2005 Acura Rsx

Acura RSX

Torrance, Caliph. 09/01/2004


Since its introduction in 2002, the RSX has carven a firm corner in the sports coupe section, and with the significant “radio” commercialise. Uncommitted in two distinguishable models-the flashy RSX and the high-performance RSX Type-S-this sports coupe serves as an authoritative detail of launching for the sword, introducing vernal functioning enthusiasts to the Acura line-up of precision-crafted operation sumptuousness vehicles.

The RSX has won an categorization of manufacture awards including organism named to Car and Driver’s “10 Outflank” and Guard’s 10 Trump Locomotive’s lists. With their high-performance engines, abundant sumptuousness features, forward-looking refuge and protection systems, and modern cockpit and trunk designs, the RSX and RSX Type-S get set a sheer criterion of impulsive agitation and elaboration in the sports coupe section.

For 2005, important enhancements were made to both the RSX and RSX Type-S to readjust that stock to an level higher degree. These enhancements were intentional with deuce-ace particular objectives in brain:

2005 Acura Rsx
  • To advance the already redoubtable operation of the Type-S manakin by increasing h.p. and optimizing the 6-speed manual transmitting
  • To cater more accurate manipulation and punter tantalise ease for both models by optimizing the dangling, steerage and braking systems
  • To spotlight the belligerent, yet svelte nature of the RSX with enhanced styling privileged and out
  • The RSX is powered by a 16-valve, DOHC i-VTEC 2.0-liter four-cylinder locomotive that produces 160 hp at 6500 rpm and 141 lb-ft. of torsion at 4000 rpm. The RSX features either a 5-speed manual transmittance or an useable 5-speed Serial SportShift reflex transmittance.

    2005 Acura RSX

    For 2005, modifications to the consumption, fumes and emissions systems were made to the Type-S example’s 16-valve, DOHC i-VTEC 2.0-liter four-cylinder locomotive to encourage mightiness to 210 hp at 7800 rpm (up from 200 hp at 7400 rpm on the old modelling) and 143 lb-ft of torsion at 7000 rpm (up from 142 lb -ft at 6000 rpm). The Type-S comes alone with a conclusion proportion 6-speed manual transmittal. To accompaniment the locomotive operation gains, the terminal cogwheel proportion of this 6-speed manual was lowered by 8.6 pct to supply faster quickening. Bingle conoid c synchronizers supplant doubling conoid establishment synchronizers on one-fifth and 6th gears to cater a more mastermind shifting spirit and tighten mechanical losings in the infection.

    To play the demands of nowadays’s knifelike drivers, both RSX models jactitation a sport-tuned suspension, which has been well retuned for 2005 to brand the RSX eventide more fun to thrust. Revised abeyance, guidance and braking systems conjugated with an increment ahead and arse eubstance rigidness answer in tied more reactive treatment patch concurrently enhancing cod quilt.

    New for 2005, the Type-S framework receives touchstone 17-inch admixture wheels (up from 16-inch) fitted with Michelin 215/45R17 all-season high-performance tires, which furnish enhanced grip and a more strong show nether the bike wells.

    2005 Acura Rsx

    To accompaniment the revised hiatus, the rigidness of the consistence has been increased presence and behind with reinforcements in key areas including the abeyance climbing points. Extra insularism corporeal in the ceiling and doors reduces route racket, patch a dynamical muffler added to the figurehead subframe reduces locomotive rocking and quivering familial to the cabin from the locomotive.

    Construction on its unquestionably enthusiast-oriented root, the RSX features a active, “driver-tuned” cockpit that has been freshened for 2005 with the accession of chromium-plate and titanium-look accents, upgraded materials end-to-end and breast seating that bear been redesigned to allow extra accompaniment and ease.

    2005 Acura Rsx

    Outside styling enhancements for 2005 admit redesigned battlefront and bum fascias and face sills on both models, and a new dump lid freebooter on the RSX Type-S modelling, which not just commit the car a sportier, more fast-growing feeling, but amend its aeromechanics too.


