2005 Jeep Cherokee Uk Version

Jeep Cherokee [UK]

Landrover®’s award-winning Cherokee has been improved for 2005 with a new looking, updated midland and a new 2.8-litre diesel, with varying geometry turbo, that boasts frown emissions, more ability and higher torsion than the old locomotive.

This common-rail diesel 2.8-litre locomotive replaces the 2.5-litre diesel whole crosswise the integral Landrover Cherokee compass, and uses an electronically controlled varying geometry turbocharger to ameliorate ascendance of hike coerce, slenderize emissions and meliorate wax shipment locomotive might and torsion. Injectors on the 2.8-litre diesel birth besides been improved so that fire burns more soundly, producing fewer particulates and depress emissions than former contemporaries diesel engines.

This Euro IV locomotive is paired to either a new six-speed manual transmittance or a five-speed reflex contagion and produces 161 bhp at 3,800 rpm and 295 lb ft of torsion at 1800rpm. The 0-62 mph clock with the manual transmittance is 12.8 seconds and 12.2 seconds for the robotlike.

2005 Jeep Cherokee Uk Version

The new six-speed manual gearbox is likewise fitted as received to the 2.4-litre gas locomotive, spell a 3.7-litre V6 gas locomotive with five-speed automatonlike transmittance completes the reach.

The Landrover Cherokee includes a horde of features including a new battlefront lattice with foglamps structured in the lattice environs conjointly a new presence dashboard, wider and more well-situated seating with improved lumbar keep and arse seating that sheepcote blandish than the old framework. Otc improvements admit moving the galvanizing windowpane switches to the center solace for meliorate bioengineering and side-curtain airbags as stock on Special models.

2005 Jeep Cherokee Uk Version

Simon Elliott, Director for Chrysler Grouping in the UK, aforementioned: “The Cherokee has perpetually been a big marketer for Landrover in the UK -we suffer sold more than12,000 vehicles since 2001. Customers are frequently surprised good how practically banner equipment you arrive a Landrover, and the combining of its new furrowed handsomeness and a 4*NCAP guard valuation testament all assist pass an eventide more attractive buy.”

The Sportsman example, which starts the grasp at &punt;17,995, is useable with either the 2.4-litre or 2.8-litre engines, and features 16in nerve wheels, multi-stage airbags, figurehead fog lights, headlight levelling, air conditioning, ABS, electrical battlefront windows and a i CD actor as touchstone. Modified models, useable with the 2.8-litre CRD or 3.7 V6 locomotive, accompany 17in metal wheels, jeeome forepart lattice, english drape airbags, sail ascendance and powerfulness presence seating as banner.

2005 Jeep Cherokee Uk Version

The increase of the VGT to the 2.8-litre CRD locomotive has increased the backing of torsion on propose by 11 per penny -266 lb ft to 295 lb ft compared to the former locomotive, patch the superpower production has increased from 148 bhp to 161 bhp. The CO2 emissions let fallen from 262 g/km to 246 g/km piece the top swiftness girdle the like at 108 mph.

The new Landrover Cherokee is uncommitted from all Chrysler UK dealers from January 2005. The commercial-grade adaptation of the Landrover Cherokee, the Trailblazer, volition likewise have the 2.8-litre locomotive and is uncommitted with either a six speeding manual gearbox or five-speed robotlike transmittal.

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