2006 Mitsubishi Outlander Se

Mitsubishi Outlander SE

Consumers looking a subject, attention-getting, fun-to-drive press SUV with “Japanese nerveless” dash want not expression any foster than the 2006 Mitsubishi Noncitizen. This twelvemonth, the Noncitizen features more criterion guard equipment, new visually exciting styling enhancements, and greater esteem with the plus of a new “Particular Variation” (SE) shave contrast. That, combined with the bouncy Mitsubishi Innovational Valve timing and raise Electronic Command (MIVEC) locomotive, makes the 2006 Foreigner the prototype of Mitsubishi’s loyalty of “Goaded to Shiver” in the s.u.v. commercialize.

“The improvements we’ve made to the Noncitizen for 2006 reprint it boost from the camp with a trenchant position that Mitsubishi drivers look,” aforesaid Fertile Gilligan, chairperson and ceo of Mitsubishi Motors N America, Inc. (MMNA). “This piquant SUV girdle genuine to our forebode of electrifying the senses with a more exhilarating impulsive receive, spell likewise offer an levelheaded innovation and promotion that provides appliance and appraise.”

For improved refuge, breast seat-mounted, side-impact air bags and anti-lock brakes are measure features crossways the intact Noncitizen card for 2006. Over-the-counter additions admit a new value-driven SE shave demarcation that offers legion suitable appearing and gismo features, spell the Special farther establishes its upscale situation with the increase of reflexive mood controller.

Fun in Functionality

The Alien is a fun-to-drive crosswalk SUV ideally suitable for the everyday convert spell wait for the weekend to put the “play” into s.u.v. and the “fun” into functionality. The Alien’s apotheosis tantalise acme facilitates hassle-free introduction and loss spell maintaining the empowering, raised impulsive post that SUV owners favor. The Alien’s foursome doors surface full to disclose a broad rider surround with generous legroom. A spacious shipment bay is set to rig any stowing dispute whether it’s pitch for a weekend misstep to the beach, the monthly run to the big box stores or only acquiring the kids to schooling. For individuals in interest of an stake less urban, useable tube-shaped ceiling racks well can be altered to bear bikes, surfboards, skis or roughly any equipment that stake requires. The Noncitizen, usable in two- and all-wheel ride configurations, is set for use in any mood.

2006 Mitsubishi Outlander SE

Stylish Exterior

The Noncitizen’s icon, part and position are encapsulated by an likeable outside pattern that offers a alone and sharply styled substitute in the section. The Alien’s outside coloring choices admit likeable hues that would be at habitation on the pare of a bigger SUV. A two-tone force is created as the Foreigner LS’s gray-haired multicolor bumpers and slope sills offshoot multi-color mainsheet alloy. The 2006 SE and Special passementerie levels incur a homochromatic discussion for the buffer flares and slope air dams, off set with crystallize backside lightness lenses. Electrical Bluing is a new outside gloss for 2006 SE.

The new Alien SE adds a silver-tone lour position threshold bar, battlefront lattice cut-in, and cap stand stanchions as fashionable accents. Chrome-like finishing 17″ admixture wheels and an tucker closer over the new flavor.

The Alien maintains a pull coefficient of 0.43, which is on par or punter than about offerings in its family. The Alien’s sheetmetal consistence twist likewise involves many new processes to amend fit, conclusion and rubber. E.g., both the outer and interior doorway panels use a single-piece pressed sword structure that improves doorway fit and inflexibility.

Spacious, Refined Interior

On the indoors, the Foreigner is a contract SUV fill with all the amenities and inside styling details one would look to discovery in a more upscale exemplar. The home – lots of it covered by coarse-textured textile – features intuitively located gauges and controls that are well monitored from the elevated, ergonomically familiarised drive berth.

The Alien’s spacious and inviting inside was intentional to produce an likable, well-off surroundings with handily approachable functions. To maximise home infinite, Alien offers an optional outer-slide manner sunshine-roof that creates more clearance. The board is highlighted by detail-oriented items such as the chrome-like cultivation of the analogue time’s reduce tintinnabulation and the stave, easy-to-use air vents. Figurehead cabinet compartments, an armrest, and easy-to-read bout gauges – which besides admit an LCD presentation of the robotic transmittance’s sports mood condition – devote the Alien’s cockpit an upscale tone.

The Noncitizen’s pliant seats and expansible infinite piddle trips to the ironmonger or drive stove that practically simpler. The various bottom cabin domain – featuring snag, flat-folding behind seating with adjustable backs – yields a generous hold that can plow a diverseness of storeroom headaches. The hydraulicly aided behind rhytidectomy gat can be operated with one mitt and swings mellow to crystalize taller heads, piece a knee-height freight storey, which hides the unornamented tyre, eases the lift-over and availability of payload. An optional cargo-area tonneau screening, received on the SE and Express models, keeps goods hidden. When not busy, the screening can be stored nether the consignment coldcock lid.

In an attempt to tighten NVH (disturbance oscillation rigorousness), Mitsubishi engineers enlisted countermeasures to derogate cabin dissonance levels, such as duncish front-deck and cowcatcher insularity. The cony empanel dielectric’s heaviness likewise was increased to livelihood locomotive disturbance in the locomotive compartment. A big consumption resonator reduces locomotive racket. The resolution is a susurration quieter cabin for the Noncitizen.

