2006 Honda Civic

Honda Civic


The Civil is reinforced on an all-new rendering of Honda’s Globular Compress Chopine. The firm whole consistence of the Civil was intentional from the kickoff to fix a new stock for torsional and deflexion rigidness in the concordat section. The new Globular Contract Chopine implements advance consistency structure technologies for enhanced refuge, punter inflexibility, improved razz ease and a quieter cabin. With 50 pct add gamy durability nerve substance and forward-looking new morphologic technology, torsional rigidness increases by 35 pct.

Trunk building now includes Honda’s Advance Compatibility Technology (ACE) Structure that enhances facade hit zip direction done a mesh of payload posture structures in the battlefront of the fomite. Conceived roughly “actual humans” condom, this fresh highly-developed front-end anatomy construction incorporates new speed and frown anatomy members to importantly heighten muscularity dispersal in a head-on hit. The ACE construct differs from traditional clang designs that groove a high-pitched part of hit personnel done a fomite’s two frown channels in a hit (utilitarian only the frames of the two vehicles join). The ACE invention with its polygonal battlefront construction helps thin the possible for misalignment with the bod of the opponent fomite. These features are intentional to addition compatibility ‘tween vehicles of unlike sizing categories for enhanced resident shelter in the result of a hit.

Honda’s loyalty to refuge extends to pedestrians also as fomite occupants. To avail dilute prosy injuries in the effect of a hit, the Civil’s cowling and buffer areas are intentional to distort if contacted by the drumhead of an big or nipper prosy. Endoergic collapsable bonnet supports, wiper weaponry and buffer mounts are intentional to tolerate real contortion in an hob.

2006 Honda Civic

The Civil conveys an streamlined front on the coat, but many flowing improvements live in areas that may not be as obvious. All models sport a mentum mollycoddler and multiple below covers that slim air turbulency close the locomotive, bottom wheels and bottom bumper. The Civil Si manages airflow eventide boost and features a bum annexe looter that creates meaningful and knowing downforce at highschool speeds, on with a bracken chilling wale (a modest fin before of the breast bicycle) that directs air crosswise the bracken rotor same a consecrated bracken canal. The Civil Cross and Civil Coupe models use a lip mollycoddler on the body that cleans up the airflow bum the fomite. The Civil Loanblend has an enhanced clandestine for flush cleanser aeromechanics. In ordering to fit the steeply raked windscreen and its important area, apposable windscreen wipers are exploited that masking more area than distinctive wipers and the brand bodies deliver a matt innovation that makes airflow pushing the wiper blades unwaveringly against the deoxyephedrine.


Honda has a custom of qualification its vehicles fun-to-drive with antiphonal hiatus tuning and svelte route manners. Accurate and acute manipulation functioning besides contributes to stroke shunning manoeuvrability. The 2006 Honda Civil bod delivers higher levels of sportiness and bait comforter with improvements in leash key areas – enhanced reprieve geometry with bigger wheels and tires, a thirster wheelbase, and a new propagation 4-channel anti-lock braking organisation. The changes add to a new Civil that is evening more reactive and gaudy in demanding situations patch likewise maintaining a still and tranquillity razz.

The all-new MacPherson ruffle presence abeyance figure incorporates new geometry with a high-pitched castor weight for consecutive pipeline constancy on with improved toe-control kinetics for crisp and reactive steerage. Changes to direction angles, bushings, corporeal inflexibility, and springiness and blow tuning solvent in surprisingly additive hiatus motility at the maximum of fomite kinetics and blandish cornering.

The all-new multi-link reduplicate wishbone bottom dangling invention benefits from a new designing that facilitates a yearner muffler diagonal and improved placement of the muffler itself. The extra bounce diagonal allows the fomite to plunge bumps and abrasive route surfaces with tranquility and rest. The muffler is mounted finisher to the bicycle for a more lucky 1.1:1 prise proportion (the kinship betwixt the hiatus cause and the length that the muffler really travels). The premature kinship was 1.7:1. The more organize kinship substance the forces playacting on the cushion do not turn enlarged and the intended tuning provides maximal profit end-to-end a wider reach of dangling locomote. These changes combined with sport-oriented bounce and muffler tuning greatly increment the boilersuit jazzy flavour of the fomite and growth the notion of coordination betwixt the forepart and bottom suspensions (a astonishingly rare trait in many vehicles).

The direction systems have straightaway train ratios for shrewd and gaudy transitions. Antecedently a high-mounted direction gearbox, the new guidance organization is now set depress in the fomite to better respite geometry for a more orchestrate flavor and straightaway reception. The Civil Si and Civil Intercrossed sport a sport-oriented swiftness sore Wattage Direction (EPS) that increases ability assistance at low speeds and reduces powerfulness help at heights speeds. The Civil Coupe and Civil Saloon use a hurrying medium hydraulic might direction organization. All models get a careen and scope wheel.