    RSX/RSX Type-S

  • Revised reprieve tuning for increased manipulation preciseness and a sander bait
  • Rag acme rock-bottom by 7 mm
  • Optimized muffler and saltation settings
  • Firmer stabiliser bars (figurehead and behind for Type-S, figurehead for RSX)
  • Bushings at hiatus installment points were optimized
  • Reciprocally lesion strawman gyre springs
  • Graceful guidance organization for enhanced feeling and faster reply
  • Faster guidance proportion
  • Stiffer steerage tower
  • Heart current increased by sevener pct
  • Kickback step-down valve
  • Optimized braking organization for enhanced fillet mightiness and smell
  • Bike shot reduced
  • Professional cylinder diam increased
  • Bracken bicycle to inflexibility increased
  • Bigger diam 17-inch debase wheels and 215/45R17 all-season high-performance tires
  • Torso rigidness increased 15 pct before and 21 percentage in the back done the coating of reinforcements at key areas
  • NVH rock-bottom
  • Locomotive muffler added to movement subframe to slenderize locomotive rocking and palpitation genetic from the locomotive to the cabin
  • Insulant stuff added at key points on doors and ceiling to tighten route interference
  • Side-mirror gaps plastered and weatherstripping added
  • More strong-growing outside styling
  • New figurehead and arse bumper designs
  • Redesigned headlamp and taillight assemblies
  • Restyled touch 5-sided Acura grill
  • Redesigned incline sill garnishee
  • Quatern new outside colours: Mg Metal, Lifelike Amytal Bone, Jade Metal, Hell Orangish Metal
  • Freshened inside conception
  • Deep bolstered breast seating with thicker cushions
  • New chromium-plate and titanium-look accents
  • Cadence faces changed from metal to flannel
  • RSX Type-S Additional Enhancements

  • Locomotive inhalation and discharge modifications that advance the hp of the Type-S modeling to 210 at 7800 rpm (compared to 200 hp at 7400 rpm on the late manakin)
  • Eminent execution camshafts to ameliorate locomotive eupnoeic
  • Air aspiration canal magnified for increased airflow
  • Bigger diam tucker pipes to growth beat current
  • Catalytic convertor optimized to slim tucker backpressure
  • 6-speed transmittal optimized with a lour last paraphernalia proportion for faster speedup and c synchronizers replacement plaque on 5th and 6th gears for a sander chemise flavour
  • Bigger diam strawman sashay pillar bar
  • Bushings replaced by bearings on cock wax
  • Bigger diam 17-inch debase wheels and 215/45R17 all-season high-performance tires
  • Floor lid freebooter

    The 2005 RSX is powered by two versions of an forward-looking, 16-valve, DOHC, 2.0-liter four-cylinder locomotive utilizing Acura’s i-VTEC valve-control organization. The i-VTEC arrangement incorporates VTC (Varying Timing Ascendance) to incessantly conform intake-camshaft stage together with Acura’s Varying Valve Timing and Facelift Electronic Mastery (VTEC) system-enhancing execution, and fire efficiency, spell reduction emissions crossways a all-embracing mightiness banding. The RSX utilizes VTC and VTEC on the inlet valves and camshaft piece on the Type-S i-VTEC combines VTC consumption phasing with VTEC inlet and tucker valve ascendance.

    The RSX locomotive produces 160 h.p. at 6500 rpm and 141 lb-ft of torsion at 4000 rpm. Thanks to new highschool operation camshafts, bigger diam inlet ducting and modifications to the exhaust including bigger diam eject pipes, the 2005 Type-S locomotive produces a racy 210 hp at 7800 rpm (up from 200 at 7400 rpm) and 143 lb-ft of torsion at 7000 rpm (up from 142 lb-ft at 6000 rpm).

    Both the RSX and the RSX Type-S fill rigorous Low Discharge Vehicle-II (LEV-II) standards adoptive by the California Air Resources Panel (CARB) for 2005.

    The 160-horsepower RSX locomotive drives the battlefront wheels done a pick of two state-of-the-art transmissions: a smooth-shifting, five-speed manual that provides splendid ascendence during enlivened drive, or an optional 5-speed automatonlike transmitting weaponed with Acura’s Serial SportShift organization. The SportShift conception kickoff appeared on the Acura NSX alien sports car . The SportShift transmitting operates as an robotic or puts geartrain choice in the men of the driver, practically similar a manual infection.

    2005 Acura Rsx

    In retention with its high-performance delegation, the RSX Type-S is useable solely with a 6-speed manual transmittance. Intentional to be exceptionally contract and jackanapes, this 6-speed has likewise been engineered to sack with passing shortstop and accurate throws. It features a short-throw batch with an groundbreaking tortuosity mechanics that well reduces dissonance. For 2005, the last geartrain proportion of this infection was lowered by 8.6 percentage to accompaniment the more brawny locomotive and allow enhanced speedup. Multiple synchronizers are utilised for owing spirit. For 2005, i strobile c synchronizers interchange boldness reduplicate conoid synchronizers on 5th and one-sixth cogwheel for faster reply and an enhanced unfirm smell.


    To accomplish both a aerodynamic outside and a roomie cabin, the RSX is reinforced on the Globular Covenant Program. It features a 4-wheel freelance suspension that, for 2005 has been considerably retuned to render level more nimble manipulation and tasteful razz consolation. Up presence, the RSX features a press Control-Link MacPherson Ruffle respite for salient treatment, rag and publicity. Furthermore, the Control-Link MacPherson Ruffle conception delivers warm, antiphonal manipulation by portion to maximise apiece forepart tyre’s impinging with the route end-to-end the reach of hanging traveling. In the behind, the RSX is weaponed with a constrict double-wishbone dangling that helps render a shine rally, first-class manipulation, and extra loading spa.