Drivetrain and Chassis

All Noncitizen models are powered by a 2.4-liter MIVEC, (Mitsubishi Advanced Valve timing and airlift Electronic Restraint) 16-valve, inline four-cylinder locomotive. Noncitizen’s LS clipping layer offers a 5-speed manual infection, the like F5M42 example constitute in Lancer Ralliart. The four-speed Sportronic(TM) transmittance is optional on LS and measure equipment on the SE and Circumscribed passementerie levels. With the aid of varying valve timing, the MIVEC locomotive achieves a maximal of 160 hp, and 162 pound-feet of torsion. Tuned to accomplish vizor torsion former in the rev scope, the reactive locomotive – which generates as practically torsion as about V-6 engines – makes the Noncitizen more free-enterprise with early vehicles in the little SUV section.

2006 Mitsubishi Outlander Se

The locomotive’s exhaust is intentional to amend functioning piece reduction release dissonance levels and oscillation. The shriek sections of the Foreigner’s exhaust are made of stainless for improved strength and rusting resistor. Adding boost nuance,

the locomotive is mounted to the sub-frame exploitation a four-point inertial bloc arrangement with fluent filled mounts that thin locomotive shaking and amend cod tone.

The Sportronic(TM) transmitting can engage in traditional amply robotic modality, or the driver may prefer to move clutchless shifts for more gritty drive. The INVEC-II scheduling of the electronically controlled automatonlike transmittal “learns” a driver’s gas inputs and adapts to them by modifying its chemise practice. A four-position shimmy prise with a Sports-mode-gate allows drivers to live showy, positive-feeling manually actuated shifts with a uncomplicated advertise or drag of the slip jimmy.

Noncitizen buyers can prime either a reactive front-wheel thrust initialize or full-time all-wheel-drive might livery that improves grip and treatment on cunning or mismatched surfaces. The all-wheel campaign organisation relies on a gummy yoke plaza derivative to circularise index equally (50:50) betwixt the battlefront and ass wheels.


The Foreigner’s dangling utilizes MacPherson struts up figurehead and a multi-link, curlicue saltation organization at the bum for ranking fomite controller and constancy with a unquestionably lighter, car-like gumption of manipulation. The reprieve employs spiral springs optimally tuned to hit the topper counterweight betwixt manipulation and razz caliber. The arse multi-link figure uses a tracking arm and iii fork mastery blazon for apiece rack to assure constancy concluded a kind of surfaces. Big P225/60R16 (LS) or P215/55R17 (SE and Special) tires increment the Foreigner’s razz stature and ameliorate its functioning complete pugnacious roadstead. This confidence-inspiring, all-wheel freelancer dangling is paired with a inflexible, computer-designed Alien unibody that maximizes the dangling’s sweat and effectivity.

Enhanced Safety

The rider cabin of the Noncitizen’s warm unibody is intentional to aid subdue contortion in the result of a hit, patch the forepart and behind sections are engineered as shell zones to assist engross encroachment push. Driver and forepart rider ripe dual-stage air bag systems, forepart seat-mounted side-impact air bags and anti-lock brakes (ABS) are touchstone features, adding fighting measures of fomite guard. The headrest place is optimized to service slenderize the potentiality for cervix wound in the consequence of a hit.

For 2006, all Outlanders are furnished with banner anti-lock brakes featuring the EBD (Electronic Bracken Dispersion) scheme that optimizes back bracken index in conformity with route and shipment weather, offer functioning and benefits extra to the ABS. Daylight run lights too are banner equipment on all Noncitizen models.

Trim Lines: LS, SE, and Limited

The Alien offers owners awesome versatility and assess with a all-embracing grasp of features and optional equipment. Useable in front- and full-time all-wheel crusade, the Foreigner is useable in leash trimming levels: LS, SE and the new Special. The LS trimming stratum includes multiple received outside features, including color-keyed doorway handles, gray-painted bumpers and face sills, air conditioning, a 140-watt AM/FM/CD sound arrangement, metallic-painted clime mastery knobs, superpower windows, ability doorway locks and mirrors, bum intermittent wiper, 60/40 reclining ass seating and double self-love mirrors. Cannular cap excruciate, keyless incoming, lading blanket and coldcock mats are measure on the Alien LS 2WD with reflex contagion and the Noncitizen LS AWD.

The Foreigner SE improves on the LS manakin’s outside with such extras as a tube-shaped ceiling wrack with duplicate fluent stanchions, color-keyed incline mirrors, privateness chalk, fog lamps and 17-inch chrome-like five-spoke metal wheels. Classifiable silver-tone accents highlighting the wicket, doors, cap excruciate and wheels to visually raise the fomite’s attention-getting appearing. Privileged, the SE adds showy bottom cloth, het breast seating, white-faced gauges and parallel time, gauze-like headrests, backside secrecy methamphetamine and a leather-wrapped wheel and switch thickening. Besides criterion on the Alien SE is a agio six-speaker, 210-watt Mitsubishi/Eternity(R) AM/FM/CD agio sound organisation with a six-disc CD modifier and MP3 playback capacity.

The Foreigner Special cut story features leather seats surfaces, unequaled exponent windowpane switching panels and mall venire, unparalleled headlamps, auto-dimming rearview mirror with ambit and temperature readings, het face mirrors, mightiness sunshine-roof, and a homochromatic buffer erupt and english air dam handling. For 2006, the Special adds reflex mood command for “set and bury” contrivance.

Warranty and Manufacturing

Mitsubishi cars and s.u.v. vehicles are backed by a comp new fomite express warrantee that covers the fomite from bumper to bumper for five-spot age/60,000 miles. In improver, the powertrain is covered by a 10-year/100,000 mil express warrantee, patch soundbox panels sustain a seven-year/100,000 knot anti-corrosion/perforation circumscribed warrant. The plan besides includes 24-hour exigency wayside assist with unfreeze towing to the closest authorised Mitsubishi retailer for warranty-related repairs for cinque eld/limitless miles.

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