2003 Rover Streetwise

Rover Streetwise

MG Wanderer Radical added a sheer new prolongation to its pocket-size car stove – the Roamer With-it. The Roamer With-it is a specialized scope based on the pop Scouter 25 program, but oblation a typical new personality of its own. Intentional to accompaniment the existent Wanderer car grasp patch importantly widening the brand charm, With-it is in air with a maturation European sub-sector for pocket-sized cars with an ‘urban-tough’ posture.

Wanderer With-it features big wheels and elevated abeyance for greater earth headroom and a higher stand. For supererogatory ruggedness and strength, it has racy moulded bumpers, wheelarch protectors and friction strips dead a scratch-resistant night grey-grained destination. Stock fit cap bars on all models pass a various carrying adeptness to accompaniment the roomy inside and kicking.

Privileged, With-it has its own specially-designed seats and cut intervention, with mortal breast and behind store asset somebody sports-style seats for four-spot as criterion, yet it retains a virtual and various 60/40 rent fold ass buns squabby.

Wanderer With-it is usable with a option of gas and diesel powerfulness units, diverse transmissions and iii clipping levels. Initially launched with the twin-cam metal 1.4 l K Serial gas locomotive in both 84Ps and 103Ps air addition the 101Ps L Serial turbo-diesel whole, all with 5 fastness manual transmissions. Phasing in afterwards plunge was an extra gas locomotive with manual transmittance, and a 1.8-litre K Serial whole with Stepspeed CVT machinelike transmitting. Otc markets may issue unlike geartrain options.

2003 Rover Streetwise

Reflecting the office of With-it in development the Scouter blade, it is the outset simulation to use a new modernized variant of the graeco-roman Scouter ‘Viking Send’ badge.

2003 Rover Streetwise

The Market for Streetwise

European minor car sales grew powerfully during the Nineties and are now brace at approximately 3.5 meg units p.a. crossways the top ix markets. Finish twelvemonth in the UK, one in tercet of all new car sales were in the little and supermini sphere. Thither is an increasing style with belittled car buyers to try a more ‘personalized’ mutation latest and constellation. One of the rising themes is for what Scouter calls an ‘urban on-roader’. Scouter With-it meets this abbreviated – it is rich, various and fashionable, a belittled car that’s fun to cause, handy in dealings, soft to commons and able-bodied to shrug off laborious use by participating individuals and untried families. It has elements of the SUV entreaty, with effective primer headway and hardness, but without the costs and complexness of 4×4 infection. Concurrently, it offers dear well-rounded operation and potentiality out of township, from motorways to grow tracks.

Commercialize search, screening With-it to direction groups from the butt markets, has generated rattling plus responses, indicating pregnant conquering sales potentiality, specially amongst jr. buyers.

Streetwise in Outline

2003 Rover Streetwise

Presenting an totally new ‘steering’ for a Wanderer, With-it has the presence bumper and wicket formed in a hooligan unpainted grained border. The like springy corporeal, immune to splintering and scratches, is victimized for the wheelarch spats, sill mouldings, position detrition strips, back bumper and tailboard rhytidectomy deal.

Strawman and behind bumpers have a contrastive enclose for the depress cardinal part with trunk colouring on clipping story 3 derivatives, (the option finishing is an selection in apiece cause).

Burly cap bars, firmly bolted to the ceiling on all With-it models, are exchangeable to those fitted to the Roamer 75 Holidaymaker, and bear the like kinda interbreeding bars and carrying systems for gobs capable 65 kg.

As touchstone, alone five-spoke 16 in metal wheels are uncommitted from the mid scope up patch introduction models sport broken 15 in nerve wheels with drilled centres and ‘kerb-proof’ center hub covers.

In safekeeping with its extraverted fiber, With-it offers capable xii outside rouge choices from the strongest colors in the MG Wanderer pallette, including the bright Prize Yellowness and Prize Blueing finishes.

Privileged, With-it has, as criterion, a alone four-seat contour, with battlefront and ass sports manner soul seating. ‘tween the arse buns cushions is a especial key cabinet with memory cubbies. Ingeniously, the foldable bottom dove retains the utilitarian 60/40 cleave to permit quadruplet unlike freight/passenger-carrying arrangements.

2003 Rover Streetwise

For those needing fivesome seating, thither is the pick of a pattern workbench bum buns, with 60/40 rip foldable squabs and leash lap and slash arse belts.

‘Monaco’ bottom material is victimized for the low two cut levels patch a ‘Sebring’ framework and leather bum clipping with optional red or bluing accents is touchstone on clipping stratum 3 and optional on the others. All models boast a ‘Catamount’ home environs with facile accents round the switchpack.

2003 Rover Streetwise

Early extra With-it inside innovation details admit a new inwardness comfort with new switchpack and improved memory asset a new flooring cabinet incorporating the gearshift, windowpane facelift switches and backside ashtray.

Thither are typical blueing tool art, and the new broadside movement ashtray can be transferred, if requisite, to the cup bearer department of the threshold bag.

2003 Rover Streetwise

It all adds capable an attractive new bundle that was heartily standard by mart inquiry focusing groups, who saw With-it as aerodynamic, gaudy and mod, a car which combined fun with practicality.

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