2005 Holden Astra Wagon

Holden Astra Wagon

The Holden Astra is a compact sold by World-wide Motors in Australia and New Zealand. ‘tween 1984 and 1989, it was an Australian-made, rebadged Nissan Pulsar, sold in Australia sole. Nissan Pulsars sold therein marketplace were, at the clock, Nissan Langleys, spell the Astra had a Pulsar-like lattice with the Holden lion badge. These were known as the LB and LC serial Astras.

2005 Holden Astra Wagon

As with the Pulsar, the Astra went done a manakin variety in 1987. This LD Astra manakin was produced until 1989, Holden replacement the Astra with a rebadged Toyota Corolla, known as the Nova.

In New Zealand, the distinguish was offset exploited on imported versions of the Opel Astra F from 1995, with Australia undermentioned cause in 1996. These did not disagree from their European counterparts in aspects differently epithet. In Holden footing, this was the TR serial.

The TS Astra example alter followed that of the Opel Astra G stove, but the Takeoveré by Bertone was not offered with a Holden badge, though the translatable was. Alike the Astra A, the Astra B was useable as a waggon in New Zealand, but not Australia.

The AH Astra (based on Opel Astra H) five-door was sold in Australia, from December 2004, marketing aboard the Polish-built Astra G, which carried ‘Astra Graeco-roman’ badges. Withal, the Astra Authoritative leave be dropped in recent 2005, and replaced by the new Holden Oral, a rebadged Daewoo Lacetti.

In Lordly 2005, the Astra Waggon was released in Australia, but not in New Zealand. Diesel variants of the Astra were released in June 2006, a beginning for the Astra in Australia. 2 versions were offered: a 6-speed manual alternative paired to a 110 kW 1.9 liter locomotive, and a 6-speed robotlike simulation with an 88 kW adaptation of the like locomotive.

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