer/MP3 sound organization with subwoofer and international amplifier is measure on the Express shave and optional in the SE. Audiophiles with evening more demanding tastes volition be impressed by the useable Eternity AM/FM/XM/CD-changer sound organization that includes a 605-watt extraneous amplifer, 10 speakers and Logic 7® fence voice usable on the SE and Special trimness levels.

Former heedful contrivance features admit a propinquity key, rain-sensing wipers, machine dimming outside mirrors, mirror-mounted advance lights, adjustable pedals, storage settings for the ability mirrors, driver buns and wheel, patronage cautionary arrangement, mightiness liftgate, and a rear-seat amusement organization that includes a DVD participant and eight-inch viewgraph filmdom.


On the street, the new Veracruz has electrifying execution courtesy of the like 3.8-liter DOHC V6 locomotive that powers the Azera. It delivers an estimated 260 h.p. and 257 lb-ft. of torsion. To maximise the might ranch, the locomotive utilizes Unendingly Varying Valve Timing (CVVT) on the uptake valves and a Varying Uptake Organization which helps cylinders emit expeditiously at both low and gamy RPM. The locomotive uses an aluminium blockage and cylinder heads for igniter weighting and thermic efficiency, and features timing irons with no scheduled alimony.

To dilute oscillation, the locomotive rides on new highly-developed semi-active locomotive mounts, which lie of deuce-ace peaceful mounts incorporated with a governable ingredient, rpm detector and solenoid valve. The mounts rein locomotive hoover to make a active reaction which offsets locomotive vibrations. In fact, Veracruz has less loafing shakiness and stochasticity than the Lexus RX350.

To assistant put the index to use, the locomotive is paired to an Aisin six-speed gearbox with SHIFTRONIC® manual mastery. The infection offers slick still shifts and a wide-cut ranch of ratios that ideally case the locomotive’s capabilities. Drivers can admittance the SHIFTRONIC® sport by moving the pitch picker into a furcate rod. Push the chooser onward or pull it rear testament switch the transmittal up or polish consecutive, adding to driver ascendence. A crystalize LCD read-out on the panel shows the gearing that’s busy. The transmitting uses an incorporated infection restraint whole and low interference gears which tighten clash.

All of this powertrain engineering is put to effective use in the Veracruz, with an EPA highway fire thriftiness approximate of 25 miles per gal, prodigious the littler, less sinewy Honda Fender. Veracruz likewise delivers strip air, with an awaited Ultra-Low Emissions Fomite (ULEV) categorization.


Hyundai engineers benchmarked the trump crossovers in the mankind earlier scheming Veracruz’s unibody and four-wheeled fencesitter suspension. The fixed flesh and hiatus geometry were specifically intentional to bear a lissom, positive cod and assistance sequestrate the rider cabin from imperfectness in the route. The underpinnings are governed by a MacPherson ruffle movement hiatus and multi-link behind suspension.

Upfront, reversal L-shaped lour mastery blazonry and mellow castor angles furnish higher-up steerage flavour and splendid straight-line stableness. Enceinte subframe bushings ameliorate the tantalise and insulate undesirable interference, oscillation and rigorousness. All quartet wheels are controlled by curlicue springs, fade-resistant, gas-charged dampers and breast and backside stabiliser bars. The Veracruz GLS uses 17-inch, five-spot split-spoke al wheels and 245/65R17 tires, piece the SE and Express trims tantalise on 18-inch, five-spoke aluminium wheels and 245/60R18 tires. Add in rack-and-pinion powerfulness steerage, with a tighter minimal turn spoke than the shorter Lexus RX350 and Nissan Murano, and the end answer is a fomite with accurate guidance and manipulation, and a well-controlled yet prosperous drive.


Hyundai has added an Healthy Torsion Controlled Union All-Wheel Ride (AWD) organization to motivate Veracruz done the elements. Victimization rack velocity sensors to supervise the route and the driver, this electronic organisation can sentience when and where more torsion is mandatory and itinerary it thither mechanically. Exponent is familial to the back wheels done a multi-plate grip without any additional attempt from the driver. An AWD engage way can be set-aside with the contact of a push providing a 50:50 torsion proportion when needful.


“The 2007 Veracruz embraces both participating and inactive guard with a server of leading-edge technologies,” aforesaid Lavatory Krafcik, v.p. of Strategical Provision and Ware Growth, Hyundai Centrifugal America. “Electronic Constancy Restraint, six airbags including english drape airbags protecting all ternary rows, and participating presence psyche restraints are institute criterion in Veracruz and are about of the diligence’s near efficient technologies.”

Veracruz’s advance technology provides a heights floor of preciseness during all aspects of impulsive, and is anchored by received Electronic Constancy Ascendancy (ESC), the industriousness’s nigh crucial new refuge engineering. By continually analyzing route upper, guidance stimulus, limit billet, sidelong yaw pace and over-the-counter factors, an onboard microprocessor determines if the fomite is start to understeer or oversteer, and mechanically engages one or more brakes. The organization likewise reduces locomotive outturn to assistant the driver keep the intended track.

