2005 Dacia Logan 16 Mpi

Dacia Logan 1.6 MPI

The Logan is a affordable subcompact/supermini produced conjointly by the French maker Renault and its associate Dacia of Romania. It is manufactured at Dacia’s machine flora in Mioveni, Romania. Whether the car is badged Dacia or Renault in a area depends on the existent bearing of the Renault brand in it.


The Logan was the end answer of Labor X90, proclaimed by Renault in 1999 afterwards the buyout of Dacia in 1998. During a impose to Russia by French Chairwoman Jacques Chirac, Louis Schweitzer far-famed that at Lada and Renault dealerships the 6000€ Ladas were marketing fine, spell the 12,000€ Renaults stayed in the saleroom. “Sightedness those archaic cars, I ground it unaccepted that technological procession should occlusion you devising a beneficial car for 6,000€”. (He subsequently revised this butt to 5,000€.) “I too drew up a number of specifications in leash dustup – modernistic, honest and low-priced – and added that everything else was assignable.”. Yet, the cheapest variant of the car is priced at about 6,000€, and can scope 8,500€, contingent equipment and custom (the foundation modeling for Westerly Europe, where it is badged as a Dacia but broadly sold in Renault dealerships, is reasonably more expensive). As it was intentional from the showtime as an low-priced car, the Logan has many simplified features to living costs low.

2005 Dacia Logan 16 Mpi

The car replaces many elderly cars in product, including the Romanian Dacia 1300 serial of Renault 12-based cars and Iran’s Hillman Hunter-based Paykan.

It was oficially launched in 2004. Renault primitively had no plans to betray Logan in Westerly Europe, but began importation a more expensive rendering of the car in June 2005, start at some €7000.

2005 Dacia Logan 1.6 MPI


2005 Dacia Logan 16 Mpi

The Logan is based on the B chopine that is exploited by the one-third propagation Renault Clio, Renault Modus and the up-to-the-minute interpretation of the Nissan Micra. It has 50% fewer parts than a high-end Renault fomite and has a circumscribed act of electronic devices. In plus to fashioning the car less dear to develop, this too makes it easier and cheaper to fixture. As with many low-priced vehicles, a heavy total of soundproofing was omitted, significance that route vibrations, locomotive audio and flatus disturbance are obtrusive for the passengers.

Roughly parts are likewise practically simpler than those of its competitors. E.g., rear-view mirrors are symmetric and can be exploited on either sides of the car, the windscreen is blandish than common, and the fascia is a 1 injection-molded bit.

2005 Dacia Logan 16 Mpi

The developers suffer interpreted into bill various differences ‘tween route and mood weather in highly-developed and underdeveloped countries. The Logan respite is flaccid and substantial, and the flesh sits visibly higher than well-nigh otc superminis to aid it negociate stain roadstead and potholes on ill-maintaned asphalt roadstead. The locomotive is peculiarly disposed to address lour timbre fire, whereas the air conditioning is brawny decent to frown temperature various degrees (supra 40ºC are park in the Midsection E and Mediterranean Sea).


In markets where Renault has already a comportment, care in European and African countries such as Romania, Ukraine and Morocco it is sold as the Dacia Logan. In over-the-counter markets, wish Russia, Iran, Chinaware and Africa, it is marketed as the Renault Logan. The Logan is lively to increasing sales of the Renault radical to the 4 trillion scar by 2010. In India, the car’s beginning right driving mart, the Logan leave be marketed below the “Mahindra” brand; Renault leave collaborator with Indian substitute and commercial-grade vehicles producer Mahindra & Mahindra.

The car is purchasable in underdeveloped countries where the universe has a frown buying might than in highly-developed countries.


In June 2005 the car achieved a 3 hotshot evaluation at the EuroNCAP clang tests. This resultant confirms initial expectations declared originally by Renault.

In July 2005, an ‘elk-test’ impulsive manoeuver conducted by the German ADAC claimed that the want of an Electronic Stableness Programme by Dacia Logan makes it bowl ended when braking in turns spell at 65 km/h. More pictures hither. Nonetheless, late that month, the Romanian adaptation of Top Geartrain perennial the elk-test and, according to the results promulgated on their site, the Logan passed the examination at speeds of 72 km/h, 84 km/h and 87 km/h. Subsequently September 9, ADAC promulgated the results of farther incidental investigating, screening that the rollover was really caused by defective tires and not by unlawful car conception. It was afterward admitted by the German testers that the car failed abaft an strange figure of elk tests that had raddled refine the tires of the tryout car.


Since the rootage of product in 2004 and until mid 2006 a aggregate of 254,757 Dacia Logans were sold.

Dacia estimates for 2006 are o’er €1.5 million, 33% up in equivalence with 2005. Yearly product volition ambit 200,000 cars, one-half for exports.

Product is initially of a 4-door saloon, although hatchback, waggon and pickup versions are due to trace.

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