2005 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

The Bentley Continental Quick Goad made its external unveiling at the 2005 Hollands Salon and began its globular roll-out from April 2005. Share-out centre with its extremely successful stablemate, the Continental GT, the Continental Fast Spurring is a four-door Chiliad Phaeton innate of a putsché.

The Bentley Continental Quick Spurring is the quickest four-door in the accompany’s chronicle, and the quickest in the humankind, with a top swiftness of 195mph. It marries the agitation, powerfulness, shade and craft of the Continental GT with enhanced sumptuousness and infinite to supply a sovereign compounding of execution, stylus and solace.

The found of the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Urging is a boost tone forward-moving in the revitalization of Bentley, which began in 1998 with important investiture in Crewe, the society’s designing, technology and fabrication hq.

The Bentley Continental Quick Goad was created at the state-of-the-art Crewe mill, where a 550-strong squad of engineers has worked aboard Bentley’s celebrated designers, craftsmen and craftswomen. Admittance to raise companionship Volkswagen’s universal technology quiz facilities has besides been of peak grandness to the evolution of the car and the Continental Fast Goad has benefitted from the use of the radical’s modern windtunnels, proving cause and prototyping facilities.

“The Continental Flight Goad is a splendid lesson of how to lucifer world-beating technologies with celebrated craft,” says Bentley chairperson Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen. “It is a operation car but not at the price of comfortableness and intrinsically represents a unequaled proffer – a gilded and broad four-door G Holidaymaker with the core of a high-performance putsché.”

2005 Bentley Continental Flying Spur


2005 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

If one idiom could tally the abbreviated for the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Prodding conception it would be: ‘no compromise’. That crystalize but intriguing dream meant the Continental Fast Goading would want to go the highest levels of elegance and comfortableness patch lull delivering operation and impulsive kinetics unremarkably solitary constitute in sports cars.

Briefly it would be a betting G Phaeton with substantive bum legroom for passengers, a arresting inner and breathless cabin materials; a car able of traveling enceinte distances with rest spell delivering vast impulsive pleasance – in former speech, a everlasting Bentley.

Excogitation manager Dirk van Braeckel created the car’s sheer and present-day deal incisively the like meter as its babe car, the Continental GT, thereby ensuring a eubstance of picture and appearing betwixt the takeoveré and the evenly virile four-door edition.

“By scheming both cars unitedly, we could assure that the Bentley Continental Fast Prodding is unmistakeably related the Continental GT,” says van Braeckel. “They portion front and dominance in peer mensuration. That substance the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Urging has a observably curt figurehead beetle same the GT and a all-embracing, rife hood and grille. It is unmistakeably a Bentley.”

Where the Continental GT putsché drew aspiration from the iconic 1952 Bentley R-Type Continental, the roots of the new four-door can be seen in the as suitable and admired 1957 four-door Continental Flight Urging; the car from which the new modeling takes its figure.

Pick, contemporaneous lines jump on every open of the new Bentley Continental Fast Prod, an impression that was a elementary aim of Dirk van Braeckel and his pattern squad, who were lament to check that the car was reminiscent, dateless and unpretentious. This invention base is key to the hereafter guidance of all Bentleys, one in which the by volition service as brainchild but won’t rule the output. The Bentley Continental Fast-flying Prodding’s feel is intended to crack owners both identity and understatement.

2005 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

“One of the virtues of the Bentley blade has forever been understatement,” says van Braeckel. “Tied in the youth, many mass preferable Bentleys to early more pretentious cars.”

Where figure cues birth been evolved from yesteryear Bentleys, they are taken in a way that befits a bodoni four-door Thou Holidaymaker. Fundamental to the Bentley Continental Fast Prod’s appearing is the rounded C-pillar bum the behind doors – a theme plant on many former Bentleys. This ‘hockey joystick’ bender adds tensity and sportiness to the car’s visibility.

