2004 Volkswagen Golf Gti 5 Door

Volkswagen Golf GTI 5-door

28 geezerhood ago, in June 1976, Volkswagen launched the Golf GTI, a car that would turn a fable and shew a new category of car: the hot concoct.

The original Volkswagen Golf GTI was plotted as a express serial of 5,000 cars. Since so – and quadruplet generations of GTI subsequently – more 1.5 gazillion get been sold oecumenical. GTI has go more of a brand in its own correct than a modelling of Golf, and terminated 97.9 per penny of mass in the UK acknowledge the GTI blade.

The fifth generation of VW Golf GTI has now been launched. Retailers let been pickings forward-looking orders for the car since fall 2004, and involvement in the hot crosshatch could not be higher. Betimes media response to the car has been extremely plus, with the car fetching nearly every radical comparability in which it has been tried.

This up-to-the-minute personification of the GTI is a straight sports car, and intrinsically, it recaptures the feel of the 1970s picture. Thanks to a 2.0-litre 200 PS locomotive, impulsive kinetics which are aimed foursquare at the partisan, and a figure to set the heartbeat racing, customers can feel onward to a authentically rewarding – and fun – car.

Volkswagen’s header of excogitation, Murat Günak, sums it up when he says: ‘This Golf GTI comes total rope – it unites the origins and futurity of an clever thought.’

2004 Volkswagen Golf Gti 5 Door

Nowhere in the mankind is the GTI more significant than the UK. As the car’s largest marketplace, GTI is prognosis to story for round ten per centime of summate UK Golf sales.

2004 Volkswagen Golf GTI 5-door


The GTI is based on the stock Golf, substance its figure and dimensions are really standardized. Still its new nozzle pattern and lowered dangling think thither are pocket-sized differences: altitude has been rock-bottom by 19 mm and distance increased by 12 mm.

With the criterion Golf, one of the headman targets for the designers was a strong advance in personify inflexibility. Thanks to the all-inclusive use of advance structure techniques such as laser crease welding, this was achieved: stable torsional rigidness improved by 80 per penny, establishing the Golf as new grade leader.

Improved prophylactic and treatment kinetics are among the benefits to the driver and passengers. Stochasticity levels are rock-bottom done the torso inflexibility, and splendid locomotive and gearbox nicety leash to exceptionally placid and repose advance for this eccentric of car.

Care to particular is unmistakable end-to-end the fomite, with many styling details and pattern ideas passed on to the Golf from Volkswagen’s luxuriousness form models. Among these is boot lid firing mechanics, which is integrated into the Volkswagen badge.

The new ‘faculty’ doors are too an initiation, aimed at drastically reduction doorway peel hangout costs. No yearner mustiness the intact doorway be replaced in the case that it is discredited in an fortuity, rather the outer empanel can easy be unaffectionate. This is achieved by the use of supporting ‘intercrossed bars’ which help as the threshold intimate impanel. The outer tegument board is merely bolted into position.

The interior

Though interchangeable to the criterion Golf’s inner, thither are many features that differentiate the GTI from the repose of the compass, handsome it a peculiar opinion of sportiness to lawsuit its operation and role.

Sports seats

The GTI seating whirl uttermost ease with the outdo potential position supporting and sporting looks. The highschool seatbacks with incorporate, but adjustable (and dynamic) caput restraints emphasise the look of clean functionality. The breast seating besides bear lumbar reenforcement allowance as banner.

The new ‘Interlagos’ fabric upholstery has a checked innovation, which harks rear to the commencement GTI buns propagation. Wide leather upholstery is likewise usable as an selection. The GTI logotype sewn into the movement mind restraints besides shows the aid to contingent.

Steering wheel

Upright alike the commencement Volkswagen Golf GTI, this modish coevals likewise has a three-spoke wheel. Now, notwithstanding, it is leather, with a punctured leather incision on the left- and right clutches areas. The behind of the wheel has been straightened slimly, qualification it a lilliputian more covenant than the received Golf rack and wrought to tolerate a clench that leave dedicate beneficial ascendence. The GTI logotype features on the fleecy al upright rundle of the wheel. As on all Golfs, the steerage editorial is adjustable for slant and reaching.

