2005 Fiat Panda 4X4 13 Multijet

Fiat Panda 4×4 1.3 Multijet

The high-bodied Panda takes crystalize styling cues from miniskirt MPVs and miniskirt SUVs, with its taillights particularly resonant of lots bigger cars from like Volvo. The Panda won the European Car of the Twelvemonth accolade in 2004.

2005 Fiat Panda 4X4 13 Multijet

The Panda includes an selection for schism arse seating, which makes the Panda a four-seater. Since September 2005, all Pandas are equipt with constancy ascendancy, ABS, EBD and leastwise two strawman airbags. The gear-lever is situated highschool on the exchange splasher, which is intentional to shuffling ever-changing gears more well-off than with a formal floor-mounted shifter.

The financially disruptive Rescript needful the new Panda to be a achiever, and so it was, merchandising one-half a 1000000 units by October 2005. It sells especially swell in Italy (concluded one-half of the cars produced are sold in Italy), existence seen as nearer to a unearthly heir to the Order 500 than a switch for either the Seicento or the old Panda. The 500,000th new Panda was reinforced on October 5, 2005, a lighter blueing Panda Emotions with the 1.3 L diesel.

2005 Fiat Panda 4X4 13 Multijet


  • The introductory Real has blackness bumpers, lacks galvanising windows and a life-size trim pedal. The Literal was introduced in January 2004.
  • The Alive, introduced in May 2005, features body-coloured figurehead bumpers, battlefront galvanic windows, and exchange threshold lockup. Tuner, cassette/CD thespian, ABS, rider’s position airbag, exponent steerage, and manual mood command are uncommitted as options. Since September 2005, ABS and the forepart rider’s airbag sustain been made stock.
  • The Combat-ready Summation variant is somewhat ameliorate weaponed than the Participating, with a cassette/CD musician as received. Product of the Alive Summation stopped-up in December 2003.
  • 2005 Fiat Panda 4×4 1.3 Multijet

  • The Dynamical version features ABS, three-fold airbags, ceiling bars, ability guidance and a cassette participant as received. A CD/MP3 musician, CD auto-changer, debase wheels, manual or machine-controlled mood restraint, crank sunshine-roof and a semi-automatic transmitting are usable as options. Since September 2005, four-spot airbags suffer been measure in roughly countries, with an pick for two extra position drape airbags.
  • The Emotion (Eleganza) variant is the best-equipped trimming storey. This finical passementerie stratum features substantial enhancements terminated the Dynamical, with a measure CD instrumentalist, admixture wheels with low visibility tyres and machine-controlled clime mastery. In roughly countries such as the UK, the Emotion is sold as the “Eleganza”.
  • The 4/4 Climb version, introduced in December 2004, has a higher rally acme and bigger wheels and tyres than otc editions. The 4wd arrangement too makes this variant slower than others. Features are standardized to those ground in the Dynamical. The Mounting, notwithstanding, lacks a derivative interlock and contagion with reductor. The Climb variation can be magisterial by a somewhat higher reprieve, extra blacken moldable overlays on the bumpers and a “Mounting” badge scarce under the “Panda” badge on the odd slope of the back permit denture.
  • The 4/4 Hybridization variant, interchangeable to the Mounting, features otherwise molded forepart and behind lights and extra face facing. Different the Climb, the Interbreeding does bear a derivative curl. The Crossing variant became uncommitted in January 2006 in Italy, and testament be usable in September 2006 in Poland, terminated 9 months astern its founding in December 2005.
  • The Factual and Dynamic are besides bases for the Existent Van and Participating Van, which can be ill-used as belittled vans (they likewise sustain an extra guard net ass the breast seating and obliterable bum seating). These versions can be identified by minor “Van” pronounce on the backdoor.

    Thither were rumours roughly a Clean version, with otherwise molded bumpers and two new stronger engines (rated at 75 bhp and 95 bhp). This variation was to be expected finally of 2005 or earlier of 2006.

    During the clip, many modified editions of Panda (Participating and Dynamical editions sole) were produced. Apiece of them had extra national fittings, differentiating them from the foot example.

    2005 Fiat Panda 4X4 13 Multijet


    The smallest locomotive, the 1.1 L gasolene SOHC Ardor locomotive, which is rated at 54 bhp and base in the Decree Seicento, has been criticised for organism underpowered for the Panda, which weighs concluded 850 kg, and the quickening particularly was considered to be really dull. Still, the locomotive reportedly gains tractableness and exponent with use.

    2005 Fiat Panda 4X4 13 Multijet

    The 1.3 L MultiJet diesel is rated at 75 bhp and 100 ft&crap;pound of torsion; it is the about stinting of all useable engines. Nevertheless, this locomotive is detuned from the Punto (where it develops 120 ft&crap;lb of torsion) due to the Panda’s weaker transmitting. Pandas with diesel engines can be easy magisterial by a “MultiJet” badge on the compensate position of the bottom license plateful.

    Top speeds

    2005 Fiat Panda 4X4 13 Multijet
  • 150 km/h (93 mph) with 1.1 L gas locomotive
  • 155 km/h (96 mph) with 1.2 L gasoline locomotive
  • 160 km/h (99 mph) with 1.3 L diesel
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