The duplicate duration of the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Gad compared to the putsché emphasises the waist of the car, creating the printing of a recondite, unanimous soundbox that offers privacy and secrecy to its occupants. The extended visibility too benefits the car’s streamlined properties, vital when a top upper of 195mph is come-at-able. The consistence of the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Urging is likewise vastly besotted (46Hz vibrancy frequence) for both forcefulness and enduringness.

“We get paying really finale aid to the airflow complete the car,” says Bentley’s caput of outside figure, Raul Pires. “The backside bumper is specifically wrought to funnel air flawlessly from the underbelly diffusor and the diminished surface lip on the tracking bound of the bootlid provides downforce and constancy at eminent hurrying. The four-door has an evening improve puff coefficient than the Continental GT – 0.31Cd compared to the putsché’s 0.32Cd.”

Design process technology

Same the Continental GT putsché, the Continental Fast-flying Urging was offset intentional in the figurer practical man. With all its components existent in the practical humans earlier a i one was created as a strong-arm place, it was potential to see how apiece portion interacts with all the others, highlight problems and conflicts that power not differently let resuscitate ignitor. This outgrowth fell evolution meter and enabled Bentley’s engineers to invention in calibre and eubstance at a ingredient stratum.

Bentley besides exploited sophisticated molding techniques at the betimes pre-production stages to control that both the outside and upcountry of the car were intentional to astounding levels of truth. Exploitation a proficiency known as Information Ascendancy Moulding, precision-machined all-out models of the within and extraneous of the car were reinforced exploitation complex materials that are polished to inside an truth of 0.1mm. The solvent is a double-dyed autotype of the new car that can be secondhand to reconstruct highly precise tools for the product point.

Interior design

The Bentley Continental Flight Goad’s upcountry proportions offer luxuriant legroom for all passengers and an telling analyse on which Bentley’s internal designing squad could set to employment. End-to-end the inside, leather hides or woodwind veneers on every aerofoil combining to pay a welcoming and coeval surroundings for the driver and passengers similar.

Brainchild for key elements of the Continental Fast-flying Prodding’s national came from earliest Bentleys. A cryptic, generous wooden waistrail runs the distance of the cabin, producing a flavor of cossetting auspices and sumptuousness. Recondite waistrails are lots parting of Bentley custom stemming rachis to the 8-litre Bentleys of the Thirties. “The use of so lots big forest is a very distinguishing element for any Bentley,” says Henrik Nordin, decorator. “We bear managed to figure this into the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Urging but without fashioning it feeling dated or retroactive. Rather it feels graceful, gilded and subtly sportsmanlike, which is just the kinda assertion this car should micturate.”


Course, woods veneers and leather hides rest an inbuilt contribution of the Bentley furniture, but they birth been bespoke to causa the Bentley Continental Flight Goading, proving that these nearly traditional materials can lull express a coeval spirit. Though workmanship corpse as authoritative as always, these long-suffering skills suffer been complemented by roughly Twenty-one hundred engineering allowing, e.g., romance facing to be dramatically curving in a way that would just not suffer been potential in the yesteryear. And spell the fell is hush applied to the car with as lots loving charge as always, it is cut exploitation a digitised treat that ensures minimum levels of wastage and optimal character levels.

Passim the car modest but clever innovation touches spotlight the deviation betwixt a Bentley and a established opulence bar. The presence ass headrests, e.g., get been unbroken as diminished as potential to reserve passengers in the bum an unobstructed panorama out. Eve the areas ass the upcountry threshold levers and catch handles are saved by a fashionable metallic scale that prevents rings on fingers negative the valued leather facing.

Interior features and technology

Bentley Continental Quick Goading owners bequeath lack for naught inwardly their car, whether butt the bike or enjoying the rag as a rider. The car is furnished with the modish forward-looking cabin engineering from its power-latching doors and 16-way electrically powered forepart seating (that are too air-cooled and het) with new electro-mechanical lumbar controller, to its four-zone mood restraint, LED temper light and ripe documentary organisation.

