2006 Opel Astra Twintop

Opel Astra TwinTop

+ State-of-the-art three-part retractable hardtop
+ From takeoveré to cabrio at the feeling of a release in less than 30 seconds
+ Generous trunk infinite, modern “Wanton Payload” procedure
+ Adaptative form with Uninterrupted Damping Restraint and bi-xenon bend twinkle

2006 Opel Astra Twintop

Rüsselsheim. Reality premier of Opel’s new cabrio-coupé at the IAA: followers the successful launches of the saloon, waggon and GTC, Opel presents its quaternary classifiable Astra modelling. The Astra TwinTop leave be unveiled to the world first at the Outside Car Exposition in Frankfurt (September 17 – 25). The refined four-seater with a new-generation electro-hydraulic retractable brand cap volition be at dealerships in leaping 2006. A exceptional spotlight of the new Astra TwinTop is the canny kinematics of its modern three-part ceiling arrangement, which enable generous body spa of about 440 liters. In the cabrio conformation, more 200 liters are stillness uncommitted. A state-of-the-art “Wanton Consignment” purpose increases practicality: at the ghost of a release, the horizontally sonsie cap parts in the proboscis can be embossed, so that shipment is easy approachable. In add-on to generous trunk infinite, the modern cap engineering besides enables a dynamical, symmetrical figure with well-adjusted proportions. With a duration of virtually 4.5 meters, the Astra TwinTop reaches dimensions corresponding to mid-size section cabrios.

“With the Astra TwinTop we are introducing another exciting corner car, patch extending our manakin compass in the crucial squeeze section. 4 Astra versions and the Zafira stage pentad dissimilar car concepts on one expert ground. That makes us more beautifully positioned therein section than any over-the-counter contender”, says Hans H. Demant, V.p. Technology, Ecumenical Motors Europe, and Director, Adam Opel AG.

2006 Opel Astra Twintop

2006 Opel Astra TwinTop

Alain Visser, Executive, European Merchandising, adds: “Undermentioned the successful Tigra, the Astra TwinTop is our s cabrio-coupé with an forward-looking retractable brand ceiling scheme. Proportionate, flashy and refined designing, unequaled engineering features, distinctive Opel versatility, enceinte proboscis and rich spa for quatern – the Astra TwinTop is a substantial eye-catcher that’s lots of fun to effort all yr rung.”

2006 Opel Astra Twintop

Technically the two-door cabrio-coupé benefits from the strengths of the tierce Astra genesis. This includes an exceptionally full locomotive stove therein section, with quadruplet gas units (105 to 200 hp) and the 150 hp 1.9 CDTI common-rail diesel with Diesel Particulate Filtrate (DPF) as touchstone. The top-of-the-line 200 hp 2.0-liter ECOTEC Turbo reaches a top speeding of terminated 230 km/h. Unequaled options such as the adaptative IDSPlus form (Interactional Drive Arrangement) with electronic Uninterrupted Damping Restraint (CDC), Fun style and steering-linked AFL bi-xenon headlamps (Adaptative Onwards Firing), set the new Astra TwinTop advance isolated from its competitors.

Progressive design and ample space thanks to innovative roof technology

The imperfect figure of the Astra TwinTop with its active, sagittate figurehead incision intelligibly identifies it as a extremity of the Astra sept. Seventy-percent of the TwinTop trunk parts, withal, has been fresh highly-developed. The symmetrical proportions (distance/breadth excluding outside mirrors/altitude: 4.48/1.76/1.41 meters) of the cabrio-coupé are peculiarly seeable in the face visibility, which is highlighted by the cuneal rebellion shoulder-line and bowed, streamlined ceiling demarcation. The Astra TwinTop is besides comfortably proportioned at the backside. Disregardless of whether the ceiling is spread or unsympathetic, thither is no bulky arse spoilage the car’s flavor, as is oft the cause with cabriolets with retractable nerve cap concepts.

The wide-cut, hardheaded torso, which besides features two face compartments and a hold tucked forth in the proboscis flooring to storage the optional hint deflector, has a lading capability with the cap unopen of some 440 liters. With the top kill, it is hush concluded 200 liters. Two adults can sit well in the bottom, tied on yearner journeys. The engineers made this potential done the realisation of a altogether new, three-part cap arrangement: the single cap sections are littler than in ceremonious concepts and consequently can be stowed in the torso in a space-saving mode, to the reward of baggage infinite and seats comforter.
At the contact of a release, or done use of the optional remote, the TwinTop ceiling can be full mechanically open or closed less than 30 seconds.

Suitcases, drinkable crates and shopping bags can too be well fuddled in and out of the car when the ceiling is afford and folded aside in the proboscis. For this intent, the Opel technicians suffer included an electrically operated “Promiscuous Shipment” role. At the hint of a release, the horizontally buxom ceiling parts in the car proboscis can be embossed by roughly 25 centimeters, so that payload underneath the protection is well approachable.

The Astra TwinTop features the comp Opel SAFETEC refuge scheme, which combines both dynamic and peaceful features. Optional scroll bars supply extra rollover tribute when the top is fine-tune. They are hidden straightaway bottom the bum bottom drumhead restraints and deploy mechanically inside a instant in the issue of a rollover.

Continuation of Opel’s successful cabrio tradition

The new Astra TwinTop continues a successful custom. Ended 55,000 customers crossways Europe chose the premature Astra cabrio, which was reinforced from 2000 at Bertone in Italy. The low transmutable Astra from 1993 and the Kadett cabrio from 1987 unitedly sold ended 100,000 units. With the Tigra TwinTop, Opel has already had a two-seat cabrio-coupé with foldable blade cap in the orbit since September 2004. Since so, terminated 41,000 units deliver been produced. Output starting for the new Astra TwinTop testament be former 2006 in Antwerp, Belgium, where it testament ploughshare a line with the Astra saloon and GTC.

2006 Opel Astra Twintop

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