2004 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

In former 1998, an all-new simulation was launched. Not just did the car defend the blood of former S-Class sedans, but the W220 too had to override roughly of the damaging elements of the premature S-Class. The W220 faced clay rival from rivals comparable the Audi A8 Mk II, BMW 7 Serial Mk IV, Panther XJ Mk III, and Lexus LS/Toyota Celsior Mk III.

Product totalled 485,000 units, somewhat more the product totals from the W140.


2004 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

Different its precursor, the W220 was no yearner the commencement modeling to characteristic the party’s new excogitation motif for the following genesis of Mercedes-Benz. This purity was tending to the A-Class launched in 1997. The new S-Class corporate the new styling cues and addressed the criticisms of the former exemplar’s styling. Quite than beingness known as informally as ‘the cooler’, the new S-Class was known for its rounded, refined lines.

Contempt organism littler, and so addressing another critique of its harbinger, the new car was roomier interior piece the fascia carried complete the new styling details offset seen in the Mk I A-Class the yr ahead.


As with apiece new S-Class, the W220 brought in new innovations such as Airmatic air dangling, Fighting Ventilated seating (which use illumination fans in the seating to go air done perforations), keyless introduction and lighting, radar-controlled Distronic sail restraint scheme and a cylinder defusing arrangement (in V12 motors alone) called Participating Cylinder Ascendence, which improves fire expenditure and reduces emissions.

4MATIC all rack thrust was introduced to the Northwards American S-Class for 2002.


2004 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

The W220 had many locomotive options dissimilar W126 and W140. The orbit started with littler 3.2-litre 224hp V6 drive which was superceded by hypertrophied 3.7-litre 245hp V6 in S350.

Following is 4.3-litre 279hp V8 in S430 (that one sold fine in the USA) and 5.0-litre 306hp V8 in S500. AMG fain the S55 with 5.4-litre 367hp V8 motive which was replaced by charged variant, producing 500PS or 493hp (469hp in American variation).

2004 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

The 5.5-litre V12 motive started out as 367hp but was fitted with twin-turbochargers (from Maybach technology exercise), increasing its outturn to 500PS (or 493hp in Europe and 469hp in USA).

For one month in 2001, AMG produced S63 AMG with 6.3-litre 444hp V12 in identical special numeral. An unrevealed figure of highly uncommon S63 AMG were sold entirely done AMG in European and Asian markets. That motive was likewise fitted to upright two G63 AMG for the Heart Easterly customers.

2004 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

AMG so pushed its technical and technology gasbag to grow the successful 6.0-litre 612hp V12 centrifugal, fashioning S65 AMG the mankind’s about knock-down five-seat saloon.

As for the diesel motors, W220 had 3.2-litre 197hp I6 diesel and 4.0-litre 250hp V8 diesel.

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