2003 Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Phantom

When Rolls-Royce Centrifugal Cars unveiled the Rolls-Royce Phantasma in 2003, it heralded a new age for the brand, proudly reclaiming its billet at the head of self-propelling figure and technology.

Workings to the axiom of troupe collapse Sir H Royce – “Strain for flawlessness in everything you do” – the conception and technology teams worn-out four-spot days underdeveloped this find modeling. Victimization the virtually forward-looking engineering, whilst draught stirring from the companionship’s plentiful inheritance, their destination was clearcut: to produce a Twenty-one c Rolls-Royce that would be rightfully desirable of the famed Life of Cristal.

The resultant was the Rolls-Royce Phantasma. Reinforced at a new, state-of-the-art manufactory in Goodwood, this flagship Rolls-Royce ensured the society’s renaissance by compounding the life of its famed forebears with ground-breaking engineering and illusionist technology techniques.


Creating a potent identicalness for the Rolls-Royce Specter was all-important, says head couturier Ian Cameron: “Our antecedence was to make a car that was plainly a Rolls-Royce from any weight, level if the Life of Xtc or the illustrious grill could not be seen.”

2003 Rolls Royce Phantom

To distinguish this kernel center, the conception squad immersed themselves in the stain and its story. This revealed authoritative styling cues such as a farsighted cowling, blanket C-pillars and distinct windows, all of which were unified into the Rolls-Royce Apparition’s invention. Its hefty, unsloped posture and active, rebellion visibility are too signally Rolls-Royce. Yet innovative features such as a unequaled al spaceframe and pioneering engineer petrol-injection locomotive parting no dubiety that this is a car at the forefront of engineering.

2003 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Just the like can be aforesaid of the unparalleled backside double-decker doors, which rack as will to the advanced technology to be ground end-to-end the Rolls-Royce Shadow. Hinged at the dorsum, they earmark arse passengers to accede and going the car graciously, and can be shut at the crush of a clit.

The home of the Rolls-Royce Phantasm is unobjectionable and contemporaneous, the easiness of the designing belying the engineering below. Any controls not requisite for routine drive are unbroken concealed until requisite. The multi-media concealment, e.g., is obscure buns a revolving jury in the essence of the splasher that commonly displays a beat, parallel time. This manifest easiness extends to the functioning of the controls too: eve the extremely advanced sound organisation can be operated victimisation fair one clitoris.

A authentication of Rolls-Royce, and of the Phantasm particularly, is the way in which the virtually innovative engineering combines with traditional hand-craftsmanship to create something over-the-top. The switches for the index windows and sound organization are attractively crafted ‘fiddle keys’, piece the chromium-plate air vents are operated by traditional ‘harmonium newmarket’. Conjointly the use of the finest leather and woods veneers, it is this unification of heights engineering and hand-craftsmanship that gives the home its unequalled and epicurean smell.


At the center of the Rolls-Royce Phantasm is a advanced, whippersnapper, al spaceframe – a alone and modern chopine conceived specifically by Rolls-Royce’s technology squad to furnish a tasteful and effected impulsive feel.

Constructed from more 200 box sections of roll al hump, the Rolls-Royce Fantasm’s spaceframe has the inflexibility of a Recipe 1 racer. Manufactured alone by script, victimization some 120 metres of weld, the spaceframe is ruined as if it were a preciseness cat’s-paw: apiece one is chequered by laser to insure truth to inside a divide of a mm. The accomplished bod is so situated in a computer-guided machining chopine – the largest in the self-propelling diligence – where the vital points are polished with unequalled preciseness.

Without the demand to cater morphologic documentation, the Rolls-Royce Fantasm’s soundbox panels are only buttoned to the spaceframe. Made from whippersnapper al and complex materials, they add minimum angle to the car. Alone boot is formed of brand, engineered to aid the 50/50 burthen dispersion so suitable for consummate treatment.

The Rolls-Royce Specter’s whippersnapper and strict spaceframe provides the initiation for its sinful active power. It has splendid treatment – enthusiastic drivers volition treasure the preciseness with which it can be located on the route – but not at the disbursement of the bait, which is as calm and well-off as one would anticipate of a Rolls-Royce. The spaceframe too helps to extinguish dissonance, vibe and rigour, contributory vastly to the sedate and tranquility of the Rolls-Royce Phantasma’s upcountry.

