2003 Smart Roadster

Smart Roadster

The Smartness Runabout is a two-door microcar commencement introduced in 2003 by Smarting GmbH. Alas, sales of the Two-seater and Two-seater Takeoveré were far downstairs expectations, resulting in a hitch of product of both models in November 2005.


At the 1998 Paris Motive Shew, the two-seat, 2.5-metre Impertinent Metropolis Coupe (posterior named Impudent Fortwo) was launched. This was the rootage of a new car mark and one of the more extremist fomite concepts to hit the European commercialize since the guggle cars of the Fifties. It was too the first of a hard stop for Fresh. The Metropolis Coupe had constancy problems that were exposed lonesome forthwith anterior to launching. These constrained a software of alterations to be made that were both expensive and compromised the car’s manipulation, rally and cogwheel switching. Populace concerns o’er the car’s constancy, combined with Smarting’s elitist selling and the trend radicality of the car’s conception, proven detrimental to initial sales. Output projections were cut from 200k p.a. to 80k, roughly calamitous for a new make with fair one production.

2003 Smart Roadster

Inner the party, the evangelistic seethe encompassing the plunge of the extremist Metropolis Coupe speedily evaporated. With new direction, new merchandising initiatives and chronic revisions to the car’s technology to response pulic concerns, next fomite plans, including ontogenesis of a four-seat simulation, had not been far forward-looking. It was nether these adverse fate the Smarting Runabout was natural.

Design & Development

Below conception conductor Jens Manske in fall 1998, Impudent’s 14-strong figure and technology squad began to cartoon potential succeeding Impertinent cars. They shortly completed that the powertrain of the Metropolis Coupe was nonpareil for a minor sports car, with a concordat turbo locomotive drive the back wheels via a consecutive 6 upper gearbox.

2003 Smart Roadster

Followers Hurt’s ‘concentrate to the max’ doctrine and ecumenical forward-looking coming, a conception for a swallow contract, virtual and virgin sports car was generated. Two quarter-scale outside and two quarter-scale midland models were made in February 1999 with Volker Leutz’s outside and Christoph Machinek’s upcountry proposals selected for evolution into lifesize maturation models. The excogitation of the car had progressed well by the clock Michael Mauer formally arrived from Mercedes Benz’s Japan conception plaza to accept Menske’s office in May 1999. Mauer worked nearly with the pattern squad to cursorily produce the two-seater, with the intent now of producing a read car for the approaching 1999 IAA centrifugal demonstrate in Frankfurt.

2003 Smart Roadster

By June the entire sizing models of the buggy were handed ended to Stola in Italy for product of the display car example, which was produced in roughly ternary months for the car’s launching at the Frankfurt appearance. The Runabout conception was advantageously standard at Frankfurt and helped to convert direction that the car should be highly-developed for product. Concurrently a determination was made to break Mauer’s approximation for a coupe variant as a conception car for Paris drive prove a class subsequently. As ontogenesis of the coupe conception began, so the buggy demonstrate car was highly-developed terminated the next class with both outside and home designs realized by November 2000 Yet, coloring and passementerie designing continued until a yr posterior.

By betimes 2000 the Impertinent Metropolis Coupe had eventually started to addition sales impulse, with its cabrio edition devising a meaning add-on to add Impertinent sales. In Border Mauer leftover Fresh for Saab, succeeded by Hartmut Sinkwitz in May. As the tierce figure manager of Hurt during the Runabout’s maturation, Sinkwitz had to land the construct to product in a identical short-circuit sentence. This labor may deliver been made passably easier by the Two-seater having been intentional from the beginning to use existent powertrain and former Metropolis Coupe components. Minded about of the sophisticated figure features, it is a cite to the innovation squad that so lots of the conception car made it to yield.

2003 Smart Roadster

Concept Car

the ‘Two-seater Coupe’ as shown at the 2000 Paris motive prove was already on its way to output configuration. It divided the innovation of the Two-seater from the doors forwards, but had a methamphetamine targa ceiling and backside construction resembling a real little acres (waggon) in the like way as the BMW Z3 coupe and the Saab 9X conception car highly-developed nether Mauer at Saab a few geezerhood afterwards.

2003 Smart Roadster

Output versions of both Buggy and Buggy Coupe debuted unitedly at the 2002 Paris Drive Prove and were useable to buy inside a few months. Both cars were unequaled in the marketplace, existence importantly littler that the Toyota MR2, MG TF, Edict Barchetta and Mazda MX5, but oblation exchangeable operation and practicality to the foot versions of these cars spell importantly more fire effective.


The Smartness Two-seater and Two-seater Putsché were introduced in 2003, based on a stretched chopine of the Fortwo (wax distance is 3427 mm). The two variants are meant to be resonant of the British buggy of yore, such as the Crow Spitfire or the MG B. Both the Runabout and Two-seater Takeoveré are useable with a obliterable Targa ceiling or an electric Softtop. The Two-seater is powered by 45 or 60 kW (61 or 82 PS) versions of the turbocharged 3-cylinder locomotive in the back, which is engineered by Mercedes Benz. The Buggy Putsché has lone the more sinewy 82 PS locomotive. A wheel with Rule 1-style gearpaddles, to command the semi-automatic successive transmittal, is optional. With angle as low as 790 kg, it is meant to allow the emotion of impulsive a sports car at an low-priced price. Stillness, the Two-seater’s cost is not rattling far from that of a Rescript Barchetta or Mazda MX-5.

Both the Two-seater and Runabout Takeoveré are uncommitted in Brabus-tuned versions with might increased to 74 kW (101 PS). The Brabus versions suffer a dissimilar mate sports release, frown abeyance, dressed six-spoke al admixture Monoblock VI 17″ wheels, strawman pamperer, face skirts and grille. Single Brabus inner includes leather cut splashboard, alloy-effect emphasis parts, pawn artwork, leather/aluminum gearknob, al handbrake cover, aluminum pedals and Brabus tagged coldcock mats.

2003 Smart Roadster

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