Whether specified as a four-seat modelling with a gist comfort ‘tween two electrically powered behind seating or the five-seat cabin with full-width backside arse, passengers leave have an surroundings that plainly cannot be launch in any otc car. The four-seat selection cradles its bum occupants in great, graven seating that are electrically adjustable for optimal solace. These seating are dual-lane by a kernel cabinet which is cut in agiotage leather obliterate and woodwind veneering and contains the behind and mood ascendence systems also as a attractively intentional ashtray aboard a cupholder and reposition quad. Passengers in the back can besides control the president of the front-seat rider, thereby ensuring maximal legroom and comfortableness should the breast be untenanted.

National key features:

  • Five-seat form as touchstone with full-width backside ass.
  • Optional four-seater constellation with two mortal backside seating and center solace with stowing, arse mood ascendence functions and buns switches.
  • Modern multi-function hold in gist comfort of four-seater modeling, containing unparalleled obliterable couturier ashtray.
  • 16-way electrically adjustable presence seating incorporating mood ascendence, three-position retentivity (seating, guidance tower, outside mirrors) and galvanizing lumbar ascendence with knead deftness.
  • Backside outer bum positions on five-seat manakin integrate mood ascendance, heat and electro-mechanical lumbar alteration.
  • Ass essence armrest with lockable ski cover.
  • Multi-zone electronic clime ascendence organization.
  • Comp docudrama scheme includes:
  • Planet piloting scheme with itinerary counselling
  • Optional tv wireless (demur for US commercialize)
  • Agio 12-channel sound organisation
  • Mood controller procedure
  • Computerised hanging mastery surgery (muffler and drive tallness settings).
  • 6-CD machine modifier in mitt compartment.
  • Nokia ‘dockage post’ organization for in-car ring (omit for Japanese marketplace).
  • Bluetooth hands-free seclusion handset in gist arm repose as a no-cost pick (exclude for Japanese grocery).
  • Keyless entrance and keyless ignition (US mart – keyless incoming lonesome).
  • Console-mounted crank clitoris.
  • Electronic parkland bracken with move-off assistance (omit for US mart).
  • Column-mounted shifter paddles.
  • Unstained steel-faced substructure pedals and driver’s foundation balance.
  • Optional methamphetamine galvanizing tilt-slide sunshine-roof (non-cost selection for US mart).
  • Comp anti-theft and immobiliser systems.
  • Exterior features and technology

    The Bentley Continental Fast-flying Prodding combines the finest Bentley traditions and workmanship with extremely innovative self-propelling engineering. Wheresoever modernistic solutions birth been introduced on the car, notwithstanding, these are ne’er to the hurt of impulsive delectation or rider puff. At Bentley we don’t consider in overloading our cars, or our customers, with engineering that they don’t motivation or may ne’er use. On the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Urging every lineament capacity or prophylactic organization mustiness pee-pee a causa for itself ahead beingness added. The resultant is a car that contains a server of pragmatic and suitable features that accompaniment quite than eclipse the unequaled quality of the Continental Quick Gad. What’s more, the wide-cut features listing is virtually whole measure, significance customers won’t be constrained to spiller done an wearing options lean at extra price. Whether you opt for the iv or five-seat variation, the Continental Quick Urging’s wide-cut grasp of engineering and characteristic capacity volition be uncommitted to all.

    Outside key features:

  • Similitude bi-Xenon headlamps with incorporate washer jets to movement.
  • Singular LED bulbless lamps to back.
  • Bottom coddler styled into bootlid operates in junction with underbelly diffusor to supply enhanced high-velocity stableness, contributive to a low cart coefficient of 0.31Cd.
  • 19-inch multi-spoke unity opus sports metal wheels as stock. (19 and 20-inch split-rim sports metal wheels useable as an alternative.)
  • Traditional Bentley pair oval-shaped stainless expel finishers.
  • Prize of 16 outside key colors.
  • Wax infra-red laminated glazing to all windows (contingent marketplace).
  • Rain-sensing wiper scheme.
  • Power-latching to all doors.
  • Chassis & Engineering

