2004 Ac Schnitzer Mini

AC Schnitzer Mini

“Extraordinary”, “cheeky”, “friendly”, “reliable” and “superb” are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the most emotional small car of recent years.

2004 Ac Schnitzer Mini

With the introduction of the MINI Convertible the range is now complete, and for AC Schnitzer the logical consequence was to offer for all MINI models – either Convertible or hard top – a special accessories range which leaves nothing to be desired.

The measure locomotive of the Miniskirt Cooper S which thanks to compressor engineering already delivers a considerable 125 kW / 170 HP, has been granted a material hike by the AC Schnitzer engineers who sustain optimized the compressor ratios and concurrently altered the Restraint Whole Plan. Later the AC Schnitzer discussion, the 1.6 l powerhouse delivers a statuesque 142 kW / 193 HP at 7000 rpm. Therein pretext, the Miniskirt Cooper S by AC Schnitzer covers the 0 – 100 km/h dash in scarce 7.0 seconds, and has a top fastness of 235 km/h.
To ameliorate reply, the operation advance is offered in conjunctive with the AC Schnitzer sports backside muffler made wholly of stainless with chromed racing tailpipe cut and the comparable locomotive highlights in stainless.

For the Miniskirt One D too, we sustain highly-developed a diesel operation raise which delivers 66 kW / 90 HP and takes the maximal torsion to 220 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Course rebirth to the AC Schnitzer back muffler is recommended fifty-fifty without the locomotive upgrades. But the client faces a hard quality. For both the Miniskirt One and the Miniskirt Cooper thither are two variants usable: a counterpart exhaust with two oviform tailpipes in correct/remaining compounding or the i ellipse tailpipe innovation.
The one-third discrepancy is reserved for the Miniskirt Cooper S: a sports tailpipe in inwardness emplacement, in the pattern of the AC Schnitzer Racing tailpipe cut.

2004 Ac Schnitzer Mini

2004 AC Schnitzer Mini

Whatsoever version he chooses, the client is guaranteed to revel the throaty vocalize and attractive integrating of the release into the backside of the Miniskirt.

Death but not least, for aesthetical sweetening of all Miniskirt models (omit the Cooper S) the chromed tailpipe trimness with elliptical end is usable.

The AC Schnitzer bum dame not lonesome integrates the muffler but simultaneously gives the MINIs (exclude the Miniskirt One D) a far more sinewy aspect.
Likewise useable for the movement is a ended dame, which thanks to the liberally dimensioned forepart lattice with chromium-plate anatomy gives the MINIs a burnished new aspect. But the sleek rebirth is not upright an aesthetical advance. Made from superiority PU-Rim, it gives improved downforce and is sluttish for rouge and fit.
The outside broadcast is accomplished by the couturier chevron and the AC Schnitzer logotype “Engineering & Designing”, usable in ovalbumin or nigrify or, for the Cooper S, with a red “S”.

2004 Ac Schnitzer Mini

An downright eyecatcher – for both the outside and the national commentator – is the AC Schnitzer sheepfold and coast ceiling, which offers a echt choice to the Translatable. With an scuttle of 710 x 810 mm, it provides a truthful wise air get disdain the “difficult top” invention.

The impulsive kinetics of all Miniskirt models are farther improved by respite components which glower the fomite by some 30 mm in co-occurrence with the AC Schnitzer Typewrite I admixture wheels in 7.5J x 17″ with tyres 215/40 R 17.
For all Miniskirt models, a height-adjustable racing dangling is uncommitted jointly abeyance springiness kits for vestal threatening. The hanging construct is accomplished for the Cooper S variants by the AC Schnitzer al ruffle bracing for the figurehead which foster stabilizes the forepart on besotted corners or sudden veering manoeuvres.
So it’s no storm that the immanent impulsive impressions are remindful of a Go-Kart, particularly on tortuous roadstead or at heights speeds. For tyres, we advocate highschool functioning tyres by Continental and Michelin.

2004 Ac Schnitzer Mini

The renowned dot on the “i” comes from the national components such as e.g. the al bike sets with twin base ease masking, the aluminum geartrain node and the aluminum handbrake hold. Conclusion but not least, exceptional deck mats are useable with a 2-colour embroidered AC Schnitzer “Engineering & Designing” logotype.

Ultimately, AC Schnitzer offers bespoken solutions in the fields of dealings telematics and Car Documentary which can be incorporated optimally.

2004 Ac Schnitzer Mini

Course all components are TUV-tested and usable from your BMW principal.

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