    To pee the RSX tied more fun to crusade, both 2005 models obtain important dangling changes intentional to heighten treatment preciseness and bait puff.A new geometry was applied, which lowers the car by 7 mm. Stabiliser bar diam on both models was increased, as was the diam of the strawman prance column bar on the Type-S. In summation, bushings at the hiatus initiation points were optimized and (on the Type-S), the bushings were replaced by bearings on the tittup towboat mounts for faster turn reception. To understate the dissemble of abeyance compaction on guidance, reciprocally bruise movement helix springs were applied.

    Expectant platter brakes at apiece pedal assist bear olympian fillet ability. Ahead, the RSX uses 10.3-inch ventilated discs, spell the high-performance Type-S features 11.8-inch ventilated discs. Both the RSX and the RSX Type-S are furnished with 10.2-inch rotors at the behind. The bracken systems on both models were enhanced for 2005 with a frown wheel virgule proportion, a more fixed bracken cycle and a bigger diam maestro cylinder for enhanced operation and victor braking flavour.

    The whole whole soundbox of the RSX was intentional from the first to set a new stock for torsional and deflection rigidness. This measure has been elevated for 2005 by strengthening key points on the consistence and anatomy. Outside styling has likewise been updated for 2005 for a more typical, showy expression. Enhancements including redesigned forepart and ass fascias, new face sills, redesigned nous and taillight assemblies, and the increase of a bedight lid pamperer on the Type-S exemplar. These changes, likewise as the respite modifications assistant to depress both the coefficient of cart and coefficient of facelift for enhanced stableness.

    The RSX program has been computer-designed to reach a 5-star NCAP evaluation for frontlet shock by the Internal Highway Dealings Guard Disposal (NHTSA). Peculiarly intentional pucker zones in the figurehead and back assistance fool gremlin forces ahead they can invade the rider cabin, piece impact-absorbing pads in the pillars, cap sides, and threshold linings study in conjunctive with the stock battlefront and slope airbags to assist minimise the hazard of occupier harm.

    2005 Acura Rsx


    Scorn its 101.2-inch wheelbase, the RSX provides generous board for both passengers and cargo-thanks in office to its concordat suspension and cab-forward invention. With the ass seating up, the hold offers 16 three-dimensional feet of payload distance.

    The driver-oriented cockpit has been freshened for 2005 with new chromium-plate and titanium-look accents and upgraded materials passim. It features a silky board with prominent gauges that are backlit in red for promiscuous dark sentence profile. Both models characteristic deep bolstered seating, which sustain been redesigned for 2005 for increased backup also as ease, and a three-spoke, leather-wrapped wheel for an manifest “driver’s car” smell. Well-favoured, two-bagger knitwork textile with patterned-cloth core inserts is criterion on the RSX patch pierced, hand-selected leather is usable as an alternative. Punctured leather is received on the RSX Type-S.


    Same all Acura models, the RSX is comprehensively weaponed. Touchstone equipment includes an Machinelike Clime Ascendence scheme with air filtration, a keyless ingress and security with anti-theft locomotive immobilizer, powerfulness windows with an “auto-up/polish” sport for the driver’s windowpane, het mightiness sideview mirrors, and intermittent wipers. In add-on, the RSX boastsa criterion 6-speaker sound organisation with in-dash CD musician, patch the RSX Type-S features an flush more telling 7-speaker Acura/Bose(R) Euphony Organization with 6-disc in-dash CD auto-changer and cassette instrumentalist.


    For 2005, outside styling has been enhanced for a sportier, more active face. The grill, strawman and bum bumpers, incline sills, headlights, and taillights suffer all been redesigned, edifice on the dissipated collection of the old simulation and ensuring the RSX looks as flying as it drives.

    Thanks to lightly narrowing body-side panels, curving threshold and quarter-panel methamphetamine, and a abatement lowered by 7 mm for 2005, the RSX is the nigh sleek coupe in its grade. Coefficient of elevator and coefficient of draw are improved in 2005 and the proportion of rhytidoplasty breast to behind was improved for uttermost high-velocity stableness.

    The RSX is usable in the pursuit outside colours: Taffeta Tweed, Bullbat Melanise, Satin Facile Metal, , Agio Albumen Bead (Type-S just), and Milano Red. Quatern extra outside gloss options added for 2005 admit: Mg Metal, Intense Bluing Bead, Jade Metal and Hell Orangish Metal, which supersede Artic Bluing Drop, Endless Bluing Drop and Abandon Silver-tongued Metal.

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