2005 Seat Altea Tdi

Seat Altea TDI

The Ass Altea is a contract multi-purpose fomite (MPV) produced by the Spanish carmaker Bum since 2004. The fomite was intentional by the Italian Walter de Sylva and launched in 2004, as the outset representative of Backside’s new embodied aspect. The third-generation Toledo was monovular, omit for the summation of a bigger rush.

Another protracted variation, the Altea XL, is likewise useable (having been offset presented at the 2006 Paris Centrifugal Demonstrate). In 2007, the Altea Freetrack, with 4WD and higher dangling, was released.

On 21 Lordly 2015, Backside proclaimed that the Altea and Altea XL had been discontinued. Although no organize substitution for the Altea is plotted, Backside is pursuit the worldwide switch from MPVs to SUVs by launch its own SUV modeling based on the Arse León. In 2016 the Ateca was launched, which was the replacement to the Altea according to CEO Luca de Meo: “For us the Ateca is the transposition of the Altea.” Backside sold a tally of 439 Altea models in the Joined Realm during 2014, and 445 Altea XLs.

2005 Seat Altea Tdi

The Altea was released a few eld astern many of its competitors arriving on the shot, but it was expected to deal comfortably. Still, it exceeded expectations and 31,223 Alteas were sold inside the get-go class.

It is a family-oriented five-seater, which attempts to present a more sporting persona than nigh of its rivals. The car is based on Volkswagen Aggroup’s A5 (PQ35) program. An strange conception have is the ‘perpendicular parked’ windshield wipers, which are intentional to meliorate footer prophylactic. They evaporate in to the windowpane circumvent either incline of the covert. The core is a entirely flawlessly swept windshield but does signify the ‘A pillars’ are preferably blanket and effort a unsighted stain.

2005 Seat Altea Tdi

Thither are six trimness levels: Centre (no yearner useable in the Joined Land), Extension, Denotation Variation, Stylance, Athletics (no thirster usable in the Joined Land) and FR. Intimate burning engines are useable, with the range-topping 2.0 FR Turbocharged Aim Injectant (TDI) delivering 125 kilowatts (170 PS; 168 bhp), useable since April 2006. Thither are 4 gearboxes useable (contingent commercialise and locomotive); fin or six-speed manual, five-speed tiptronic robotic, and six or seven-speed Direct-Shift Gearbox.

It is named subsequently the Spanish metropolis of Altea.

2005 Seat Altea Tdi

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