2006 Holden Captiva Lx

Holden Captiva LX

Holden launched its all new Captiva sports utility-grade fomite scope, priced from $35,990 to attain utmost brownie in the local SUV commercialise.

The new Captiva, Holden’s beginning forward-looking SUV-style offer in Australia, is nearest in outside dimensions to the BMW X5 and offers fivesome or seven-seat capability contingent modeling.

Extensively well-tried in Australia, Captiva is powered by a locally-made 3.2 liter Alloytec gamey operation V6 locomotive.

All models have an fighting all-wheel-drive organisation, a five-speed robotlike infection with Combat-ready Take, Origin Ascendence Organization and Fighting Rollover Aegis as criterion.

The acclaimed smash dodging organization Electronic Constancy Broadcast (ESP®) is besides banner crosswise the reach, spell pall airbags are usable crosswise the compass and stock on leash of the 4 models.

Captiva gives SUV buyers a prime of extremely specified SX, CX and LX models and is topped by the Euro-styled Captiva MaXX at $42,990.

Captiva SX is priced from $35,990, Captiva CX from $38,990, Captiva LX from $41,990 and the jazzy Captiva MaXX from $42,990.

With Holden-tuned build kinetics for on and off-road impulsive, Captiva testament ingathering to buyers in the metier and compact-sized SUV grocery segments.

Captiva SX, CX and LX models restoration a private-enterprise 11.5 litres per 100 kilometres and Captiva MaXX returns 11.6 litres/100kms per the ADR 81/01 received.

GM Holden Chair and Manager, Denny Mooney, nowadays aforesaid he was charmed to let Captiva juncture the Holden scope.

2006 Holden Captiva LX

Mr Mooney aforementioned Captiva had the panache, functioning and versatility to appeal buyers of bigger and littler SUVs.

“We’ve been wait a age to get the compensate SUV for the Australian grocery and Captiva fits the beak utterly,” he aforementioned.

“It looks howling and offers the rather flexibleness customers ask from these types of vehicles.

“Captiva represents spectacular evaluate for money and at its ticker is a Holden-built V6 locomotive that ensures the eccentric of execution that our customers wait for Australian weather.

“The reach of models and prime of phoebe or septet seating bequeath assure Captiva appeals to a wide-cut sort of masses.”

Captiva is reinforced at GM’s Bupyeong engraft in Southward Korea. The SUV volition be sold in a full scope of markets roughly the mankind.


Quad is maximised in the Holden Captiva, which well accommodates cinque or septet citizenry, contingent modelling. Plica apartment seats transforms the fomite from a family-friendly waggon to a various and adaptable loading mailman.

In SX, CX and LX models, all rider seating can be folded consume to open 1565 litres of freight bulk. It comes with hardheaded items such as outside operated tailboard spyglass for agile accession (SX, CX, LX), and more 20 commodious store solutions contingent manakin.

Stowaway features admit a prominent wet/dry are below the lading compartment storey, glovebox tank, abstruse inwardness solace bin, bottom essence cabinet depot and handy doorway bins all bout.

Thither are crapulence bottleful holders, little token/mint and cup holders, a parking tag bearer, smash shades compartment, seatback pockets and under-seat store tray (MaXX). Thither are trey 12-volt mightiness outlets.

Captiva’s driver-orientated cockpit layouts are tonic in insidious satin flatware and incorporated documentary units characteristic CD players (six-disc all models omit SX) and MP3 compatibility.

Tinted windows, power-operated all turn, sail command, powerfulness mirrors and air conditioning with molecule strain are measure.

Captiva MaXX has a unequalled tool bundle and heart solace hatful, jazzy contoured seats and leather-wrap three-spoke wheel.

On with Captiva LX, it brings the added luxuriousness of leather-faced fusain ass and doorway cut, eight-way adjustable driver behind, driver entropy heart pictorial presentation and electronic mood ascendence with air timber detector.

Driver, breast rider and incline mantle airbags are measure on all models omit Captiva SX, where driver and breast rider airbags are banner and drapery airbags are optional. Boost prophylactic items admit firework presence seatbelt pre-tensioners and effect limiters, cincture stature adjustable battlefront seatbelts, wheel dismissal organization and deuce-ace fry control lynchpin fittings.

