2007 Edo Porsche Carrera Gt

Edo Porsche Carrera GT

Introduced at the Frankfurt External Centrifugal Establish two age ago, the Carrera GT was the unquestioned spotlight of the result. Nowadays, Carrera GT owners suffer the chance to micturate this expensive and rarified Porsche eventide more clean and scoop than it already is. This unconvincing overabundance of index and individuation is made by edo contest Motorsport!

670, 715 and even 770 HP, instead of 612 HP in the Carrera GT

edo rival achieves this storey of mightiness thanks to the use of a limited aspiration arrangement, re-calibrated locomotive controls, gamey current air filters and new coping catalytic converters. To polish this index box, edo contender delivers a good stainless operation exhaust featuring electronic programmable butterfly-valve ascendence.

2007 Edo Porsche Carrera Gt

Acoustics are anything but unattended; the mutation exhaust, which is usable in two unlike strait levels, produces a howling inscrutable and heavy timber, understandably announcing the advance of an edo contention Carrera GT.

The cat-back exhaust was highly-developed on the ergometer from beginning to cultivation. The outcome is a might step-up of 19 kW (25 hp) and a 30 Nm (22 ft-lb) step-up in torsion. An extra welfare: The organisation is 18kg (40 lbs) ignitor!


The streamlined back annex is fancied whole from c roughage. The gist helping of the Gurney Flapping raises on with the retractable ass annexe to farm extra downforce on the back axle, on with the frozen flap on either english of the flank.

2007 Edo Porsche Carrera Gt


The 3-way adjustable edo/KW Rivalry jolt absorbers and sports suspension are intentional for motorsports. For our 3-way adjustable jolt absorbers, we apply gas mono-tube shocks that are adjustable for concretion and recoil (fork adjustments for low/heights velocity compressing damping) and characteristic a outside oil source. The damping forces can be familiarized singly. edo rivalry besides offers an electro-hydraulic intrude heave arrangement as optional equipment.

2007 Edo Porsche Carrera Gt


Optimal hold is provided by edo rival’s cycle and fatigue combinations. Employing a new rack conception, the edo rival Carrera GT is equipt with a set of 18 in. bad wheels cloaked in Michelin Navigate Mutation Cup tires. Figurehead: 265/35 18, Ass: 345/30 18. Refined stainless outer rims and high-strength aluminum interior rims brand these wheels a optical highlighting.

2007 Edo Porsche Carrera Gt

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