Gearknob and instruments

Aluminum metal is employed for the new GTI gearknob, the trimming inserts on the fascia, inwardness solace, threshold panels, bicycle clump and cat’s-paw dials. The instruments themselves bear been freshly intentional and are scoop to the GTI: the tach, e.g., goes capable 8,000 rpm and the speedometer has besides been apt a greater velocity ambit.

Climate control

The Volkswagen Golf GTI features 2Zone electronic mood ascendence air conditioning. As a amply robotic two-zone twist, the driver and front-seat rider are able-bodied to adapt their own climates singly and severally, with capable iv degrees Celsius dispute betwixt apiece partition.

Temperatures inside the two zones are well-kept to an truth of one-half a level, with no registration commonly necessity any the external weather. The Climatronic’s healthy restraint organization fifty-fifty takes into report the sum of sunshine insight into the cabin, and makes fork calculations to pay for it on both the driver and rider sides.

As an illustration of farther aid to item, the organization switches mechanically to recirculating-air style when reversing and when the windshield washer sprays are ill-used; the impertinent air provision is momently cut to foreclose odours – of expel and windshield lavation – from entry.


Volkswagen enjoys a difficult won repute for calibre and knows that it mustiness pee-pee an tied greater consignment in conception, materials, growth, timber controller and many early areas if it is to continue its trail. By scheming the Golf to micturate use of roughly major and kid components including cracked, bolts, washers and trimmings put-upon in over-the-counter Radical products, Volkswagen is able-bodied to leverage superiority components and materials in mass. By economy costs in these areas, Volkswagen has more resourcefulness to expend on calibre items particular to the Golf that differentiate it from former models.


The Volkswagen Golf GTI features a 2.0-litre four-cylinder FSI gasoline locomotive boosted by a turbocharger and intercooler. The locomotive is mounted at the forepart transversally and drives done a six-speed manual or DSG reflexive gearbox (see succeeding department for details).

The GTI’s powerplant, which is based on the 150 PS whole presently ill-used in the Golf GT FSI, delivers a utmost might outturn of 200 PS at 5,100 rpm. The 2.0-litre T-FSI in the Volkswagen Golf GTI has a mellow compaction proportion of 11.5:1. Its liberal torsion stria, 207 lbs ft (280 Nm) from 1,800 redress capable 5,000 rpm, makes it an nonsuch locomotive for a sports car.

This is the beginning clip an FSI locomotive with a turbocharger has been exploited in a Volkswagen make intersection. Basically, combine the two agency fantabulous reaction, no lead of turbo lag, large driveability and heights fire efficiency.

Volkswagen is attached to FSI engineering for its gas engines, with more powerplants progressively appearance crossways the modeling ranges.

Fire is injected solitary in the plunger’s compaction stage, sooner than during elicitation as is the average, and is set in the tightly controlled swarm of inspiration air moving towards the plug. Many of the principles victimised in FSI were elysian by the forward-looking engineering featured in Volkswagen’s TDI engines.

By injecting fire direct into the cylinder – as already seen in Volkswagen’s TDI diesel engines – burning efficiency is improved and, as a termination, so is fire thriftiness.

The chief aim during the maturation of the GTI’s locomotive was increasing execution substantially to encounter GTI kernel values, piece retention fire uptake and emissions kill. Thanks to the FSI engineering positive turbocharger, Uninterrupted Recess Camshaft Accommodation, Fictile Varying Consumption Multiplex likewise as otc interior locomotive features, a eminent stage of efficiency could be achieved. Combined fire uptake of 35.3 mpg (manual) is demonstrate that this engineering plant, spell, comparable all Golf engines, the 2.0-litre T-FSI meets EU4 emissions lawmaking.