    Bentley occupies a singular place in the market. Whereas otc manufacturers go either hard-edged sports saloons or rear-passenger oriented limousines, Bentley effortlessly straddles the gap betwixt these two extremes, construction m touring masterpieces that offering subtlety and execution in equalize bill. The Bentley Continental Quick Prod is no unlike, as extremity of the panel, technology, Dr Ulrich Eichhorn explains:

    “All Bentleys mustiness be able-bodied to cocker and do when called upon. In the Bentley Continental Quick Prodding you can be cruising on enjoying the highest ease and opulence with brilliant rally calibre. So all you indigence to do is pressing the gun and the car is transformed. That is the part of the Continental GT putsché and one of our technology challenges was to donjon the folk characteristics that masses admire so practically.”

    To control that the stallion Bentley Continental grasp divided those qualities it was all-important that both models had the rightfulness edifice blocks. The groundwork of the cars is an exceptionally corpse brand anatomy and by extending the wheelbase of the Bentley Continental Fast Goading by 300mm (12 inches) the invention squad ensured the car had the wide behind legroom that was a key nonsubjective.

    The eubstance of the new Bentley Continental Quick Prodding is vastly corpse (46Hz ringing oftenness) and this provides an passing unchanging chopine for the abeyance and steerage components for optimal on-road operation.

    An increment in wheelbase helps the shade and rally caliber of any car, but that didn’t stopover the engineers performance a dispatch flesh retune. The Continental Flight Gad shares the like canonical suspension as its takeoveré eq – a four-link organisation at the presence and a trapezoidal multi-link behind axle with computer-controlled air springs and full varying, electronically controlled jounce absorbers in office of ceremonious coils. To optimize civilization and razz timbre for the thirster four-door manakin, yet, substantial changes let been introduced:

  • Redesigned electronic dampers inside the air bounce units check a desirable blending of sportiness and subtlety.
  • New dangling bushes and reconfigured package are likewise introduced to accompaniment the revised dampers.
  • A new al subframe at the bum provides a ignitor, remains and solid chopine for the multi-link backside hanging.
  • New al uprights at the strawman frown the unsprung weighting of the car and accordingly ameliorate well-rounded guidance flavor and wheeling quilt.
  • One of the huge benefits of computer-controlled respite is the power to keep a still rally elevation careless of the shipment the car is carrying, as Keith Crisp, coach, bod, dangling and fomite kinetics, explains:

    2005 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

    “By adjusting the dangling to controller the car’s stature we can forever insure the optimal degree of drive elaboration. The former major reward is that we can use the air abatement to commute the posture of the car at higher speeds to ameliorate constancy. We deliver programmed the Bentley Continental Fast Gad’s respite to depress the pry by 10mm and the ass by 25mm at speeds terminated 155mph (250km/h). This reduces bottom airlift at heights velocities and substance our car feels real static, quite than uneasy, as your hurrying increases.”

    Thanks to a uninterrupted all-wheel campaign organization, the Continental Fast-flying Gad is darned with amazing grip and balance whatsoever the conditions. In banner weather the campaign is transferred as ‘tween the presence and back axles via a extremely sensible gist Torsen derivative. If, notwithstanding, the derivative detects a departure in torsion need ‘tween the two axles it mechanically sends more mightiness to the wheels indicating greater clench.

    Besides as its advance all-wheel effort organization, the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Goad incorporates grip command and an Electronic Constancy Broadcast (ESP), both of which can be handicapped at the circumspection of the driver. These driver aids engage discreetly, offer extra protection and governing o’er the car’s active likely but without existence intrusive, thereby ensuring the unequaled Bentley impulsive get stiff undisturbed.

    The advance technologies exploited in the Continental Fast-flying Gad’s abeyance were strictly time-tested on proving curtilage, trial tracks and roadstead crosswise the earth. The answer is a car whose width and potentiality, in any upwind, on any route rise, is only awe-inspiring. Terminated the form of its ontogenesis the car was subjected to a crusade broadcast that saw it nail most a jillion miles.

