2004 Buick Rendezvous Ultra

Buick Rendezvous Ultra

As Buick Motive Partition celebrates 100 age of agiotage fomite output, Buick welcomes Tryst Radical to its 2004 line. Connexion Tryst CX and Tryst CXL, Tryst Radical is an great example of a various Xxi Hundred drive motorcar intentional to play the increased demands of tod’s divers commercialise.

Edifice on the growth winner of its various, next-generation excogitation, all 2004 Tryst models conveniently accomplish the disciplines of a agiotage touring fomite, nimble urban commuter and furrowed rural workhorse in a fashionable, well-found caliber parcel.

Rendezvous Ultra

The big intelligence for 2004 is Tryst Radical. At low glimpse, the monochromic outside, color-keyed grillwork and jewel-like chromium-plate passementerie pay Buick Tryst Radical its own unparalleled identicalness. Indoors, Radical is refined and neat with woo accents, solicit cut wheel, and chromium-plate touches on the gauges and dials. Leather and neutral-coloured agio sue material backside inserts make a advanced, yet comfy ambience. The graceful inner reflects Buick’s uninterrupted committal to lineament, and supports the part’s agiotage scheme as it continues to offering upscale products.

Ultra’s new V-6 VVT powerplant

When it comes to functioning, the 2004 Tryst Radical features a new, all-aluminum 3.6L VVT (varying valve timing) worldwide V-6 locomotive linked to GM’s proved Hydra-Matic 4T65-E electronic four-speed overuse automatonlike infection.

2004 Buick Rendezvous Ultra

Representing a new contemporaries of pliable GM powerplants intentional for use in agio and mellow functioning applications, the 3.6L V-6 VVT generates 245 h.p. (183 kw), a substantial startle from the bag 185-hp (138-kw) powerplant.

The direct-mounted, all-aluminum, treble smash camshaft 3.6L V-6 locomotive’s 32-bit microprocessor supports electronic limit ascendance and ceaselessly varying cam phasing. The 3.6L V-6 figure employs four-valves-per-cylinder, roller-finger cam following, long-wearing forged-steel crankshaft, piston-cooling oil jets, coolant-loss auspices package, coil-on-plug inflammation and GM’s Oil Sprightliness Arrangement that severalise drivers when an oil alter is mandatory.

Tried on the earth’s well-nigh intriguing airstream lap – Germany’s notable 12.8-mile (20.6-m), 177-corner Nürburgring – the 3.6L V-6 VVT was fastidiously engineered and fine-tuned to fill exigent specifications. “The outcome is an awe-inspiring powerplant that is amazingly tranquil and serenity, specially for the telling measure of mightiness it delivers crossways a blanket scope of drive weather,” aforementioned Tim Cyrus, foreman orchestrate, V-6 VVT engines.

The 3.6L V-6 VVT locomotive’s full varying inlet and eject valve timing – a get-go for any GM locomotive – achieves owing tractableness, delivering 90 pct of the locomotive’s visor torsion uncommitted crosswise a unmistakably large-minded 1600 rpm to 5800 rpm operational orbit. The locomotive’s VVT designing allows for more ended burning, conducive to improved fire saving and decreased emissions. Tryst Radical’s estimated fire saving numbers are 18 mpg metropolis, 24 mpg highway and 21 mpg combined.

Rendezvous Ultra ride

2004 Buick Rendezvous Ultra

On with its modern powertrain, features such as GM’s groundbreaking Versatrak “on-demand” all-wheel-drive scheme, main figurehead and behind hanging, and ass gas-pressure monotube shocks all lend to Buick Tryst Radical’s preciseness cornering characteristics and extremely adaptative power to have a still, silence drive in any issue of environments.

The robotlike level-control organisation, included in the lagger box, is likewise usable as an selection. An on-board compressor regulates air-bladder-assisted arse daze absorbers to defend a floor fomite when expectant gobs are carried or a drone is connected. An subsidiary pressing release, safe airline and coerce estimate are provided in the ass for the commodious pompousness of a wear, sports geartrain or beach toys. The useable towing software is rated to puff lots of capable 3,500 pounds.

Rendezvous Ultra interior

Tryst Extremist’s repose, relaxed inside surround features a number of puff and widget accoutrements that muse Buick’s loyalty to upscale opulence and lineament:

+ Second-row chieftain’s chairs
+ Third-row seats
+ Head-up instrumentality showing
+ Hi-fi XM Orbiter Tuner with 100 coast-to-coast digital channels
+ Uncommitted GPS Orbiter Sailing Pick with elaborate on-screen map data
+ Useable DVD amusement organisation with 7-inch (178-mm) fold-down, cap merged proctor
+ Measure OnStar scheme
+ Supersonic Bottom Ballpark Help warns driver of obstacles bottom the arse bumper
+ Electronic discharge for one-handed liftgate performance

With its alone flux of SUV, bounty saloon and minivan attributes, Tryst Extremist is an attractive substitute for busybodied families. Customers love the added visibleness of brocaded seats, the sure-footedness of all-wheel crusade and the cargo-carrying capableness of an SUV in increase to its bang-up razz, dear fire thriftiness and sluttish pantie elevation. Onetime minivan owners receive Tryst Extremist’s six-passenger seats. Early bounty saloon owners are impressed with Tryst Radical’s lavishness puff and styling, likewise as its added flexibleness for passengers and consignment.

The versatility of Tryst Extremist is reflected in its several seats combinations for as many as six passengers. Thither are two grand bucketful seating in the battlefront. The s row comes with two master’s chairs. The tertiary row ben, which can be folded blush, provides well-off seats for two big passengers. Tryst leads its competitors in usable consignment blank with 108.9 three-dimensional feet (3,084L) when the sec row is remote and the thirdly row is folded.

Safety features

Customers leave receive the 2004 Tryst Radical’s legion safe appointments such as measure battlefront and optional slope air bags with forward-looking puffiness characteristics for front-seat passengers, safety-cage structure, usable four-wheeled platter anti-lock brakes and optional OnStar communications.

New features for Rendezvous CX and CXL

Tryst for 2004 introduces new outside colours and inner colours and features. Wickedness Nerve Bluing Metal is new for exteriors and Lighter Electroneutral replaces oak privileged.Chromium-plate passementerie accents, color-keyed threshold switches and leather seating in new flat destination promote rectify the internal. GPS sailing tuner is besides usable first in 2004..

Rendezvous CX and CXL

Tryst CX and CXL models are useable in both front-wheel effort and all-wheel ride, with a 3400 3.4L V-6 locomotive that produces 185 hp (138 kw). Fire thriftiness estimates are 19 mpg metropolis and 26 mpg highway for the front-wheel-drive adaptation and 18/24 for the all-wheel-drive variation. For 2004, the V-6 VVT is uncommitted for the Tryst CXL.

An innovational short-and-long-arm main arse dangling is key to Tryst’ telling rally and treatment. The arse abeyance utilizes form aluminium knuckle assemblies, hybridization members, and speed and glower ascendance blazon for minimum unsprung weighting. Curving gyre springs are packaged neatly betwixt apiece frown ascendancy arm and the rear-suspension hybridizing phallus. As a resolution, Tryst’ master road-holding and razz characteristics are more comparable a agiotage saloon than an SUV or minivan.

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