Bigger wheels and tires lend to the Civil’s betterment in cod and treatment. The Civil Si uses Michelin’s all-season Navigate HX MXM4 wear in sizing P215/45 R17 (too uncommitted is a new Archetype Exalto mellow functioning summertime rendering as a mill selection) and 17×7 edge debase wheels. A principal installed 18-inch weary and bicycle box is usable. The Civil Cross features P195/65 R15 low roll resistor tires with whippersnapper and streamlined 15×6 metal wheels. The nearly pop LX and EX trimness levels for saloon and coupe deliver P205/55 R16 tires and 16×6.5 edge wheels (the EX has admixture wheels and the LX has blade wheels with covers). The DX saloon and coupe drive on P195/65 R15 tires with 15×6 nerve wheels with covers.

2006 Honda Civic

All Civics are equipt with a new 4-channel anti-lock braking scheme (ABS) with Electronic Bracken Dispersion (EBD). Disk brakes are put-upon on the movement and arse wheels on Si and EX models; backside barrel brakes are victimized on Cross, LX and DX models. The 4-channel ABS with EBD severally modulates braking index at apiece bike, as opposed to the more park 3-channel organisation that modulates the figurehead wheels severally and the arse wheels with equalise braking personnel. Electronic Bracken Dispersion proportions bracken index to the ass wheels based on fomite burthen dispersion. The new 4-channel capableness allows the bottom wheels to oppose severally piece cornering, representing a pregnant sweetening to the ABS arrangement’s power to charm fomite stableness and condom. Promote additions to the braking organization admit a new ABS controller faculty (that applies the new 4-channel features) and a bracken admirer that improves bike look. Behind demarcation, the Civil chicago with greater potency and added command.


2006 Honda Civic

Hi-tech and futurist equitable get to key the Civil’s new internal at the essence of its excogitation. Honda stylists and engineers prioritized edification to make a high-quality, innovative and sportsmanlike spa with the up-to-the-minute engineering, gobs of repositing and innovational biotechnology. More touchstone features and new usable features alike a vocalism excited pilotage organisation foreground the allegiance to fetching the national to an completely new degree.

A two-tier panel positions anteriority gauges ilk the speedometer up gamey in the driver’s airfield of sight. The increased soundbox breadth allows the seating to be wider and more supportive, and a roomy multi-functional plaza soothe accommodates capable 20 covenant discs and performs armrest duties for both presence occupants. Fighting battlefront buns brain restraints are secondhand to aid understate the voltage for whip injuries in a bum hit.

Key inside dimensions on the saloon rest exchangeable to the generous proportions of the 2005 modelling, with improvements in hip board, berm way, genu way altogether seats positions. As the Civil Coupe has turn more sport-oriented with singular outside dimensions, the inside loudness and arse buns way bear get littler to produce a more personalised and sport-oriented place.

The modish multiplication of the Honda Satellite-Linked Pilotage Organisation is usable on Si, Crossbreed and EX models and features a 6.5-inch mechanical expose that opens and closes for approach to the interior single-disc CD histrion and a new digital sound add-in lecturer that can caper MP3 and WMA files from CompactFlash(R) cards. The piloting scheme features more 6 zillion points of involvement and can ascendence the sound scheme. The part realisation is able of recognizing and inputting numbers, street names and cities.

All sound systems are more brawny with as practically as 350 watts and 7 speakers including an 8-inch subwoofer on the EX Coupe and Si models. Accessory sound comment knucklebones are criterion equipment on LX and supra passementerie levels (coupe) and EX and Crossbreed models (saloon), allowing for portable medicine twist playback done the car’s speakers. XM(R) Planet Radiocommunication is banner on navigation-equipped coupe models, piece EX saloon and Cross models are XM-Ready. The LX models birth a six-speaker 160-watt sound organization with a single-disc CD musician (foursome speakers for the LX saloon). All Civil sound systems let MP3/WMA CD playback capacity. Coupe sound systems characteristic Speed-Sensitive Loudness Ascendance (SVC) that mechanically adjusts the bulk based on fomite hurrying. Coupe sound systems besides lineament CD/MP3 textbook read-out with a customizable receive covert. The DX models are pre-wired for an sound organization and get quadruplet speakers pre-installed.

Honda researchers conducted a cogitation that tracked the eye movements of drivers and prioritized the Civil’s gauges and their position for immediate realization metre. Based on this enquiry, a two-tier board was created that takes vantage of the generous splasher blank from the steeply raked windscreen. A digital speedometer, fire calibre and temperature caliber are housed in the amphetamine degree to be more in-line with the driver’s line-of-sight resulting in shorter eye movements ‘tween the nearly unremarkably referenced gauges and the route. The glower stratum of the board houses a tach, multi-information digital expose, mileometer with actuate m and a kind of admonitory indicators. The Civil Si provides an rpm rev-limit indicant on the amphetamine degree. The Civil Crossbreed can exhibit instant fire saving in the amphetamine stratum and the glower degree displays bombardment mission storey on with instant IMA guardianship and serve displays.

