2007 Chevrolet Jay Lenos Corvette C6Rs E85

Chevrolet Jay Lenos Corvette C6RS E85

“Tonight Read” innkeeper Jay Leno’s preference for execution cars is no mystic, but many beau enthusiasts may not recognize that he is keenly concerned in substitute fuels. To evidence that hearty ability mixes well with a hint of common, Leno partnered with Pratt & Miller – the technology party that builds and campaigns C6.R Corvettes – to get a limited Corvette Z06 that is subject of functional on E85 ethanol. It was unveiled at the 2007 SEMA Shew.

More just a changeover of the broth LS7 locomotive to E85 potentiality, Leno’s alternative-fuel supercar is powered by a tradition, 8.2L (500-cubic-inch) all-aluminum small-block V-8 that pumps out roughly 600 hp and 585 lb.-ft. of torsion.

“The C6RS is the answer of an estimation we crosshatched to demonstrate that high-performance cars and option fire engineering weren’t diametrically opposed concepts,” aforesaid Leno. “I beloved the approximation of having 600 h.p. at my administration, but victimization a homegrown substitute to petrol.”

2007 Chevrolet Jay Lenos Corvette C6Rs E85

The locomotive is reinforced roughly a tradition aluminium block that was CNC-milled from a i stop of berth al. And spell the cylinder heads, uptake arrangement and dry-sump oiling organisation are livestock LS7 components, the locomotive – which has bigger eager and diagonal dimensions than the 7.0L (427-cubic-inch) LS7 – uses a one-off reciprocating forum, including a bad nerve crankshaft, bad rods and bad pistons. Katech Engines, the party that builds engines for the Corvette C6.R racing programme, highly-developed the locomotive.

2007 Chevrolet Jay Lenos Corvette C6RS E85

The fire scheme and locomotive ascendance calculator were limited to adapt E85, and fatigued gases going done a Corsa exhaust. Support the 600-horse locomotive’s index is a blueprinted and reinforced T-56 six-speed transmittal and a high-performance Centerforce dual-friction clutches.

2007 Chevrolet Jay Lenos Corvette C6Rs E85

C6.R inspiration

On the remote, Leno’s bad and melanise C6RS emulates the styling of C6.R racecars, with wider battlefront and ass fenders and a wider ass dashboard with an structured coddler on top and a racing-style diffusor at the merchantman (the diffusor incorporates an LED-lit relief lamp). A C6.R-style falls cap battlefront pilot louvers, bikers and lour lattice hatchway boost fix this especial Corvette – and all of the car’s front-end panels are made of carbon-fiber, including custom-made bracken air ducts routed done the movement fenders. With all of its torso modifications, Leno’s C6RS is 1.6 inches wider than gunstock.

2007 Chevrolet Jay Lenos Corvette C6Rs E85

The C6.R’s – and output Corvette’s – aerodynamically styled bodywork is intentional to gash expeditiously done the twist, which helps heighten fire milage.

The race-ready face of the car is enhanced with a iv of BBS wheels that have racing-type lockup centre hubs. The bad aluminium 18-inch figurehead wheels and 19-inch behind wheels bait on Michelin P295/30ZR18 and P345/30ZR19 tires, severally.

2007 Chevrolet Jay Lenos Corvette C6Rs E85

Adding legitimacy to the car’s tradition bodywork was the affair of Pratt & Miller. The society took on the labor of crafting Leno’s Corvette into a street-going reproduction of the racecars, which included instalment or fabricating a server of unparalleled components, including:

  • A impost DeWitt high-capacity radiator with double chilling fans
  • A carbon-fiber ram-air generalization scheme
  • Carbon-fiber intimate buffer panels that air live from the locomotive compartment
  • Brembo brakes with six-piston mono-block calipers ahead and four-piston bottom calipers
  • Dyna-Mat ill-used passim the cabin and frame to tighten upcountry dissonance
  • Patch the outside and drivetrain were elysian by the racecourse, the C6RS’s cabin exudes opulence, with agio touches and enhancements from Real Corvette Accessories that admit a two-tone shimmy node and kicking; leather-covered soothe armrest, emergency plow and kicking; an inner shave kit, racing-style wheel covers and more.

    2007 Chevrolet Jay Lenos Corvette C6Rs E85

    With its 600 horses on tap and domestically produced E85 fire in the tankful, Jay Leno’s alternative-fueled C6RS is an all-American supercar that proves eminent operation and environmental awareness go unitedly same the Corvette and checked flags.

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