2007 Brabus Ultimate 112

Brabus Ultimate 112

The outside is custom-painted a fiery nacre/orangish colouration, the home is upholstered in melanize BRABUS leather and Alcantara with orangish seams, and it has loads of powerfulness nether the bonnet: BRABUS presents the limited-edition exceptional exemplar BRABUS ULTIMATE 112 at the Frankfurt Outside Automobile Appearance IAA 2007. The ULTIMATE 112 is based on the impudent fortwo and is a on-key metropolis sports car. And intrinsically it represents a unequaled compounding of overweening equipment, sporting operation and spry treatment.

2007 Brabus Ultimate 112

In summation to the customs pigment the BRABUS ULTIMATE 112 sets itself boost isolated with a powerful soundbox kit that includes a figurehead freebooter, cradle panels and BRABUS WIDESTAR pilot flares breast and backbone.

The heavy roll houses crack rich spa for a fatigue/bike combining that is extremely strange for a car of this sizing: The glistening blackness BRABUS Monoblock VI double-spoke wheels are mounted on the figurehead axle in sizing 7Jx18 with sizing 205/35 R 18 high-performance tires. In the back 8.5Jx18 wheels with sizing 235/30 R 18 tires furnish batch of hold to transportation the index of the locomotive to the route.

2007 Brabus Ultimate 112

Especially graduated to these ultra-low-profile tires and the wider cartroad is the height-adjustable BRABUS coil-over hanging that combines engineer, safety and gaudy manipulation with gravid razz comforter.

With these modifications the ULTIMATE 112 offers the double-dyed chopine for the knock-down BRABUS three-cylinder turbo locomotive. As the sole especial modelling’s epithet reveals, the locomotive produces 112 PS (110 hp) / 82.4* kW at 5,750 rpm. Fifty-fifty more crucial for workaday impulsive is the for this fomite category olympian visor torsion of 150 Nm (111 lb-ft), usable complete a across-the-board rev ambit from 2,800 to 4,200 rpm.

Shift in the BRABUS ULTIMATE 112 is through either mechanically or with steering-wheel paddles upright care in Expression 1 racing. The paddles are mounted to an ergonomically wrought BRABUS variation wheel.

With dash multiplication from 0 – 60 km/h (0-37 mph) in 3.9 seconds and 0 – 100 km/h (0-62 mph) of 9.5 seconds and an electronically circumscribed top velocity of 170 km/h (106 mph) the transformable too sets the operation benchmarks in its stratum.

2007 Brabus Ultimate 112

This functioning is attended acoustically by the BRABUS stainless-steel fun eject and its two-fold tailpipes made from mold al.

Keen highlights too burst in the inside of the ULTIMATE 112: The specially cushy and breathable melanise BRABUS Mastik leather is sewn with orangish seams.

2007 Brabus Ultimate 112

The BRABUS inner construct includes raised BRABUS emblems besides as panel, instrumentate bezels, tachometer, speedometer, time, turn-signal pry and doorway handles, all color-coordinated with the outside. Stainless-steel groundwork pedals with anti-slip cushioning collectively an aluminium gearshift and emergency prise add touches of racing air.

A mood controller organization, tuner and a sailing organisation are too role of the received equipment of this clear runabout.

2007 Brabus Ultimate 112

The BRABUS ULTIMATE 112 is existence reinforced in a limited-edition serial of hardly 112 cars, apiece betting a consecutively numbered card in the inner. The BRABUS ULTIMATE 112 sells for 45,900 Euros MSRP.

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