The digital milometer read-out likewise functions as a multi-information exhibit that shows Alimony Babyminder avail related items based on fomite use. The Alimony Babyminder scheme mechanically indicates when to get stock servicing performed based on genuine drive weather (tracked by the ECU) and minimizes the guessing related whether the fomite is organism ill-used in banner or dangerous use weather for sustenance separation purposes. The expose indicates when to alter the oil, air cleanser, transmitting mobile, light plugs or coolant, also as when to revolve the tires.

Body Styles, Models, Trim Levels and Options

The 2006 Honda Civil is useable in two consistence styles and quartet models. The coupe is useable in two models as either an Si, or as the EX, LX or DX shave stratum models. The saloon is useable in two models as either the Cross or as the EX, LX or DX reduce storey models. Beneath is a list of the major features by apiece modeling and clipping grade (new equipment shown in italics).

Civic Coupe DX, LX and EX

2006 Honda Civic

Received features on the Civil Coupe DX admit a 1.8-liter SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder locomotive, 5-speed manual infection (5-speed reflex useable), 15-inch brand wheels with covers, P195/65R15 tires, Advance Anti-Lock Braking Organisation (ABS) with EBD, innovative dual-stage dual-threshold driver’s and figurehead rider’s airbags, driver’s and battlefront rider’s incline airbags, two-row slope drape airbags, alive forepart caput restraints, behind nous restraints altogether seats positions, forepart seatbelts with freight limiters and twofold pre-tensioners, two LATCH points in the bottom bottom, day track lamps, exponent presence windows, might locks, list and scope wheel, foldable bottom ass, a twofold tripper time hodometer, the Sustentation Babyminder arrangement and a bole lid lip pillager.

The Civil Coupe LX adds 16-inch blade wheels with covers, P205/55R16 tires, keyless launching, 6-speaker 160-watt AM/FM Sound Organisation with CD Participant (MP3/WMA enabled), aide sound remark labourer, multi-function centerfield solace with armrest, reform-minded disconsolate clarification board meters, machine astir driver’s mightiness windowpane, and motley midland and outside reduce pieces.
The Civil Coupe EX adds 16-inch metal wheels, 7-speaker with subwoofer AM/FM/XM-Ready Sound Organization with CD musician (MP3/WMA enabled), 60/40 rip fold arse ass, one-touch index moonroof, ambient cabinet inflammation, turn fumes tip closer and uncommitted Honda Satellite-Linked Sailing Scheme with Part Energizing (too includes XM Planet Wireless).

2006 Honda Civic

Civic Si

The Civil Si includes Civil Coupe EX features asset a 197-horsepower 2.0-liter i-VTEC DOHC 4-cylinder locomotive, 6-speed manual transmitting, special eluding derivative, 17-inch admixture wheels, P215/45R17 tires (usable in summertime edition), backside annex freebooter, Si badging, gold internal headlamp hoop, sports grill, mutation release tip, profoundly bolstered seating with agio seats surfaces, red miniature panel meters, leather absorbed wheel, leather engrossed aluminium switch boss, al mutation pedals, and a rev-limit index lighter.

2006 Honda Civic

Civic Sedan EX, LX and DX

Banner features on the Civil Saloon DX admit a 1.8-liter SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder locomotive, 5-speed manual transmittal (5-speed automatonlike useable), 15-inch sword wheels with covers, P195/65R15 tires, 4-channel Anti-Lock Braking Organization (ABS) with EBD, innovative dual-stage dual-threshold driver’s and battlefront rider’s airbags, driver’s and breast rider’s incline airbags, two-row position drapery airbags, alive forepart header restraints, bum caput restraints altogether seats positions, breast seatbelts with payload limiters and duple pre-tensioners, two LATCH points in the backside bum, day run lamps, exponent windows, mightiness locks, rock and scope wheel, foldaway bum backside torso pass-through, a double actuate m mileometer and a Hurt Sustenance Indicant.

The Civil Saloon LX adds 16-inch nerve wheels with covers, P205/55R16 tires, keyless entering, 4-speaker 160-watt AM/FM Sound Organisation with CD Histrion (MP3/WMA enabled), multi-function centre soothe with armrest, reform-minded blueness light board meters, motorcar up driver’s exponent windowpane, machine up figurehead rider windowpane, and multicolor internal and outside cut pieces.

The Civil Saloon EX adds 16-inch metal wheels, 6-speaker AM/FM/XM-Ready Sound Organisation with CD musician (MP3/WMA enabled), 60/40 rip foldable behind bum, exponent moonroof and useable Honda Satellite-Linked Sailing Scheme with Vocalization Activating.

Civic Hybrid

The Civil Crossbreed integrates features from Civil Saloon EX and adds a 1.3-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder locomotive with Incorporate Drive Attend, machinelike clime ascendence, 15-inch streamlined admixture wheels, P195/65 R15 low rolled resistivity tires, limited cross badging, back lip freebooter, slope mirror trafficator indicators, two-tone seats surfaces, IMA scheme meters (fire saving, shelling floor and mission/attend) and reflexive clime ascendancy. Compared to the Civil Saloon EX, a moonroof and fold bum backside are not useable in condition of angle savings and IMA publicity.

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