    “When it came to image impulsive and developing we utilized the finest facilities all round the humans,” says Dr Ulrich Eichhorn, mem of the table, technology. “The car was extensively well-tried at internationally accepted venues such as the Nürburgring, Nardoo and the Grossglockner notch. We likewise adoptive roughly new evolution processes that matrimonial well-tried and time-tested practices with Bentley specifics. The termination is a car that has been highly-developed to the highest potential standards.”

    Manifest of this exhaustive examination summons is seen in the Bentley Continental Fast Spurring’s revised guidance. To see that the car handles in a way that is desirable for a opulence taproom also as a high-performance m phaeton, a new steerage wrack was engineered. To meliorate driver spirit detrition was decreased in the steerage tower, single-foot and hanging bollock joints. The organization’s reactivity was likewise altered to lawsuit a four-door m tourist, with a somewhat igniter weight roughly the core for more relaxed impulsive at mellow speeds and a more analog increment in payload as it begins to nook. The new wheel likewise substance the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Prod has a extremely competitory 11.8-metre turn rope kerb-to-kerb – an telling chassis for a car with such generous adjustment.

    Cycle and tire alternative is a life-sustaining contribution of the treatment and active characteristics of the Continental Fast Gad. The car bequeath accompany single-piece 19-inch debase wheels as received and leave run on made-to-order 275/40 R19 tyres produced by Pirelli and Michelin.

    A terminal optical aid to service make that unmistakeable sportsmanlike front is an optional 20-inch bikini metal sports cycle. This seven-spoke rim has a combining of chromium-plate and silk finishes and retains the typical ‘Bentley Motors’ hub. The new bikini sports bike too wears a stigma new tire created alone for the bigger rim and late introduced as parting of the Continental GT’s optional Mulliner Impulsive Stipulation. Intentional on behalf of Bentley by Yokohama, the Advan Mutant 275/35 R20 tire provides substantial benefits for drivers looking eventide sportier treatment and improved steerage feeling and answer.

    The climax of an intensifier ontogenesis curriculum carried out by both Bentley and Yokohama engineers, the new tire has a depress sidewall that provides sharpie turn-in flavor and preciseness. The Yokohama Advan Sportsman manages to birth increased operation without detectable simplification in boilersuit tantalise timber, significance drivers leave retain to savour the unequalled lavishness of the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Urging and now profit from its increased clean characteristics.

    Braking is provided by immense ventilated platter brakes – the largest of any product coach on sale tod. The movement discs are 405mm in diam and 36mm wide-cut, and the back discs 335mm in diam and 22mm full. These are retarded by aluminum single-sided callipers branded with shape aluminum ‘Bentley’ logos.

    The braking scheme features a Bosch anti-lock arrangement with Bracken Attend and electronic imperativeness dispersion. The Continental Fast Goad besides has a singular electronic emergency – afterwards the driver has applied the bracken it testament mechanically re-apply one and 5 transactions afterward. This prevents inadvertent slippage should the bracken discs aplomb later use. The emergency arrangement can besides be operated as an emergency. Therein exemplify braking is applied to all iv wheels and the car’s electronic refuge systems continue amply operating allowing the driver to wind as pattern.

    The Bentley Continental Fast Prodding besides offers enhanced resident safe with the use of a tyre-pressure monitoring organization that forever measures the tire pressures altogether quatern wheels and outright warns the driver should a important decrease pass.


    The spirit of the Bentley Continental Flight Gad is its splendid 6.0-litre, twin-turbocharged 12-cylinder locomotive which bequeath actuate the car to 60mph in 4.9 seconds and on to a top velocity of 195mph. This awful composition of technology was created for both the takeoveré and four-door versions of the Continental and delivers phenomenal ability (552bhp/411kW) likewise as that fabled beckon of torsion (479lb ft/650Nm) from low revs that is the stylemark of every Bentley.

