2006 Buick Lucerne Cxs

Buick Lucerne CXS

The 2006 Alfalfa is Buick’s virtually agio and graceful framework, incorporating themes of the mark’s new pattern steering. Cockeyed with safe, ease and gadget features one would wait in a high-end opulence car, Alfalfa is self-possessed to convey a impudent access to the entry-luxury section.

From its graciously graven outside figure – featuring cues from Buick’s almost late conception car, Vélight – t o its quiet yet reactive rag, Alfalfa reinforces Buick’s report for aid to item indoors and out. The front-wheel campaign Alfalfa combines high-ranking engineering and luxuriousness features with a roomy, silence internal.

Alfalfa too marks the restitution of V-8 index to Buick rider cars, with a Northstar powerplant that delivers an estimated 275 hp (205 kw) and 290 lb.-ft. of torsion (407 Nm).*

Next the Buick LaCrosse midsize saloon and Terraza crosswalk variation van, Alfalfa is the 3rd new fomite in Buick’s reinvigorated portfolio in fair o’er 12 months. Alfalfa underscores GM’s allegiance to pass Buick customers a contrast of agio vehicles with refined designs, exquisitely crafted interiors and especial levels of exponent, puff, quietude and timbre .

Alfalfa offers either V-8 or V-6 ability, five- or six-passenger seats configurations, and a drawn-out listing of forward-looking guard and surety features. Useable in 3 reduce levels – the well-equipped CX, elegantly decreed CXL or the sybaritic, performance-oriented CXS framework – Alfalfa is engineered to satisfy a wide-cut form of client preferences and contend crossways a full scope of domesticated and consequence entries in the amphetamine midsize, life-size and entry-level sumptuosity segments.

2006 Buick Lucerne CXS

Engineering you bear in a sumptuosity car

Alfalfa is the commencement Buick to propose Magnetized Bait Controller, opposite with StabiliTrak, to raise boilersuit bait execution. Banner on the performance-oriented CXS, this organization uses magnetically aerated particles suspended in a celluloid mobile to unendingly correct the unstable’s viscousness to variable route surfaces and impulsive characteristics. The scheme has faster reply than established valve-damping systems, patch providing especial fomite ascendancy and increased outwear middleman with the route coat.

Quartet specifically tuned hiatus packages are offered. Alfalfa CX is weaponed with a touchstone FE-1 hanging, with 16-inch wheels. CXL models with the V-6 locomotive profit from an F-41 respite with a slenderly firmer standardization, complemented by 17-inch wheels. CXL V-8 models besides are equipt with 17-inch wheels, but with firmer damping and GM’s magnetized help steerage arrangement. The top-end Alfalfa CXS features 18-inch wheels and adds Magnetised Drive Ascendance – another get-go for Buick.

Alfalfa has a over orbit of ease and contraption features befitting Buick’s agio icon, such as het/cooled movement seating; factory-installed outback jump; Supersonic Bum Parking Serve; rain-sensing wiper organisation; the low het windscreen washer runny covering in its category; a nine-speaker, 280-watt Harman Kardon sound organisation; six-disc in-dash CD auto-changer with MP3 potentiality; and DVD map piloting.

V-8 index returns to Buick cars

2006 Buick Lucerne Cxs

Piece the Buick Rainier SUV brought the V-8 rachis to the blade, Alfalfa is the kickoff Buick car to propose eight-cylinder exponent in a decennary. Stock in the performance-oriented Alfalfa CXS and uncommitted in the uplevel CXL is a bounty 4.6L, 32-valve threefold viewgraph cam all-aluminum V-8 locomotive, rated at an estimated 275 h.p. (hp and torsion figures are prelude, pending corroboration) and conjugated with GM’s electronically-controlled Hydra-Matic 4T80-E four-speed robotlike transaxle that is one of the lineament and enduringness leadership among life-sized car applications. Alfalfa CX and CXL models deliver as received GM’s proved 3800 3.8L Serial III V-6, rated at 197 h.p. (147 kw). Both engines have electronic accelerator mastery to seamlessly compeer driver stimulus with locomotive reception piece maximising boilersuit fire efficiency.

Substantial invention focus

From its open position and tautly contoured eubstance to its national nuance and technology-driven reactive rally, Alfalfa reinforces Buick’s report for boilersuit timbre and coeval elegance. Alfalfa ‘s silklike new conformation starts with a “falls” wicket, flanked by jewelled, chromed headlight modules. Chromed, present-day portholes in the strawman fenders pitch a touch Buick pattern cue – foursome on apiece slope for V-8-powered models and iii for V-6 versions. A dashing, 60-degree windscreen leads into a roofline that flows into a “quicker” 70-degree behind windowpane slant to the adorn lid. All personify gaps are tightened, as are the wheel-to wheel-opening relationships, and fetch Alfalfa ‘s superiority and execution possible.