Six-speed manual

The VW Golf GTI is offered with a touchstone six-speed manual gearbox featuring a mg chooser trapping and cablegram process with rattling short-circuit prize movements. This is fundamentally the like infection secondhand in the Golf GT FSI, though appurtenance ratios suffer been optimised to lawsuit the GTI’s sportsmanlike fibre. Three-cone synchromesh for the glower gears ensures a pleasant chemise fulfill, piece reduced-friction bearings gain the efficiency of the whole and cut fire phthisis.

DSG – Direct Shift Gearbox

Optionally usable with the Volkswagen Golf GTI is a six-speed Engineer Shifting Gearbox. Usable presently in the Golf and Touran in combining with TDI engines, and offered hither first with a gasoline whole, DSG combines the comfortableness of an reflex gearbox with the lightness and thriftiness of a manual whole.

The transversally mounted DSG has two wet clasp (oblation a higher caloric cargo permissiveness than dry clench) with hydraulic insistence regularisation. One hold controls the ‘odd’ gears asset blow, patch the former operates the ‘evening’ gears. Fundamentally it is two gearboxes in one.

With this new clasp direction organization, the breaks in mightiness that are distinctive of eve an automatic-shift manual gearbox no thirster hap. This is achieved by an sound hydraulic and electronic (mechatronic) gearbox ascendancy organization, the two wet-type grasp and the two stimulation and turnout shafts in apiece one-half of the gearbox.

This combining enables the next-higher gearing proportion to continue intermeshed but on understudy until it is really selected. In over-the-counter run-in, if the car is beingness impelled in third, quaternary is selected but not yet excited. As shortly as the paragon shimmy head is reached, the clutches on the third-gear face opens, the otc clench closes and 4th gearing engages nether precise electronic superintendence.

Since the scuttle and closedown actions of the two clutch convergence, a polish gearstick results and the full switch appendage is accomplished in less than four-hundredths of a secondment. In add-on to its amply reflex shimmy manner, DSG has a Tiptronic part to tolerate manual pitch option.


All Golfs, including the GTI, are set to run on varying service multiplication. The on-board figurer informs the driver when the fomite inevitably a avail or, e.g., an oil variety. Kinda than having rigid serving intervals driven by milage, a reach of locomotive sensors electronically monitors the fomite’s oil temperature, oil insistence, oil layer and bracken pad wearable to demonstrate when a serving is needful. A splashboard exhibit informs the driver when a avail is due. Instead, customers can opt for a 10,000 mi or annual Drawn-out serve agenda.

With the varying arrangement, it can be potential to ride for capable 19,000 miles or 24 months on gasolene models without a major help. Customers can take betwixt Lengthy or Varying Service at PDI (pre-delivery review) and though it is potential to alter from one to another during the fomite’s liveliness, it can alone be through when a entire review serve is due.

Running gear

A new era for Volkswagen respite figure was ushered in with the arriver of the Touran; the Golf was the s modelling in the ambit to profit from the exploitation of a whole new four-link behind suspension.

Rag and manipulation were markedly improved concluded the criterion Golf’s forerunner, with concomitant dynamic prophylactic benefits, and the new behind axle conformation likewise enabled an blown-up through-load breadth in the trunk.

The banner Golf’s strawman swagger and behind multi-link build bear been made eventide more active for the GTI, to warrant the layer of quick treatment needful for this car. The reprieve has been lowered by 15 mm, spell harder springs and dampers deliver been elect for both axles. The harshness of the back anti-roll bars has been increased by 20 per centime, from 25 to 30 N/mm.

Electro-mechanical power steering

Electro-mechanical index steerage is another have introduced with the Golf (outset seen in Touran) and intentional to raise the drive receive. Different roughly electro-mechanical steerage systems, it is capable to diverge the flavour of the wheel to courtship the fastness and drive billet: house and aim when drive gruelling, casual at parking speeds.

Former advantages of the scheme admit its modest self-centring activeness, its power to correct for unlike impulsive hazards, wish crosswinds and infuse route cambers, and a good gist on fire saving.

The guidance organisation, care the reprieve, has been reprogrammed to wooing the GTI and produces higher guidance forces, bounteous the driver a more organize smell and more feedback done the wheel.