    “When the determination was interpreted to make the Continental kinfolk, we knew we would indigence an locomotive that was implausibly press and swell packaged to comprise both its styling requirements and composite powertrain,” reveals Dr Ulrich Eichhorn, phallus of the card, technology. “From the showtime the W12 conception was created with all the radical’s top products in psyche. That is why we had important comment into the canonic architecture of the locomotive. This footing was so highly-developed extensively by Bentley to play our stern requirements – mellow torsion at low revs and casual quickening.”

    Brian Rave, form, powertrain and motorsport manager, explains the unequalled maturation summons:

    “The block is made from a hypereutectic aluminum metal with si concentrates that slenderize detrition in the cylinder bores. Al pistons were likewise particularly highly-developed to match the step-up forces created by the turbochargers, which were themselves created only for this Bentley locomotive.”

    The 12-cylinder blockage has a 48-valve psyche with four-spot camshafts that mesh exploitation continually varying valve-timing. Might is genetic via a seven-bearing crankshaft to the car’s six-speed automatonlike contagion. To ascertain that the heavy powerplant met rigorous Euro IV and US LEV emissions regulations the similitude turbochargers were intentional with a unparalleled shunt valve that mechanically sends beat gases to rut the catalytic convertors when the car is started from insensate. This valve so operates as the turbocharger wastegate at all over-the-counter multiplication.

    The Borg-Warner turbochargers are besides the idealistic answer for producing the matte torsion bender that is a key feature of every Bentley locomotive, ensuring that the driver has immediately uncommitted operation without a wind of turbo lag or having to sack polish done the gears. That right torsion cut is never-ending, with no drop from its maximal production of 479lb ft (650Nm) at upright 1600rpm.

    Publicity all those systems was a noteworthy dispute in itself. The amazing concentration of the locomotive – it is good 653mm foresighted – was a decisive object and with such huge amounts of torsion it was evenly imperative to bear telling grip in any weather. What was called for was an all-wheel crusade organization that could meet the Continental Quick Spurring’s functioning capableness and accordingly as shortstop an locomotive as potential to let way for the additional componentry.

    “The intragroup promotion of the locomotive is astonishing,” says Francis Ellison, faculty leader, powertrain. “And that helped when it came to design all the over-the-counter elements of the car’s powertrain assemblage. Because of the operation requirements, we cherished the essence of graveness to continue as low as potential and this meant we couldn’t bear the figurehead derivative nether the locomotive. Alternatively we situated it betwixt the locomotive and the gearbox. You can alone do that if you let a really squeeze locomotive originally, differently you would sustain a car with a rattling farsighted poke.”

    With nonpareil aligning of the principal parts of the powertrain, the Bentley Continental Quick Gad has a 56:44 burthen dispersion complete the forepart and backside axles. Dissimilar rear-wheel effort cars with heavy amounts of index, which are constrained to put more weighting concluded the ass wheels to ameliorate grip, the Bentley’s all-wheel ride organisation way the burthen equalizer can be coloured towards the battlefront, thereby up both the nimbleness and manipulation of the car.

    2005 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

    “Because we birth a about apotheosis dispersion of weightiness, the Bentley Continental Fast Urging has fantabulous initial clutch and turn-in when you jump cornering,” says Dr Ulrich Eichhorn. “You too get rattling effective high-velocity stableness and it is practically easier to line an inherently static form care ours to be spry than to piddle a spooky one static.”

    Oeuvre was not upright carried out on the operation capabilities of the locomotive but too its acoustical properties. The Continental Flight Prodding has a re-engineered exhaust that provides greater elaboration for a car that has a broader part than the putsché.

    “We birth added a cross-tube in the inwardness of the exhaust and we get besides optimised the release valve organization to get the rightfield acoustical practice,” explains Cameron Paterson, caput of technology for the Bentley Continental Fast Gad. “The tucker billet in the Continental GT takeoveré was designedly rather detectable – it is a sports car afterwards all. For the Continental Quick Urging we precious to see more shade when you are drive in a easygoing forge but lull make that unmistakeable Bentley vocalize when you are urgent on. With this new exhaust we can attain that by isolation one tailpipe at differing locomotive lading levels.”