Expertly crafted, silence internal

Alfalfa ‘s national appointments emphasise Buick’s center elegance, comfortableness and commodiousness, with calibre point and a preciseness fit to every interrelating rise. As with the outside, gaps are rigorous to make a unseamed concord betwixt all elements. Exploitation agio materials complemented by refined romance and chromium-plate finishes and a flow, cross-car innovation paper that is pruner and sleeker than old life-sized Buick sedans, Alfalfa ‘s upcountry is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ergonomic requirements of the driver and passengers. Alfalfa ‘s wheelbase is nigh two inches thirster than Commons Boulevard , the car it replaces, yet is soundbox is more 3.5 inches shorter in boilersuit distance, providing an telling 41 inches of bottom leg board and an extra two inches of battlefront ass visit situation Alfalfa nigh or at the top of its militant set.

QuietTuning passim

Every Alfalfa modelling, from the well-equipped foot CX to the flashy CXS, is content to Buick’s blanket technology enterprisingness called QuietTuning to slenderize or air out undesirable route and powertrain voice with the destination of providing best-in-class levels of tantalise tranquillity.

Start with a corpse structure, passing besotted eubstance gap tolerances and an all-inclusive winding waterproofing arrangement, extra luminary QuietTuning initiatives admit laminated incline glass all quadruplet rider threshold windows; randomness reduction external arse sight mirrors, frown visibility “structure-less” wiper blades with a compromising surface open; a new “double-isolated” powertrain climb arrangement; multi-layer brand laminate victimised for the splashboard/hood stamping; complex nylon baffles in the ceiling pillars, cradle panels and cross-car structures; and complex rack caparison liners.

Refinements to the 4.6L V-8 for flush quieter surgery admit a QuietTuned locomotive masking, revised cam string tensioner, camshaft blanket isolator mounts, and pistons coated with a Grafal polymer for lull process.

State-of-the-art condom and certificate

Alfalfa takes a comp feeler to rubber, with the comprehension of measure features that protect occupants earlier, during and afterwards a hit.

Ahead: With a new intentional endoergic locomotive birthplace and all-inclusive use of high-strength sword positive injected geomorphological froth elements, Alfalfa ‘s structure is engineered to allow utmost occupier shelter and minimal trespass below a all-encompassing compass of gremlin weather.

Combat-ready condom and manipulation features offered on Alfalfa admit a four-channel anti-lock braking organization and grip ascendance; an ‘auto-level’ behind dangling that mechanically adjusts the fomite tallness for lowering gobs; and four-channel StabiliTrak electronic stableness ascendancy with bracken serve, which senses pinch braking situations and boosts the index prn. Bracken aid is a kickoff for any life-size Buick saloon.

DURING: All Alfalfa models let as touchstone six air bags: a dual-stage driver battlefront air bag, side-impact chest air bags, roof-rail drapery air bags and a segment-first duple profoundness battlefront rider air bag.

Alfalfa’s new breast rider treble profundity air bag can deploy in two unlike shapes and pressures depending upon clank impingement, seatbelt utilization and ass spot. The three-fold profoundness figurehead rider air bag, which made its diligence entry on the 2006 Cadillac DTS sumptuousness saloon, is a first-of-its-kind engineering co-patented by GM. Functional with otc figurehead rider guard features such as a weight-based resident sensing arrangement, the threefold profundity air bag deploys in one of two unlike sizes from bum the board inside milliseconds to render optimum control for the battlefront rider.

Subsequently: As with all Buick models for 2006, GM’s OnStar-equipped Alfalfa features OnStar dual-mode (analog-digital) equipment. OnStar’s digital equipment too includes enhanced hands-free phonation credit capabilities including more visceral uninterrupted fingerbreadth dialing and improved vocalism realisation truth. OnStar is the preeminent supplier of in-vehicle prophylactic, surety and info services in the Joined States and Canada . Victimization the GPS orbiter web and radio engineering, OnStar features kernel refuge services and OnStar Hands-Free Vocation that allows drivers to shuffle and incur voice-activated sound calls exploitation an outwardly mounted aerial for greater receipt.

The OnStar serving touchstone on the 2006 Alfalfa includes the Worldwide Motors Innovative Machinelike Clangor Apprisal (AACN) arrangement, devising clangor information usable to the active 9-11 centers to assistant them despatch the capture life-saving force and equipment to clang scenes quicker.

Alfalfa demonstrates Buick’s continued center delivering high-quality vehicles.

Alfalfa is manufactured at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck Forum Plaza, which standard the Flatware Embed Tone Awarding for Northward/Southward America in the 2004 J.D. Ability and Associates Initial Caliber Bailiwick.

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