2004 Buick Rainier

Buick Rainier

The new 2004 Buick Rainier offers a layer of flair, rag, consolation and operation that sets it isolated from former mid-size suv vehicles.

2004 Buick Rainier

Rainier comes standard-equipped with a Vortec 4200 inline six-cylinder locomotive with prelude ratings of 275 hp (205 kw) and 275 lb.-ft. (373 Nm) of torsion, providing the exponent, potentiality and suaveness of a V-8 combined with the efficiency of a six-cylinder. For eve more index and spectacular torsion, the 2004 Buick Rainier is besides useable with an all-aluminum, Vortec 5300 V-8 locomotive, one of the nearly pop in GM’s unchanging of dynamical powerplants. The uncommitted V-8 broadens Rainier’s mart appealingness, enhancing both its operation and utility-grade. Sole to Rainier on GM’s short-wheel-base, mid-size SUV architecture, the Vortec 5300 V-8 SFI (consecutive fire shot) locomotive provides 290 h.p. (216 kw) and 325 lb.-ft. (441 Nm) of torsion. The Vortec 5300 V-8 delivers vizor torsion passim the operational orbit to adjoin or outdo the near demanding shipment weather.

Both powerplants are paired to the furrowed, electronically controlled, Hydra-Matic 4L60-E four-speed transmittance. Far-famed for its placid functioning, exact shift and racy operation end-to-end a across-the-board orbit of drive weather, the 4L60-E is exploited in both execution sedans and twinkle trucks. Rainier’s maximal towing capacitance ranges from 6,100 to 6,700 pounds (2,745 to 3,015 kg) contingent which locomotive and drivetrain components are selected.

2004 Buick Rainier

All-wheel-drive capability
On with its telling powertrain features, Rainier’s all-wheel-drive capableness includes an on-demand organisation that enables owners to look guarantee in a diverseness of drive weather. Combined with its banner lockup arse derivative, this scheme is amply reflexive and requires no stimulant from the driver.

Rainier’s powertrain functioning is foster enhanced with a advanced figure controller organization combine splendid exit and towing attributes with drive characteristics like to a opulence sports saloon.

Balance in ride, handling
With its option of two knock-down engines and warm body-on-frame twist, Rainier carries unanimous motortruck credential. But its slick spirit and execution on the route are more cognate to a hunky-dory phaeton, the answer of Rainier beingness tuned to reach an fantabulous equaliser in razz, treatment and acoustics.

2004 Buick Rainier

Rainier’s astonishingly smoothen rally is derived from its foremost main presence hanging, and five-link, electronically controlled back air reprieve intentional to arise to the nearly demanding weather. With this arrangement, air springs exchange the measure back whorl springs for superscript damping and improved isolation from route dissonance. Sensors wield a compressor that outright adjusts air give insistence to defend a stratum shipment.

Rainier’s power-assisted, rack-and-pinion direction is accurate and antiphonal piece the four-wheeled vented platter brakes furnish salient execution and foremost levels of bracken feeling, assume immunity and randomness simplification.

2004 Buick Rainier

A four-wheeled anti-lock brakes (ABS) and lockup bottom derivative are touchstone on Rainier. Two-wheel-drive models are likewise standard-equipped with grip attend, up Rainier’s power to handgrip slippy route surfaces. A criterion equipment tilt that includes Bilstein shocks, 17-inch wheels and agiotage Michelin tires likewise contributes to Rainier’s superscript stableness and road-command characteristics.

Comfortable, quiet ride
In improver to delivering surprising functioning, Rainier’s processed powertrains and precision-engineered figure arrangement add to a well-heeled, repose rally – a Buick differentiation end-to-end its 100-year chronicle. Inwardly, Rainier’s appointments break upscale solace and opulence. Among the section’s roomiest in footing of drumhead, berm and hip board, Rainier easy seating pentad adults. With the backside seating folded polish, thither is 80.1 three-dimensional feet (2,268L) of memory distance buns the first-row seating.

The agio timbre of the Buick stain is subtly but signally patent with the unostentatious elegance of the homochromatic internal – usable in either pewter or cashmere – incite by chromium-plate accents and colored burled walnut woodiness in the panel, doorway cut and essence soothe.

The driver’s “mastery core” is cockpit-oriented with pronto approachable controls, extremely decipherable gauges and a user-friendly driver entropy mall. The instruments utter a bejewel showcase glow with ag institution colours and greens needles. The plentiful, night burled walnut woodiness besides surrounds the chromium-plate midland threshold handles, whose hopeful musing surfaces advance emphasize the home appointments too as aiding upcountry profile in balmy ignitor.

Battlefront bucketful seating and bum seats areas are cut in pierced leather. All doorway panels are cut in soft-touch materials. Figurehead seating sustain measure retention and uncommitted estrus functions.

Guardianship in measure with Buick’s report for puff and lull, all 2004 Rainier models have QuietTuning with increased audio concentration in the locomotive compartment, all quatern doors and tail panels.

2004 Buick Rainier

The QuietTuning too includes an acoustical laminate in the windscreen and strawman threshold deoxyephedrine, besides as extra waterproofing at the fomite’s C- and D-pillars. The termination is a signally serenity razz made eve quieter.

Solid structure
At the kernel of Rainier’s serenity rag character are best-in-class body-stiffness attributes. With its full-scale commitment to isolation from route stochasticity and vibe, Rainier achieves voice levels approximately 25 pct amend than its distinctive contention, coordinated or surpassing many opulence cars, evening at highway speeds. Rainier’s telling acoustics are the resultant of deliberate tending to particular in torso fit, constituent isolation, outside aeromechanics, waterproofing and the fine-tuning of all related elements to attain the nearly suitable oftenness ranges.

2004 Buick Rainier

Bey its share to a perceptibly tranquility rider compartment, Rainier’s outside designing too complements its suspension in crosswind situations. In tests at 35 mph, with 90-degree crosswinds, Rainier corpse selfsame static thanks to an flowing face visibility that helps understate forces transferred to the bod from wind-created slope gobs.

Patch Rainier’s innovative figure goes hand-in-hand with its sleek street and highway operation, below its worldwide styling lives a identical spry and racy chopine, subject of bounding ended an unpaved, two-track train or tackling any figure of off-road weather that are out-of-bounds to schematic rider cars.

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