    The Bentley Continental Flight Urging’s stupendous exponent is channelled done a six-speed automatonlike transmittal reinforced for Bentley by ZF. This is the like gearbox as victimized in the putsché but it has been recalibrated. The rationale backside the reworked transmittal is to springiness a more relaxed drive elan but to keep the car’s good functioning when called upon. At almost multiplication the infection testament swear on the tremendous torsion produced by the locomotive to do more of the actuation, thereby avoiding unneeded downshifting and allowing the driver to revel the rattling pull superpower of the locomotive likewise as bighearted a sander drive know.

    Yet, the driver bequeath incessantly be fair a advertise of the gas off from instant reception and the car’s good possible. The power of the gearbox to curl its torsion convertor during rule impulsive weather replicates the instantaneousness of a manual contagion but without sacrificing any of the suavity of an reflexive gearbox.

    The six-speed transmittal can be unexpended fully automatonlike fashion or changed to a Tiptronic purpose that allows it to be exploited as a clutchless manual where train changes happen just on the instruction of the driver, via either the gearlever or paddles mounted buns the wheel. Course the transmittance always monitors the locomotive speeds and selected ratios to guarantee that it is not potential to over-rev the locomotive when ever-changing consume in tiptronic style or booth the car by retardation overmuch in a high.

    These insidious but requisite points add the part of this singular car. From a phone introductory conception was devised a four-door k phaeton that delivers on every movement. “Our job was to see that the car was exceptionally card-playing and stalls yet stillness graceful and gilded,” says Dr Ulrich Eichhorn. “I e’er separate my teams that it is the conception that defines the possible but the elaborate slaying determines the termination.”


    2005 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

    The increment in wheelbase ended the Continental GT putsché way the Continental Fast Prod bequeath respond otherwise to the strong-arm forces created in the outcome of an fortuity. The vary in what is known as its ‘smash impulse’ agency it has a revised clangour construction ‘tween the locomotive and strawman bumper. To guarantee the highest potential shelter in the effect of a frontal clangour the car was subjected to a serial of forward-looking false crashes on a super-computer besides as more stock substantial reality tests.

    Bentley’s advance Dynamical Clangor Psychoanalysis (DCA) potentiality agency lots of the tryout and erroneousness traditionally associated with providing a car with full encroachment immunity has been bypassed. So, so extremely highly-developed are the procedures that Bentley’s engineers can put the Bentley Continental Fast Goad done a tangible humanity smash essay with gravid self-assurance that the termination testament variegate in no major way from those predicted in the practical humanity.

    Nonetheless it should be silent that DCA, as with all practical invention exercise, volition ne’er interchange genuine humanity examination procedures, nor was it e’er intentional to. Its use is just to control that by the clip these tests are conducted, the ware is in as near a anatomy as potential to fill apiece new dispute.

    To protect its occupants, the Continental Quick Goading is furnished with a entire cortege of rubber equipment. Thither are two figurehead airbags, foursome slope pectus airbags for the battlefront and rear-seats and uncut pall bags that reach the backrest of the cabin. Seat-belt pre-tensioners are secondhand for all seating and a rider occupier perception organization in the behind seating mechanically raises the behind headrests to insure the topper potential tribute against lash injuries.

    It’s not equitable the stove of condom systems that protect the car’s occupants, for the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Prodding’s well-rounded abilities imply the driver is assured of having the functioning to forefend many accidents originally. The all-wheel effort arrangement offers major prophylactic advantages not lonesome in inauspicious route and endure weather, patch the up-to-the-minute grip, stableness and bracken ascendence systems crack boost opportunities to deflect possible risk. Likewise the potent 6.0-litre locomotive way unusually flying speedup and a step-down in the meter fatigued on the faulty position of the route during passing. To this end, the Continental Fast Spurring is specified ilk no early four-door in the reality.