A unbending, high-strength trunk casing is crash-optimised to disseminate smash forces ended outlined freight paths and helper protect the wholeness of the rider safe cadre.


An broad Australian evolution plan ensured Holden engineers powerfully influenced Captiva’s functioning and drive and treatment characteristics. The resultant is a svelte rag that is easy and unchanging in variable local route weather.

Captiva’s trimness SUV proportions lend to its spirit and maneuverability in quotidian drive situations. The ability steerage is tuned for treatment reaction, accurate route look and optimal driver feedback

All models a sustain four-link autonomous backside abeyance and MacPherson tittup up breast. Respite settings suffer been cautiously graduated to bear rider saloon tantalise civilisation and the power to engage aerofoil imperfections.

2006 Holden Captiva Lx

Captiva CX and LX are weaponed with a layer tantalise suspension which mechanically maintains titular tantalise meridian nether differing payload weather.

To ordinate the fomite with its flashy role, Captiva MaXX has unparalleled muffler calibrations and extra recoil springs in the strawman struts for spare consistency roller ascendance.

Electronic Constancy Broadcast (ESP®) is included as received on all models. ESP helps foreclose skidding in vital impulsive situations by applying disciplinal braking and reduction locomotive torsion.

An sophisticated Alive Rollover Auspices (ARP) scheme monitors trunk paradiddle demeanour and averts potential rollover done other bracken interposition. On engulf declivitous gradients, a Ancestry Ascendancy Organisation (DCS) can mechanically implement brakes at apiece bicycle and tolerate the driver to contract chiefly on guidance.

Captiva is besides weaponed with four-channel ABS, grip ascendence and hydraulic bracken aid, which boosts wheel coerce when it detects pinch braking.

Active all-wheel-drive

The healthy combat-ready all-wheel-drive organization that contributes so often to Captiva’s various charm is full merged into the ESP and ABS systems, up fomite controller and alive condom.

In rule weather, effort is via the battlefront wheels. When impulsive weather prescribe, the combat-ready all-wheel-drive arrangement instantaneously employs the ass axle via an electronically controlled electro-magnetic coupler to birth utmost grip.


An all Australian-built Alloytec V6 locomotive powers Captiva. The highschool operation 3.2 l powerplant was highly-developed specially for this SUV broadcast and is made at Holden’s Globular V6 locomotive adroitness in Porthole Melbourne, Australia.

In Captiva SX, CX and LX models, it generates summit might of 169kW and produces 297Nm of visor torsion. The as torquey Captiva MaXX generates 167kw of bill ability. The flimsy exponent deviation is due to a singular exhaust.

The all-alloy locomotive has ceaselessly varying camshaft timing on recess and discharge valves and a varying inspiration multiplex that enhances functioning piece reduction fire phthisis. It is matched to a five-speed automatonlike transmittal with Participating Choice on the gearstick.

Tucker emissions follow with the Euro IV received.


Holden invention played a primal office in defining the strikingly fashionable Captiva SUV. Its active proportionality and optic cues meditate the influences of erstwhile Holden Conception Manager Microphone Simcoe and one-time Holden confrere Max Wolff.

Captiva has a boldly contoured locomotive hoodlum, heavy gemmed headlamps and attention-getting lattice with the Holden lion featured conspicuously on the crossbar.

In visibility, Captiva shows off broken SUV elements such as bluff cycle arches and protective mouldings, countered by chromium-plate highlights and a coupe-style arse windowpane handling. The hard ass innovation is henpecked by a great tailboard and strong erect arse lamps with indicators and reversing lamps contained in a cardinal flier constituent.

Particularisation such as wing vents, ceiling rail, slew and sill plates, merged indicate lamps in the incline mirrors, fog lamps, 17- and 18-inch admixture bike invention varies according to modeling denomination.

Captiva MaXX has singular excogitation elements that set it isolated from the over-the-counter Captiva models. The depress division of the fomite looks rattling full-bodied and the trunk features sheer lines and tight surfaces that commingle to spring a gaudy powerful show with fashionable elegance.

Holden Captiva recommended retail pricing (excluding rescue and administration charges)

  • Captiva SX: $35,990
  • Captiva CX: $38,990
  • Captiva LX: $41,990
  • Captiva MaXX: $42,990
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