2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Sport Edition

Volkswagen New Beetle Sport Edition

The Volkswagen New Overhang is a car introduced by Volkswagen in 1998, lottery intemperately on the designing cues of the master Mallet. Based on a Volkswagen Golf, the “retroactive” figure proven to be more successful in roughly markets than in others. It is assembled at the VW Puebla manufactory in Mexico. The big demarcation ‘tween the New Overhang and the Greco-roman Overhang is that, care near cars, the New Overhang has the locomotive in the battlefront and depot in the backrest.

2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Sport Edition

Concept 1

At the 1994 N American External Automobile Read, Volkswagen unveiled the J Mays-penned “Conception 1”, a construct car with futurist styling designedly resonant of the archetype Beetling’s rounded form. It is a cab, which retains the flow lines of the saloon, yet captures the chicness looks of the pilot Beetling cab. It was weaponed with “gravid diam” 17 edge wheels (with the VW logotype, barely alike the master Mallet hubcap) with low-profile tires. Likewise, in the construct car, thither is a “cipher emanation” cross excogitation made for it earlier (it was aforesaid to use 248-V) the fire ingestion of the master is 2 L.

New Beetle

Hard world response confident the society to motility the car into output, and in 1998 Volkswagen launched the New Beetling, intentional by J Mays and Freewoman Thomas at the fellowship’s California invention studio. The New Overhang is related the archetype alone in gens and appearing (including the absence of a car allegory hand with the elision of the VW logotype): below the cap, it is a bodoni car in every way, based on the Volkswagen A program (Grade 4 Volkswagen Golf).

Hush, it carried many of designs character to the old Beetling: ramify wings, rudimentary track boards, aslope headlamps, great circle ass igniter, besides as a highschool rounded roofline that furnish decent headway for magniloquent drivers.

In blunt counterpoint to the pilot, the U.S. Indemnity Plant of Highway Rubber gave the New Mallet among the outflank prophylactic ratings in its form at the meter of its found.

The car was wide considered a right in Europe, but it was a winner in the Joined States. Thither, selling campaigns enhanced the continued grace towards the archetype, and helped the new manakin to inherit it. The Volkswagen New Beetling was Drive Drift’s Signification Car of the Yr for 1999. A translatable reading of New Beetling started yield two eld subsequently plunge, aft many buyers had aftermarket conversions.

For the 2006 framework, the outside is slimly redesigned with larger bumpers and is fitted with a 2.5L 150hp I5 foundation locomotive, as seen on the A5 Jetta.



Transverse-mounted piss cooled I4; 1984 cc; fire injectant (uncommitted in both gasolene and diesel interpretation)
Max powerfulness: 115 hp (85 kW) at 5,200 rpm
Max torsion: 122 pound·ft (165 N·m) at 2,600 rpm
Transmittal: 5-speed manual or 6-speed reflexive
Brakes: platter bracken on all quartet wheels


Distance: 4089 mm (161 in)
Breadth: 1724 mm (68 in)
Stature: 1511 mm (59 in)
Wheelbase: 2512 mm (100 in)
Bridle slant: 1230 kg (2711 lb)

Max speeding: 177 km/h (110 mph)
Quickening (0-96 km/h | 0-60 mph): 11 s
Fire use: 7.3 l/100 km (32.2 mpg)

2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Sport Edition

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