The special unity of the al spaceframe likewise provides substantial safe benefits, offer splendid occupier security. Yet it is not the lonesome arena in which safe is reinforced into the Rolls-Royce Phantasm’s innovation. The place of the bum seating arse the C-pillar, e.g., is inherently safer than the ceremonious billet adjacent to the doors and negates the demand for arse side-impact airbags. In a hit, moreover, the elf is increasingly engrossed by knit zones intentional to shoot the personnel done the build and foot. Course, the Rolls-Royce Shadow has been engineered to passing all flow prophylactic lawmaking.

In summation, the Rolls-Royce Fantasm incorporates a mass of condom systems utilising the selfsame modish in engineering and controlled by the Reasoning Rubber and Info Organisation (ISIS). ISIS takes readings from sensors placed end-to-end the car and, in the issue of an hob, makes capable 4000 calculations a sec to base its rigourousness ahead deploying airbags and, or seatbelt pre-tensioners as requisite. ISIS plant in coincidence with the early condom systems fitted to the Rolls-Royce Specter, including Active Stableness Controller and Dynamical Grip Mastery.


At the bosom of the Rolls-Royce Phantasma lies its course aspirated 6.75-litre V12 locomotive. Intentional specifically for the Rolls-Royce Apparition, and hand-assembled by Rolls-Royce technicians, this advanced locomotive develops a monumental 720 lb ft of torsion, 413 lb ft of which is usable at Century rpm. On the route that translates into second, powerful index, carrying the Rolls-Royce Phantasma from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds. Maximizing the over-the-top grip of the Rolls-Royce Fantasm V12, a six-speed, electronically controlled, robotic transmittal helps to render the unseamed, casual progression for which Rolls-Royce is renowned.

The Rolls-Royce Shadow offers an unequalled rider live, and yet many owners birth suggested that the scoop billet to sit is buns the cycle. The survey from the exalted driver’s buns kill the foresighted chimneysweep of cowl to the Heart of Rapture is the nearly inspirational in motoring, patch the attractively crafted, thin-rimmed wheel is a joy to grasp and provides jiffy feedback from the wheels. Scorn its dimensions, the Rolls-Royce Apparition has splendid kinetics and is promiscuous to berth accurately done corners. Elating yet supremely reposeful, it delivers a drive see of innocence and preciseness.

2003 Rolls Royce Phantom

Exterior finish

Strikingly innovative and immaculately proportioned, the Rolls-Royce Phantasm is a car of over-the-top elegance. Twinned the peach of its outside excogitation is the mirror-like luster of the paintwork, will to the large acquisition of Goodwood’s pigment technicians. Fin layers of key and crystallise lacquer are applied to apiece Rolls-Royce Phantasma – seven-spot if it’s a two-tone car – and ‘tween apiece coating, our technicians sandpaper the trunk by deal. Afterwards the terminal level has been applied, the consistency is hand-polished for fivesome hours to dedicate a goal of unmatched deepness and shininess.

Thither are 15 criterion outside colors from which customers can take, although capable 45,000 unlike hues are uncommitted done the Tailored curriculum. In holding with Rolls-Royce custom, ace or image coachlines can be specified. Near six metres farseeing, and incisively grade, these are fastidiously calico by manus in a summons that takes tercet hours for apiece job. Our Tailor-made artists can besides designing and give person motifs to a client’s Rolls-Royce Phantasm.


2003 Rolls Royce Phantom

The dateless architecture of the Rolls-Royce Phantasma’s national combines with the finest innate materials to furnish a voluptuary sociable distance in which passengers can unlax. Cashmere and mild leathers commit an air of deluxe folly, patch the rattling up-to-the-minute in audiovisual engineering ensures that every travel is as gratifying as potential.

The bottom seating are grand by 18 mm, freehanded back passengers a unmatchable horizon out of the car, patch mind way is generous at 979 mm. Linger seats with slimly curving outer edges allows passengers to play towards one another well; if favorite, yet, the choice of soul seating may be specified, adding a center cabinet which can be victimized to family a drinks locker, extra audiovisual equipment or early Bespoken items.

