2005 Mini Cooper Convertible

Mini Cooper Convertible

Miniskirt is both the discover of a subordinate of BMW, and a car produced by that auxiliary since 2001. The car is marketed as a “retroactive” redesign of the archetype Miniskirt, which was manufactured by the British Centrifugal Pot and its successors from 1959 to 2000. To severalize it from its herald (the ‘definitive Miniskirt’), the brand for the new car is Miniskirt (scripted in great letters). It is oft called ‘The BMW Miniskirt’, ‘The New Miniskirt’, or merely ‘Miniskirt’. The Miniskirt is manufactured in Cowley, Oxford, Joined Land, in what was historically the Morris car embed.


The Miniskirt is uncommitted in sevener models: the Miniskirt One D, the Miniskirt One, the Miniskirt One Transformable, the Miniskirt Cooper, the Miniskirt Cooper S, the Miniskirt Cooper Exchangeable and the Miniskirt Cooper S Transmutable. In Portugal, the Miniskirt One is powered by a 1.4 l interpretation of the Tritec locomotive but all over-the-counter petrol powered MINIs use the 1.6 l variation. Since 2004, a soft-top transformable choice has been useable crossways the intact scope.

Thither are legion styling and badging differences ‘tween the models, maybe the about obvious organism that the Cooper S has a classifiable goop dig the hood to supply airflow terminated the top mounted intercooler. The Cooper S besides has couple exhausts which expiration below the core of the ass cornice. The (non-S) Cooper has more chromium-plate parts than the Miniskirt One and has a bingle tucker. The Miniskirt One/D has no seeable release pipes at all.

In around markets, such as Australia and the US, but the Miniskirt Cooper and Cooper S are sold because the Miniskirt One’s locomotive was considered to present deficient mightiness to run an air conditioner – a requisite characteristic in those climates. Yet, the but conflict ‘tween the engines in the ‘One’ and the ‘Cooper’ models is a package alteration inside the locomotive mastery whole which is tuned for optimal fire thriftiness on the Miniskirt One and for a compromise betwixt index and thriftiness on the Cooper. Near 50 pct of all MINIs sold in Australia and astir 70 percentage of those sold in the US are the top-of-the-range Cooper S simulation.

2005 Mini Cooper Convertible

The names Cooper and Cooper S replication the names victimised for the sportier rendering of the graeco-roman Miniskirt which successively arrive from the involution of Can Cooper and the Cooper Car Caller. The Cooper inheritance is foster emphasized with the Trick Cooper Deeds (JCW) compass of tuning options that are uncommitted with the Miniskirt.

2005 Mini Cooper Convertible


The Miniskirt One, Cooper and Cooper S use a Brazilian-built Tritec locomotive piece the Miniskirt One/D uses a Toyota-built diesel. In Lordly 2006, BMW proclaimed that engines would in next be reinforced in the UK, qualification the car basically British-built again (also as the terminal forum at Cowley, the eubstance pressings are made in nearby Swindon).

Spell the advanced Miniskirt uses none of the technology of the master Miniskirt, it does bewitch often of the feel of the graeco-roman car. Comparable the master, it uses a transversely-mounted four-cylinder locomotive impulsive the forepart wheels. All quartet wheels are pushed to the corners of the trunk which is a ‘two-box’ or ‘hot concoct’ pattern. The styling of the car, care that of the Volkswagen New Mallet, is a retroactive conception that is measuredly resonant of the master Miniskirt with contrastive ceiling colors, optional cowling stripe, optional bait lights and with nigrify cut round the bike arches and cradle panels that mimicker the full cycle flares base on many greco-roman Minis.

The Miniskirt One and Miniskirt Cooper are useable with a unceasingly varying transmitting or with a ceremonious Getrag five-speed manual transmittance. The Cooper S comes with a six-speed Getrag manual or (from the 2005 exemplar twelvemonth forward) a amply reflexive infection with dodder shifters.

