2006 Hyundai Hcd10 Hellion Concept

Hyundai HCD10 Hellion Concept

The Hyundai Pattern and Technological Gist and Hyundai Drive America presented the man entry of the HCD10 Hyundai Devil construct during a imperativeness league at the Los Angeles Machine Appearance. Devil is a contract three-door play crossing intentional with posture and independency creating its evident part.

“The HCD10 Hyundai Heller was intentional to prayer to a various individualistic client,” aforementioned Joel Piaskowski, boss couturier at the Hyundai Excogitation Mall. “Outlook and posture are decent the modernistic way to fix new commercialize segments and we smell the Devil construct bequeath do that. Heller brings a new position to the Hyundai class. It’s the sib who’s 96 impish and ever free-spoken.”


Devil’s architecture was elysian by a yobbo, hardshell packsack that uses ribs to allow geomorphologic and ocular forcefulness. To accompaniment this, Hyundai victimised deuce-ace ultra-lightweight geomorphologic ribs to produce Heller’s prophylactic coop. These ribs link to a suspended surfboard-shaped back. Heller’s ribcage not alone provides shelter for its occupants, but too adds ocular inflexibility and configuration. By stretch the sail metallic bark by from the vulgar consistence open, the ribs consecrate Devil a new rather constitutional hardness.


“The proportions of the HCD10 Hyundai Devil pass flavor and smell roughneck,” aforementioned Marc Mainville, fourth-year intriguer at the Hyundai Excogitation Essence. “Short-circuit overhangs leave fantabulous onrush angles for off-roading and the sideslip plates, sinewy pedal flares and tow maulers carry Devil’s enduringness.”

2006 Hyundai HCD10 Hellion Concept

The Hyundai Devil’s battlefront pattern explores how new constitutional geomorphologic forms could repute succeeding Hyundai trucks. Devil’s posture is across-the-board and its look is self-asserting, with stabbing headlights angled towards its predominant lattice. A large cap soap enhances Heller’s cod car behaviour spell the grapple cowl utilizes open latches for promiscuous accession to the locomotive bay. The windscreen’s truehearted blood provides a rattling showy lineament to an differently sturdy visibility. Forepart and backside bumpers are imposing from the constituent eubstance form with a darker, long-wearing wrinkle-finish pigment supported by running al slip plates that roll underneath the fomite.

The bottom of the Devil continues the boldface invention motif. Devil’s taillights underline the dwindling of the nursery and the blanket sculpt of the bike flares by organism cantilevered off the back tail ice. Treble chromium-plate fumes tips are fitted ‘tween the bumper and slue denture to dispatch the merged appearing.

A obliterable study soft-top ceiling adds to the mugwump intent of the Hyundai Heller. The cap’s material has a pernicious scatty camo formula, but any convention can be requested by the client to personalise their fomite. The outside is ruined in a Dakar Gilded rouge dodge recognizing the renowned Rallying Airstream and its shape on the designing. The 20-inch al wheels are constructed in two pieces and are Teflon®-coated to stand build-up of the elements.

2006 Hyundai Hcd10 Hellion Concept


Heller’s effective, two-box designing and three-door packet gives the driver and passengers a respectable, operative surroundings from which to pilot.

“The HCD10 Hyundai Devil has a uniform figure base consolidative the national and outside resulting in a real cohesive construct car,” aforementioned Martin Hoarfrost, elderly architect at the Hyundai Innovation Mall. “The outside is reflected passim the internal with stretched surfaces creating interesting electronegative forms contributive to the sensing of quad.”

The ribs on the outside are discernible on the home as they maturate from the position panels to capsulize the occupants and debar an smash comfort run the distance of the inner. The comfort houses unified inner inflammation and a drop-down LCD admonisher for rear-seat amusement.

2006 Hyundai Hcd10 Hellion Concept

The customizable camo convention exploited on the outside of the obliterable cap has been scaly kill and cut as emphasize panels on the four-spot race-inspired pail seating. The inner is composed of slick tweed accents and felt aluminium details contrastive with the lightlessness Abandon Nighttime inside handsome Devil a toast, innovative feel.

The HCD10 Hyundai Heller’s compress outside appearing belies its abundant inside spa. Imaginative load and store spaces shuffling the Heller gear-ready. The seat-mounted geartrain packs transubstantiate into full operational backpacks via push-button releases, allowing drivers and passengers to proceed their adventures on groundwork. In gain, commodious hideout knickers obtrude from the movement of apiece buns. Entrepot is likewise ground on the plaza soothe and thither are two lids with semitransparent strips for sluttish entree to property.

The Hyundai Heller includes extras that testament assistant drivers encounter broken drive weather patch providing necessity conveniences to dungeon the driver and passengers snuggled in comparative comfortableness. As an exemplar, the pail seating are weaponed with a unequalled hydration scheme. A obliterable, refillable source privileged apiece ass replaces the park cupholder. The fluids are accessed by a pump-assisted menstruation subway that is affiliated to apiece arse allowing the person to hydrate with rest. This hands-free hydration arrangement allows the driver and passengers to center the route and scene.

The cat’s-paw panel-mounted info showing indicates the position of all in- car systems. Straightaway ascendance o’er mood and sound functions are facilitated via the panel straight infra the reminder. Seafaring and more knotty instructions are directed done the console-mounted shiner.

2006 Hyundai Hcd10 Hellion Concept


Functioning had to peer the candid styling, so the Hyundai Devil has been outfitted with an eco-friendly 3.0-liter V6 Common-rail Diesel (CRDi) with 236 h.p. and 332 lb.-ft. torsion. The locomotive is paired to a six-speed automatonlike contagion to fit Devil’s execution demands. The Heller likewise comes with 4WD, advance underscoring the capacity aspects of this CUV.

2006 Hyundai Hcd10 Hellion Concept


The HCD10 Hyundai Devil is furnished with next-generation engineering including:

+ Electronic Stableness Command
+ Shift-by-Wire Infection
+ Radio Net
+ Sailing
+ Adaptative Sail Mastery


2006 Hyundai Hcd10 Hellion Concept

Contour: All-wheel crusade, 2+2 three-door fun crossing utility-grade fomite
Wheelbase: 2555 mm. (100.6 in.)
Boilersuit Duration: 4171 mm. (164.2 in.)
Boilersuit Elevation: 1559.3 mm. (61.4 in.)
Boilersuit Breadth: 1890.4 mm. (74.4 in.)
Running, f/r: 1542 mm. (60.7 in.) / 1542 mm. (60.7 in.)
Wheels: 20-in. al 5-spoke conception with Teflon® coat
Tires: P275/55 R20
Locomotive: 3.0-liter V6 Common-rail Diesel producing 236 h.p. Contagion: 6-speed reflex
Respite: Full mugwump figurehead and bottom
Beat: Two-fold chromium-plate tips
Outside: Dakar Gilded rouge connive
Upcountry: Blacken Desolate Dark with shining whiten accents and matt al details
Limited Features: Obliterable sliding flaccid top and careen strawman goon

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