The VW Golf GTI’s new build and steerage configurations devote the car its telling legerity and survive truly fun and rewarding to effort. Notwithstanding, the clean set-up does not arrive at the disbursal of long-distance consolation. Piece the dangling is intentional to be tauten, it is stillness able-bodied to steep bumps with simpleness.

TI handling

The VW Golf GTI has been intentional to be highly nimble, but distillery promiscuous to ascendance. Tied without the treatment of ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program), the GTI leave continue rails if the driver, e.g., approaches a recess too loyal, push out somewhat at the battlefront without overmuch understeer. On the early give, if the driver short eases off in a crease, the stern leave not sweep; the driver bequeath only know about soft oversteer, which volition decelerate the car and reserve appease guidance done the choke.

Braking system

Ilk all Golfs, the GTI features a advanced braking organisation, with touchstone ABS and ESP (Electronic Stabilization Plan). Nevertheless, alike almost aspects of the functional appurtenance, the brakes suffer besides been altered for the GTI. A 16″ (as opposed to 10″) servosystem has been employed, piece the bracken discs get besides increased in sizing to 312 mm at the figurehead and 286 mm at the behind. All discs are ventilated and are covered by classifiable red bracken calipers.

Electronic Stabilisation Programme – ESP

ESP is a advanced arrangement that mechanically senses any disposition for the car to glide. Should this post happen, ESP reacts by applying the brakes to one, two, ternary or all quatern wheels and adjusts the locomotive’s ability. Therein way, it is potential that a slue is corrected level earlier the driver is mindful that one has started.

This can be utilitarian if a trend to understeer or oversteer develops in a bending. In such portion ESP can assistance foreclose the car skidding or spinning off the route and is peculiarly helpful in wet or icy weather.

The new-generation ESP arrangement highly-developed for the Golf has a compass of features intentional to get a orchestrate and cocksure gist on dynamic refuge, including:

  • ABS – Anti-lock Braking Organisation
  • AEM – Adaptative Fight Modeling – The car is endlessly monitored, evening when travel in a stalls way, so that the arrangement can takings immobile restorative activity if imbalance occurs
  • TCS – Grip Ascendence Scheme
  • EBD – Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion
  • EDL – Electronic Derivative Curl
  • ESBS – Extensive Constancy Brakes
  • HBA – Hydraulic Bracken Serve
  • The GTI’s ESP set-up has too been altered so it does not dilute driver delectation by intervening too other and intensively, or too belatedly and mistily.

    Hydraulic Brake Assist – HBA

    Running in coincidence with the former elements of the braking scheme, this modish mannikin of HBA recognises from the speeding at which the bracken bike is blue whether it is a ‘pattern’ braking position or an pinch closure. In the case of an exigency closure, HBA mechanically increases braking force, activation ABS and ensuring the stratum of braking meets the inevitably of the weather. The covering of bracken attend makes it potential flush for amateurish drivers to slenderize braking distances by about 25 per penny.

    2004 Volkswagen Golf Gti 5 Door


    The gamy levels of consistency rigidness brought roughly by the advance twist techniques employed in the Golf pass safety, thanks to the potency constitutional in the consistence. Key to this is the engagement of laser crease welding; thither is a sum duration of 70 metres of laser-welded seamwork in the Golf, compared with cinque metres in the old genesis Golf (which itself was famous for potency and rigidness).

    Offset collision

    In the upshot of a high-velocity runner fortuity, an exceedingly solid bumper cross-member ensures that vim is expeditiously enwrapped eventide unofficially of the car furthermost from the shock. The position members get been altered to fulfill this essential by way of ‘Made-to-order Lacuna’ engineering: a maximal measure of push is engrossed in the strawman division of the car and solitary so does the backside face mem division heave, therefore reduction footwell trespass.

    Foster tribute of the footwell is achieved by the use of a cross-member to circulate longitudinal forces to the sill, the underfloor side-member and a stiffened transmitting burrow. COF, or Crash-Optimised Understructure controls, abjure forward in a smash to tighten the jeopardy of base trauma.

