2003 Volvo S80

Volvo S80

The new Volvo S80 retains its intimate looks – yet not rather. A turn of new figure details produce an boilersuit feeling of a new prestigiousness car in Volvo’s exemplar grasp.

“All new parts are similar cut diamonds, valued gems. Right intentional and situated in the capture circumstance, they devise a herculean epitome of elegance and prestigiousness,” says Steve Harpist, the mortal responsible the pattern of the new Volvo S80.

The invention of the new Volvo S80 is jam-packed with these “gems” – remote and inwardly similar.

The strawman has been reworked. The discharge figurehead subdivision that surrounds the grillwork has a new visibility with a gentler passage to the consistence sides and to the freebooter domain.

The depress air aspiration has been re-profiled and features a thwartwise chromium-plate striptease which links unitedly the foglamps. The foglamps themselves are new and birth bigger twinkle apertures. The wicket has a new satisfying meshwork figure in shadow eloquent metal. The encompassing reduce is chromed. This gives an refined and more three-d notion.

Chromium-plate details in combining with colour-matched mouldings and over-the-counter details stress the car’s figure. This applies, e.g., to the chromed threshold handles and the mouldings under the face windows. The doorway mirrors bear been redesigned to cut air dredge and slim grunge accruement unofficially windows.

Redesigned rear section

2003 Volvo S80

The behind of the Volvo S80 has been redesigned for higher timbre and more clear-cut dash. The bootlid is now made in one i man. Supra the figure shell thither is a new hold capped with a chromium-plate clipping. The empennage lamps are now pretty littler. This has been achieved by exploitation bracken lamps featuring LED engineering, which agency the bracken lights are excited more apace. They now brand board for a jury ‘tween the lights and the bumper, which is accentuated by a slight chromium-plate peel at the merchantman of the lights. This impanel is calico in the consistence’s color. The arse bumper has a more material visibility. It is colour-matched to the car’s torso, with the elision of the wickedness grayness impanel at the freighter. This harmonises alternatively with a like impanel on either face of the consistence.

2003 Volvo S80

New door panels

2003 Volvo S80

Inwardly the car, thither are new doorway panels. They raise the nimbus of calibre, not least since they portmanteau more swimmingly with the panel. The movement doors birth new handles that arrive easier to compass and finis a lawless threshold. National trimming details such as the kernel comfort and controls are of a richer, darker charcoal-gray coloring than ahead, which besides improves the lucidity of the command artwork. Thither is the choice of gore inserts in al or court. The new walnut panels make a distinguishable graceful tint to the hale inner. The ventilation controls bear chromed inlays and the panel for the mightiness presence seating is colour-matched to the balance of the upcountry. The fabric upholstery on the arse hatshelf is of a new calibre, of the like eccentric as constitute in the Volvo XC90. The sun-visors are now covered in the same textile as the inner roof lining.

New instruments

2003 Volvo S80

The gauges in the combination instrument have been redesigned. In six-cylinder models, the dials are of the watch-dial type similar to those in the new Volvo S60 R and V70 R, but refined in a unique style to create an elegant and sporty image. The five-cylinder models have a combined instrument of the same type as found in the Volvo XC90, with a thin metal ring surrounding the dials. A new three-spoke wooden sports steering wheel is available as an option on the Volvo S80. The steering wheel is of the same type as that fitted to the S60 and V70.

S80 Executive – even more exclusive

2003 Volvo S80

The Volvo S80 Executive is the most exclusive Volvo S80 available. Several special features, such as unique leather upholstery and genuine walnut panel inserts, are fitted as standard to make the Volvo S80 Executive a motoring experience out of the ordinary.

With spacious legroom and options such as a refrigerator and a unique Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) system, passengers in the rear seat can enjoy high-class comfort and top-quality entertainment.

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