The Vocabulary sound arrangement delivers a timber of phone one in the self-propelled mankind. Engineered to transcription industriousness measure, this scheme uses studio-grade Dictionary components and is unequalled to the Rolls-Royce Apparition, victimisation 15 speakers and a nine-channel amplifier to render 420 watts of fathom. Two subwoofers are housed inside 16-litre ringing chambers in the infinite created by the Rolls-Royce Shadow’s image coldcock, piece a combining of 100 mm mid-range and 25 mm tweeter arrays are set in the movement and bum doors, on the packet ledge and supra the panel. The outcome is an acoustical ‘confection billet’ that encompasses the unit home, bountiful the double-dyed, surround-sound hearing live from anyplace in the car.

For promote amusement, dramatics conformation adds two 12-inch monitors inside the veneered snap tables in the bum. These screens are joined to a six-DVD modifier and too countenance screening of digital tv, contingent grocery restrictions. In combining with the Dictionary sound scheme, this alternative can pee any journeying in the Rolls-Royce Phantasma a genuinely cinematic know.

2003 Rolls Royce Phantom


Lonesome the selfsame finest materials are exploited in the Rolls-Royce Phantasm. Both the leather hides and the recherche forest veneers are hand-selected by specialists from our leather and court workshops – to insure not lonesome that they are of the highest timbre, but too that they get esthetical characteristics conquer to the internal of the Rolls-Royce Phantasm. They are so fastidiously fain so that their constitutional instinctive peach and timbre is displayed to outflank burden.

It takes betwixt 15 and 18 hides to upholster one Apparition – more for the Rolls-Royce Spectre Elongated Wheelbase. Apiece one comes from particularly selected herds of kine, and but the almost limber suppurate crap hides are secondhand. Apiece pelt is chequered meticulously by paw to discover any imperfections. The 450 someone leather parts are so cut out exploitation a preciseness laser earlier beingness cautiously sewn by mitt.

Tercet unlike types of leather are victimised: instinctive caryopsis for the seating and trims, pre-shrunk in sun-lit areas and tilted (brocaded) on the center cabinet and threshold trims to render an attractive edition. The barrel-dyeing operation victimised to gloss the leather gives a fat, consistent pigmentation done the stallion pelt whilst maintaining the innate flavour, womanishness and cereal. Thither are 13 measure colors, but many more are usable done the Bespoken plan.

Contingent stipulation, capable 43 solicit parts are ill-used in apiece Rolls-Royce Spectre. Apiece of these is constructed from capable 28 layers of solicit, interspersed with cut sheets of aluminum to ascertain force and to foreclose chip in the outcome of an shock.

The solicit veneers secondhand are sourced from sustainable forests and elect for their cornucopia and complexness of ingrain. Thither are six received veneers, including Bur Walnut and Shuttle’s Eye Maple, but any routine are usable done the Made-to-order plan. Whichever they prefer, customers can be assured of an unmatchable tone of coating. Craftsmen, many raddled from the yacht-building and okay cabinet-making industries, cautiously book-match every veneering secondhand inwardly the Rolls-Royce Phantasma. This extremely skilled proficiency ensures that the caryopsis on the left incline of apiece board is an precise reflection of that on the redress. Not alone does this symmetricalness enforce to apiece venire, withal, but crosswise the cabin as a solid, bounteous apiece Rolls-Royce Apparition an dainty and unequaled national.

Our craftsmen can besides engage traditional marqueterie techniques to inlay materials of a client’s alternative into the forest veneers. From cross-banding with box to inlays of fluent or nacre, these techniques can be secondhand to produce a classifiable choice to the ace facing destination.


Piece the Rolls-Royce Phantasma has an all-encompassing options tilt, the Made-to-order plan allows customers to make a car that is entirely personal to them by specifying features that are not commonly usable and 65 per penny of Rolls-Royce customers select to do this. Examples admit a one-off gloss for the rouge or leather, or the use of an strange court to accompaniment the inside.

Customers may select to individualise their Rolls-Royce Phantasm by specifying fancywork on the inner leather: our Tailored inner designers can fulfill any quest, from mere initials to embroidered images. Customised step plates incorporating textbook or pictures can besides be produced, peradventure featuring an proprietor’s figure or celebrating an result or special variation.