    Side impact

    The former Golf’s already gamy levels of rider aegis against face impacts were enhanced in the flow modeling thanks to the greater use of high-strength torso panels and a three-layer B-pillar construction. Hob dozens are ranch more uniformly as a outcome, preventing localized overloading. High-strength face reinforcements are employed in the doors.

    Rear-end collision

    Rubber banner requirements due to cum into force-out in 2005 were interpreted into thoughtfulness in the conception of the Golf’s backside auspices systems. These new regulations involve that, when the arse hits a deformable roadblock at 50 mph, the fire cooler arrangement moldiness get no leaks. Therefore the cooler makeweight cervix and associated pipe is placed forward of the backside roll, international the cockle district.

    A high-strength bumper cross-member ensures that hob gobs are distributed as equally as potential to both sides of the car.

    For alive rubber measures, delight see Braking incision.

    Passenger safety

    The Golf diagnose has invariably been synonymous with guard, and the swell organism of all occupants is preponderant. Contempt the GTI organism intentional for fun and oomph, rubber has in no way been compromised. All models characteristic:

  • mate presence airbags
  • rider airbag which can be deactivated victimisation the firing key so a rear-facing nipper behind can be safely installed in the breast
  • driver and presence rider english airbags
  • pall airbag organization for figurehead and behind passengers
  • crash-active battlefront mind restraints to protect against whiplash
  • trey arse brain restraints and ternary backside three-point backside belts
  • Isofix fry bottom cooking for the two outer bum seating
  • Seat belt system

    In the case of an fortuity, a fundamental ascendance whole electrically triggers the Golf’s bash tensioners. Smash tensioning ensures the topper operation, with vigour existence wrapped o’er a yearner period with more temper retardation values. Both forepart and arse seatbelt systems are fitted with power limiters which preclude undue insistency existence applied to the dresser in the upshot of an fortuity; spell newly-designed inertia-reel bum belts control splendid rider consolation.

    Front airbags

    The battlefront constraint arrangement of the Golf consists of a driver’s airbag with a intensity of 60 litres and a strawman rider’s airbag of 120 litres. A advance boast is the guidance tower, which has a extremely engineered clinch for longitudinal and upright fitting. This clinch helps forbid the wheel from moving upwardly in the consequence of a clank. The undersurface of the direction tower is likewise covered with an endoergic clipping to dilute stifle and thigh forces, spell a strict footwell with forward-retracting bracken and batch pedals concentrate oodles on the feet.

    Side airbags

    The face airbags on the Golf are structured in the breast backside backrests. They protect the breast, belly and hip and causa the car’s stiff slope construction, piece an groundbreaking detector conception agency evening quicker triggering multiplication. Integration the incline airbags in the backrests ensures optimal aligning of the driver and breast rider with prize to the airbags.

    Curtain airbag system

    The Golf has particularly gravid mantle airbags, which back the face windowpane areas from the A- to the C-pillar and from the headlining pile to o’er the doorstep. The outcome of this lineament is that uttermost security is afforded to all outer buns positions disregarding of rider trunk sizing. The fact that these airbags concealment such a great region prevents the header from swing out, extremities from existence thrown out and objects from keen the inside eve in the case of the car wheeling o’er.

    Child seat

    An Isofix shaver ass has been highly-developed for really pocket-size passengers in the Golf, with a objective cohort ‘tween 8 months and four-spot days (or 9 to 18 kgs). It fits into the Isofix fixtures, which are received in the two outer back seating. This typewrite of repair ensures that the buns is secured in position to optimal force.

    Euro NCAP test results

    The Golf scored a uttermost of five-spot stars for occupier security in the forepart and incline gremlin tests, foursome stars for fry tribute also as 3 stars for the security of pedestrians in the Euro NCAP (European New Car Judgment Syllabus) tests. These lashings arrive one of the safest cars on the route. In fact, no former coach well-tried by Euro NCAP achieved this compounding of full results for the requirements in these deuce-ace fields now.