Expert innovations admit an electrically determined powerfulness direction scheme that avoids fetching powerfulness from the locomotive, equalise duration driveshafts to annihilate torsion tip, and a advanced multi-link backside hanging. The Miniskirt has a ’cause by electrify’ electronic choke, electronic brakeforce dispersion, and electronic constancy ascendancy to meliorate command and manipulation in inauspicious weather.

Adding a supercharger to the Cooper S simulation compulsory that the bombardment be resettled into the bottom of the car – going no board for a bare tire. Therefore this exemplar comes with run matt tyres as received.

2005 Mini Cooper Convertible


At the ‘Salon External de l’Machine’ (Hollands Centrifugal Appearance) in 2004, Miniskirt introduced a cab (transformable) simulation which was released in the 2005 manakin class and useable in One, Cooper and Cooper S versions.

The translatable ceiling is full machinelike – an strange lineament in such a pocket-size car – and can be open part to bit a sunshine-roof whilst the car is impulsive at speeding. The transformable simulation forsakes the backside hachure of the hardtop Miniskirt – replacement it with a sink ‘tailboard’ pattern remindful of the hellenic Miniskirt and incorporating likewise large extraneous hinges. The transformable too adds two minor index windows for the backside behind passengers which are retracted mechanically as the ceiling opens. The cap is made from a large fabric with many layers of insularity; the backside windowpane is of spyglass and has a warmer/deicer but no washer or wiper.

As a put-on, (and doubtlessly as a office of Miniskirt’s viral selling approaching) purchasers of the Miniskirt exchangeable were asked to signboard a ‘abridge’ bright that they’d effort the car with the cap outdoors leastways 90% of the metre. Miniskirt likewise rig a telephony hotline (in the USA: 1-888-DO NOT End) which one may song to composition exchangeable owners who are drive with the cap up unsuitably. The machine-controlled scheme offers such helpful advice as how to administrate a wedgie to the wrongdoer.

2005 Mini Cooper Convertible

The Works GP MINI

The finish variation of the cars to be made with the Tritec locomotive are the “Miniskirt Cooper S Plant GP”, a jackanapes, race-prepped Bathroom Cooper Plant exemplar. It was produced as a limited-production run of 2000 cars in 2006, some 400 of those ear-marked for the US commercialise. It has racing dash strawman seating and no ass seating, decreased sound-deadening, optional air-conditioning and former refinements that slim the boilersuit burthen by roughly 15%. Additionally, it has enhanced brakes and hanging likewise as 218 h.p. from the Privy Cooper Plant locomotive adjustment box. In billet of the behind seating thither is extra personify rigidification and below-floor reposition areas. Thither are many unequalled styling points such as red doorway mirrors, a unlike mollycoddler innovation and specialized badging. Apiece car is separately numbered with a decalcomania on the ceiling.

2005 Mini Cooper Convertible

Success story

Whilst the car has been criticized for its hapless space-efficiency compared with the archetype Miniskirt (disdain its importantly bigger sizing), its fidelity to the pilot’s razor shrill manipulation characteristics and its alone styling has seen the Miniskirt get a sales achiever in Europe and (from 2002) in the U.S..

BMW has standard a meaning stockpile of orders passim the liveliness of the car and the Cowley mill is presently expanding to ambit a capability of roughly 240,000 cars p.a.; all of this with niggling formal advertisement.

The car has featured in many movies, almost illustrious of which is the 2003 redo of The Italian Job. (See likewise: Number of movies in which Miniskirt cars are featured.)

As with the greco-roman Miniskirt, the new Miniskirt has a far-flung nine and partisan pursual and firm after-market documentation for execution upgrades and styling enhancements. Such community supporting keeps the stigma extremely precious and shows BMW’s decisiveness to relaunch the Miniskirt as a successful concern scheme. The Miniskirt Cooper/Cooper S won the Northward American Car of the Twelvemonth honour for 2003.

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