2005 Dodge Magnum Sxt

Dodge Magnum SXT

The Magnum discover was reanimated in 2004 as a 2005 wagon on the Chrysler LX chopine. This is Scheme’s offset wagon since the discontinuance of the Contrivance Colt waggon in 1991, and though it can be considered the commencement life-sized American waggon produced since the discontinuance of the Chevrolet Whim/Buick Roadmaster Acres wagons in 1996, it’s not most as great, with internal dimensions practically nigher to those of the more late Crossing Taurus waggon.

2005 Dodge Magnum Sxt

The new Contrivance Magnum is a waggon edition of the Chrysler 300, with nipper ornamental changes.

The new Magnum has foursome locomotive options, the SE features the 190 hp 2.7 L LH V6, the SXT has the 250 hp 3.5 L V6, and the RT has the new 5.7 L Hemi V8. The SRT-8 has a 425 hp 6.1 L Hemi locomotive.

2005 Dodge Magnum Sxt

The Magnum became usable with all-wheel screw 2005 on SXT and RT models. The AWD SXT and the RT use a Mercedes-Benz-derived 5-speed reflexive transmittal, piece all otc models use a four-speed automatonlike.

Alike the Chrysler 300, the new Magnum has been a sensational achiever for the companionship, easy outselling its harbinger, the Dodging Hardy. Contrivance has proclaimed plans for the Magnum to continue sale as a constabulary variate to contend against the Crossing Jacket Victoria. Useable solitary to law enforcement, pinch agencies, and governing agencies, the fomite leave birth the SXT’s V6 as a stand drive and the Hemi as an selection, on with police-specific options such as a steering-column mounted gearshift, deactivated inner ass windows and locks, and unassailable spyglass betwixt the outset and secondment rows of seating and the hold. The Magnum is reinforced in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

The Magnum was on Car and Driver’s Ten Better leaning for 2005.

2005 Dodge Magnum SXT


2005 Dodge Magnum Sxt

For 2005, an SRT-8 rendering was produced. Care the 300C SRT-8, it features the new 6.1 L Hemi locomotive, which produces 425 hp (317 kW). 20″ wheels, firmer reprieve, larger brakes, new lower-body handling, and a revised presence and rear-fascia completes the shift. The SRT-8 debuted at the 2005 Los Angeles Motorcar Prove. The SRT-8 was named “Scoop New Modernistic Brawniness Car” in the 2006 Canadian Car of the Yr repugn.


In Europe, where the Stratagem brand has miserable realisation, the Magnum is sold as the Chrysler 300 Touring. It is basically the like car as the US-market Magnum, but with the Chrysler 300’s forepart.

In popular culture

2005 Dodge Magnum Sxt

The Duck Magnum has been pop, maybe because it evokes many dissimilar images to dissimilar mass. Also its practicality as a haulier or eventide a mom-mobile, approximately see in it a “bling” or “gangsta” motif. Others see it as cartoonish, ilk a new “Batmobile”. Thither is besides an historical sports and racing icon with the converted Hemi distinguish and locomotive. With product styled “California Custom-made” sliced looks, thither is an nigh minatory Hot-Rod blaze in the angled flatbed lines. The under-the-skin German Mercedes dangling and transmittance technology devote another aspect to the Magnum’s multi-faceted prayer.

+ In the 2005 celluloid The Island, the worldly-minded squad led by Albert Laurent (Djimon Hounsou) drives Circumvent Magnums.
+ The 2005 call Don’t Cha by Kitty-cat Dolls features Busta Rhymes rapping almost the Dodging Magnum on the tertiary poetize of the call.
+ The 2005 Euphony Telecasting How We Treat The Gage & 50 Penny features a sleeker Circumvent Magnum.
+ The 2005 Spanish terminology broadcast “El Cuerpo del Deseo” on Univision featured a Elude Magnum.

2005 Dodge Magnum Sxt

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