2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

Alike the 2002 Crossing GT40 conception, the Fording Shelby Cobra draws on Crossing’s excited and operation roots in a exhaustively advanced rendering that reinforces the caller’s product-led impulse. With minimalist midland and outside elements that emphasise its performance-oriented office, the Cobra Construct’s innovation reinforces a functioning delegation, . Cues alike the monolithic grillwork gap, slope vents, low-back seating and bellying bicycle arches demonstrate an aroused connector with Carroll Shelby’s archetype Sixties Cobras, but no dimensions or proportions are copied therein good innovative runabout.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

As the locution goes, overmuch powerfulness is near adequate. So cerebration Carroll Shelby when he shoe-horned a 427-cubic-inch Fording V-8 below the punk of a pocket-size British two-seater, birth to the fabled 427 Cobra.

Iv decades ulterior, Fording’s Innovative Ware Institution squad – an in-house think-tank cum polecat workings – explored the thought of applying Shelby’s far-famed recipe to the modish components and architectures Crossing has to fling. The termination is the Crossing Shelby Cobra construct, a group new runabout, full engineered for high-velocity examination, realised in barely pentad months by a little, tightly focussed squad of enthusiasts.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

It weighs slenderly more 3,000 pounds and is roughly as foresighted as a Mazda Miata. Thither’s no cap, no face deoxyephedrine, not fifty-fifty a radiocommunication. ‘That’s the pattern,’ aforementioned Carroll Shelby. ‘It’s a monumental centrifugal in a bantam, whippersnapper car.’

Cobra’s New Bite: 605 Horsepower

This production-feasible runabout has a 427-inspired 605-horsepower, all-aluminum V-10 locomotive mounted at the movement of an ripe aluminium figure limited from the rear-engine Fording GT.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

Divine by the biggest, baddest Cobra of all – the celebrated 427 – Crossing engineers created a new aluminum-block V-10 to index the Fording Shelby Cobra construct. This 6.4-liter locomotive, altered from Fording’s MOD sept, delivers the hurry of raw index associated with that big Sixties V-8 behemoth – with 605 h.p. and 501 foot-pounds of torsion – without the aid of supercharging or turbocharging.

The double-overhead-cam cylinder heads and cylinders are fed by embrasure fire injectant and racing-derived speed dozens that are good seeable inside the hoodlum scoopful. For a low punk cable, the throttles are a slide-plate pattern and the lubrication scheme is the dry-sump case, which relocates oil from underneath the locomotive to a distant tankful. The locomotive proudly wears fleecy al Powered By Fording valve covers.

The rear-mounted six-speed transaxle is selfsame to the high-performance whole in the Crossing GT, with an constitutional limited-slip derivative to thrust the ass wheels. Based on the locomotive’s 7,500-rpm redline and the cause ratios, this Crossing Shelby Cobra construct has a theoretic top swiftness of more 260 mph and would breaking 130 mph in third, although it’s electronically modified to 100 mph – for now.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept


The Crossing Shelby Cobra conception squad drew heavy on the Fording GT yield car – particularly the blank underframe and respite – to maximise efficiencies. Although the cars let immensely unlike characters and unlike dimensions, ache technology apace altered the rear-mid-engine Crossing GT chopine to this front-mid-engine diligence.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

The bulge of the bum construction is made from somewhat limited Fording GT components, including the monumental, trellis-like roll aluminium abatement nodes, the bum runway and bumper broadcast, a major cross-member and the brackets victimized to climb the transmitting.

The centre parcel of the spa framing besides has a heights stage of GT commons – major al extrusions are based intemperately on existent pieces. At the breast of the two-seater, the squad unified the extruded principal track, guidance torture cross-member, crash-management sections and the bumper air.

Boilersuit, the Fording Shelby Cobra conception is more 2 feet shorter than the GT, with a wheelbase well-nigh 7 inches shorter. Evening the rails breadth has been rock-bottom by more an in. That the conception car and the GT contribution any parts at all is a testimonial to the flexibleness of the infinite skeleton designing and the creativeness of the build squad.

Brembo monoblock al bracken calipers with quatern pistons apiece snatch cross-drilled, vented discs at all four-spot wheels. The discs are a monolithic 14 inches ahead and 13.2 inches in the bum, for fade-free fillet mightiness. But the squad stopped-up brusk of adjustment the car with an antilock braking arrangement, in retention with its racing persona. Bracken counterweight is one-sided slenderly to the movement wheels to aid stableness.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept

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