    These gobs too utilise to the GTI example, bountiful drivers and passengers the self-assurance that they are drive one of the virtually fun, yet safest cars on the route.

    Factory fit options

    A numeral of factory- and retailer-fit options are usable on the Volkswagen Golf GTI, allowing buyers encourage to customize their vehicles. These admit leather upholstery, 18″ ‘Monza II’ metal wheels, orbiter sailing, a wintertime ring (comprising het strawman seating and windshield washer jets), electrical sunshine-roof, gas-discharge (Xe) headlights and behind parking sensors.

    Gas-discharge headlights (Xenon)

    Ultra-efficient gas-discharge (Xe) headlights supply a good focussed, cool-white spark about two and a one-half multiplication more knock-down than measure lights. This selection includes a self-levelling mechanics and hard-hitting headlamp laundry.

    Parking sensors

    Too usable is a parking length command scheme, which simplifies cockeyed parking manoeuvres. The arrangement uses 4 supersonic sensors, incorporated in the back bumper to speck parked vehicles, or former objects ass the car. Mechanically excited when reverse is selected, the organization produces an hearable alert to draw the driver capable a condom length to any objects bum. Not but does this assist to forfend park knocks, it could besides forestall accidents, e.g., if a kid runs out who may not birth been seen.

    Multi-function steering wheel with cruise control and paddle shift

    Useable real concisely subsequently found as an choice is a multi-function wheel. This features steerage wheel-mounted controls for the CD/wireless instrumentalist, so that drivers are able-bodied to neuter the mass, racecourse, place etcetera, without removing their manpower from the rack. For a slim bounty, this is likewise usable with sail ascendancy, which is operated via the indicant stalking. On GTI DSG models, one multi-function wheel choice exists, which includes not but the CD/wireless controls and sail mastery, but too toddle switch levers for tied greater mastery of the DSG transmitting.

    Satellite navigation system

    The Volkswagen Golf GTI is offered with the selection of a factory-fit orbiter piloting organization. The 6½” coloring LCD cover, which is mounted in the inwardness cabinet, is supplemented with a simplified presentation in the board and verbal instructions.

    The driver or rider can use the blind to nail where the car is on a moving map exhibit. A snarl-up dodging readiness volition be capable to compute option routes and the tuner can memorize the modish dealings info bulletin flush when switched off.

    Ass ABS bicycle sensors are victimized to shape the length the car has covered and to offer entropy when the car is turn. Encourage scheme components admit a solidness charismatic orbit hidden nether the ceiling and a three-party cap airy for radiocommunication and GPS (Ball-shaped Emplacement Scheme). The antenna receives signals from the satellites in area roughly the ground from which the organization is able-bodied to cipher the place of the car on the aerofoil of the ground.

    A digitised guideline, stored on CD-ROM in the car, is accessed. This contains route details and over-the-counter entropy such as the locations of airports and stations.

    It is efficaciously a digital street program of Expectant Britain. The craved terminus is selected exploitation the buttons on the core cabinet. The scheme evaluates planet signals and those from the roll sensors and compares these information with the digitised CD-ROM guideline. Rather apace, by comparison the motion of the car with the map and its rough situation from the satellites, the organisation can forecast the billet of the car. The route, street or pike the car is on is so displayed and the itinerary to the elect finish deliberate.

    The organisation employed in the Golf besides allows for a pick of dissimilar types of path – e.g., avoiding motorways or cross-country ride. Should the driver divert from an indicated path, the vocalism bequeath courteously quest that he or she piddle a condom U-turn. If the driver does not hold, the organisation leave mechanically compute a new itinerary and proceed to exit instructions to scope the goal.

    In-car entertainment

    The Golf is sold with Volkswagen-designed stereophonic equipment. This sits neatly inside the splasher and is ergonomically intentional for simplicity and refuge of functioning and maximal surety. A dash-mounted CD participant is criterion; it can be upgraded to an armrest-mounted six-disc CD autochanger for a pocket-size agiotage.

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