In summation, Veracruz adds enceinte four-wheeled platter brakes with a 10-inch bicycle-built-for-two bracken plugger and Anti-lock Braking Scheme (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD) for telling fillet outstrip for a fomite of its sizing. Bracken Attend maximizes braking effect when an exigency stoppage is detected.

2007 Hyundai Veracruz

Veracruz’s inactive prophylactic features are evenly telling, root with six sum airbags, including advance two-fold figurehead airbags, breast seat-mounted side-impact airbags and roof-mounted slope drape airbags for all trey rows of seats. In plus, alive strawman header restraints aid forbid lash. All seats positions sport three-point seatbelts, piece the arcsecond and 3rd row besides get adjustable caput restraints. Certificate is boost provided done the received alarm and uncommitted locomotive immobilizer.

To occupy impacts to the rider cabin, Hyundai engineers optimise wrinkle zones and reenforce the architecture’s rail, slope sill chassis, level cross-members and mall pillars. These reinforcements suffer been time-tested good in lab and figurer simulations. Veracruz has been intentional and tried to find the U.S. Subject Highway Dealings Safe Governing’s (NHTSA) top five-star clank tryout evaluation for presence and incline impacts.

2007 Hyundai Veracruz

Commodious Lour Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) points tolerate shaver seating to be secured in the second-row seating. Extra measure rubber equipment includes a Wear Insistency Monitoring Scheme (TPMS), which alerts drivers if one or more tires are nether high-sounding. An lighted read-out on the das lets drivers acknowledge the take jade needing ostentation so restorative litigate can be interpreted.


As with all Hyundai vehicles, Hyundai put much of opinion and tending to point into every scene of Veracruz. One contact opens and closes the uncommitted superpower tailboard, and the propinquity key agency no sportfishing for keys with groceries in give. Pool lamps write your outdo distich of place. An incorporated remembering organization returns the driver’s arse to a nonpayment mount. Facing the backside bumper with backside outstrip admonition sensors makes latitude parking a snatch. Streamlined wiper blades ameliorate visibleness, and bipartisan nozzles, apiece with quadruplet streams of runny, allow for unusually unobjectionable windshields.


The Hyundai Veracruz comes in 3 decided passementerie levels: The well-equipped GLS, flashy SE and agio Circumscribed.


2007 Hyundai Veracruz

Veracruz GLS comes well-equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 locomotive, six-speed reflex contagion, ESC, ABS, bum pamperer, 17-inch debase wheels and seats for vii. Besides measure is an AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 sound organisation (including ternary months of completing XM help), air conditioning with cabin permeate, wheel sound/sail controls, het ability incline mirrors with piss lights and face trafficator repeaters, battlefront solar spyglass and behind privateness meth, removed keyless entering, and powerfulness windows and doorway locks. Inner are fighting presence nous restraints, duple strawman airbags, presence ass side-impact airbags summation side-curtain airbags. Over-the-counter utilitarian features admit a outwear coerce monitoring scheme, a activate figurer and a careen and telescoping wheel. The Hyundai Retreat third-row bottom folds apartment into the coldcock and is snag 50/50, and the tierce row includes its own roof-mounted vents. The optional Bounty Box adds a ability lean/chute spyglass sunshine-roof, superpower driver bottom, het battlefront seating, leather intent wheel and switch pommel, and fill-in monitory arrangement.


The SE features the GLS equipment addition stock 18-inch debase wheels, ability driver behind, electrochromic auto-dimming rearview mirror with scope and HomeLink®, and presence fog lights. A flowing ceiling wrack, core warehousing soothe with Poise Box functionality, auto-dimming outside mirrors and reflex headlights are likewise banner equipment. An optional Agio & Leather Box adds a ability rock/swoop crank sunshine-roof, leather seats surfaces, het movement seating and a 315-watt Eternity&patronage; sound organization with CD modifier and relief admonition organization. The uncommitted Amusement Software (requires Bounty and Leather Parcel) features a rear-seat amusement arrangement with an eight-inch LCD admonisher, 605-watt Eternity AM/FM/XM/CD-changer/MP3 sound organization with Logic 7 environs audio, 115-volt mightiness exit and conversation mirror.


Veracruz Special comes received with all of the equipment establish measure on the SE and adds leather seats surfaces, het movement seating, exponent forepart rider buns, robotlike temperature mastery, a 315-watt Eternity&swap; sound scheme with CD auto-changer, exponent rock & slew chalk sunshine-roof, exponent tailboard, chromium-plate doorway handles, napped metallic threshold sill mule plates, conversation mirror, wiper defroster and championship admonition arrangement. For eventide greater sumptuosity, the usable Ultimate Bundle includes power-adjustable pedals, structured storage organization, superpower sway and telescoping wheel, disconsolate backlit sill drag plates, 605-watt Eternity AM/FM/XM/CD-changer/MP3 sound organisation with Logic 7 circumvent phone, a rear-seat DVD amusement scheme with an eight-inch LCD proctor, 115-volt powerfulness exit, propinquity key and rainfall detection wipers.

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