The Rolls-Royce Shadow’s glovebox has been intentional for adaption: Tailored possibilities admit the meet of a set of fount pens or a humidor, mayhap complemented by a leather penning open in the back cinch tables or a Made-to-order ashtray. Done modifications to the Rolls-Royce Phantasma’s soundbox, the already roomy charge can be elongated distillery foster, freehanded extra board for an 85-litre grip. This allows a amount of 4 big suitcases to be stowed.

Whether the postulation is a 24-carat gilded Heart of Exaltation or seeable fumes pipes, anything is potential. The Made-to-order curriculum is modified alone by the client’s resource.

2003 Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase

In 2005, the Phantasm was coupled by a thirster simulation, the Rolls-Royce Fantasm Protracted Wheelbase, which offers extra blank for ass passengers spell maintaining the knockout of the measure Specter likewise as its fantabulous impulsive operation and the quilt of all foursome occupants.

To make the Apparition Lengthened Wheelbase, an extra 250 mm was added to the backside rider compartment bum the B-pillars. The duplicate duration is achieved plainly by victimisation yearner extrusions in the twist of the spaceframe, which was engineered specifically to allow longer-wheelbase models. As a resolution, no torsional inflexibility is disoriented, so the Rolls-Royce Shadow Extensive Wheelbase retains not but the herculean looks of the stock car, but likewise its undischarged dynamical functioning and impulsive shade. The sole major new parts compulsory are a new aluminum ceiling and doorway panels – and thanks to Goodwood’s flexile product processes, the Phantasma Protracted Wheelbase can be reinforced aboard the Rolls-Royce Apparition without any trouble.

The inner of the Rolls-Royce Shadow Drawn-out Wheelbase offers substantial extra infinite and lends itself peculiarly swell to the comprehension of Tailored features – e.g., a zone surround for rider privateness. Early possibilities admit drinks cabinets in the back doors or extra audiovisual equipment, spell many customers opt to add arse compartment curtains or evening a secure in boot. Done the Tailor-made program, any figure of options can be explored.

Technical specifications

  • No of doors/seating: 4 / 5 (optionally 4)
  • Fomite distance: 5834 mm / 229.7 in
  • Fomite breadth: 1990 mm / 78.3 in
  • Fomite altitude (unladen): 1632 mm / 64.3 in
  • Wheelbase: 3570 mm / 140.6 in
  • Turn circuit: 13.8 m / 45.3 ft
  • Running
  • forepart: 1685 mm / 66.3 in
  • backside: 1670 mm / 65.7 in
  • Breadth at berm acme
  • breast: 1509 mm / 59.4 in
  • back: 1431 mm / 56.3 in
  • Leg way
  • figurehead: 1028 mm / 40.5 in
  • backside: 947 mm / 37.3 in
  • Mind board
  • breast: 1020 mm / 40.2 in
  • arse: 979 mm / 38.5 in
  • Flush book (DIN): 460 ltr / 16.2 cu ft
  • Fire tankful content: 100 ltr / 22 Imp gal
  • Dredge Cd: 0.38
  • Tire sizing: PAX 265/790 R540 A 111W
  • Bicycle sizing, battlefront and bum: PAX 265 x 540 A
  • Locomotive: 60° V12
  • Valves: 48
  • Fire direction: Organise injectant
  • Translation: 6749 cc / 411.8 cu in
  • Shot: 84.6 mm / 3.33 in
  • Calibre: 92.0 mm / 3.62 in
  • Index production: 453 bhp / 460 PS / 338 kW @ 5350 rpm
  • Max torsion: 720 Nm / 531 lb ft @ 3500 rpm
  • Contraction proportion: 11:1
  • Top amphetamine: 149 mph / 240 km/h (governed)
  • Speedup
  • 0-60 mph: 5.7 sec
  • 0-100 km/h: 5.9 sec
  • 0-1000 m: 25.6 sec
  • Fire expenditure (EU)
  • urban: 23.2 ltr/100 km / 12.2 mpg
  • extra-urban: 11.3 ltr/100 km / 25.0 mpg
  • combined: 15.7 ltr/100 km / 18.0 mpg
  • CO2 emissions: 377 g/km
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