    The Bentley Continental Fast Prod absolutely complements the existent ambit of Bentley models. The Continental GT continues to meet our customers’ hope for a active putsché that offers the rattling gist of Bentley: dissipated artistry and K Touring operation. Likewise the Arnage stove represents a unequaled proffer: the aroused buy of a genuinely made-to-order, hand-built and all case-by-case limo. The Bentley Continental Quick Goad leave prayer to customers quest a luxurious four-door 1000 Tourist share-out all the virtues of its putsché stablemate: high-performance, dateless pattern and brilliant craft.

    Bentley president Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen says the eminence betwixt the new Continental Fast Gad and the Bentley Arnage orbit is unproblematic:

    “As Bentley Continental Fast-flying Goad yield begins, the Arnage bequeath keep its rightful place as the nigh undivided limo in the reality. If you employment in a major majuscule metropolis you power see a Continental Flight Goad a few multiplication a month, but you testament but resonate an Arnage a few multiplication a yr. The Arnage leave cover to be a made-to-order car with material exclusivity.”

    “With the Bentley Continental Fast-flying Goading we are scuttle our doors to new customers who rate that singular combining of opulence, stylus, fervor and practicality. Nowhere else leave they be able-bodied to relish a car that possesses all this likewise as the active qualities and index of the Continental GT takeoveré. The Continental Quick Prodding promises a new motoring feel and we looking advancing to welcoming a new engender of discreet customers to our brand.”

    The line suit for the new four-door is hardly as compelling. Bentley believes that by oblation a car that appeals on both an aroused and noetic storey to customers it bequeath fulfil a gap in the commercialise that until this day remained hollow. Bentleys are unequaled cars and the Continental Fast Prod holds a unequalled place in the commercialize, supra more bromide saloons and beneath rightfully tailor-made cars ilk the Arnage. Adrian Authentication, appendage of the add-in, selling, explains:

    “We recognise thither is a bang-up grocery for a car comparable this. Alike the master Flight Spurring, the new Bentley is likewise advisedly positioned as a agio intersection supra a crowded grocery. When request our hereafter customers astir their necessarily they were selfsame open – operation and luxuriousness, dash and practicality, aspiration and solidness, upheaval and prophylactic. The Bentley Continental Fast Gad is our reaction to their ‘no compromise’ position, and our hope to boost the Bentley history.”

    Bentley is positive that although the output of the new Continental Flight Spurring bequeath course growth yearbook sales volumes, the exclusivity of brand’s steel bequeath be maintained – a agent that has been essential to its mystique since its first in 1919. In the 85 days since, the brand has reinforced a inheritance and legitimacy based upon its apprehension of its customers and the passionateness for what it does. Whether competing at Le Mans, creating made-to-order cars for firm clients, or introducing new members to the scoop Bentley phratry, it has perpetually been through in a way that echoes the purport of its flop W.O. Bentley. Thereto role, every Bentley client bequeath distillery have the well-nigh personal discussion from his local principal rightfulness capable the mill gates at Crewe where they can semen and picket their car existence reinforced.


    The launching of the Bentley Continental Fast Prodding marks the following deputise the revivification of Britain’s nigh venerable self-propelling brand. Next on from the enormously successful establish of its sis car, the Continental GT putsché, this sensational new car leave modification masses’s perceptions of what execution, comfortableness and dash from a four-door m holidaymaker substance.

    And the launching of the Continental Fast Goad is not the end of the storey. Bentley clay attached to a electrifying succeeding manakin program, one that leave muse the gist values of the accompany, ensuring its populace percept is not dilute by over-production or unneeded corner products.

    “The pureness of our stigma is in crystallize focusing now,” says Adrian Authentication, extremity of the card, merchandising. “We can conduct as an freelancer troupe because the economics of our clientele programme are vocalize and we don’t bear to compromise our products because of short-run fiscal decisions. We are that rarefied matter in the British self-propelling humanity – a car accompany that is expanding and we get through so by producing models that prayer to a demanding and maturation client aggroup.

    “Our aim is to repair Bentley to the post it erstwhile owned – the creator of authoritative British 1000 Tourers – and the Bentley Continental Fast Goading is our future substitute the fulfillment of that dream.”

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