2003 Renault Megane Ii Coupecabriolet 20 Dynmaique Version

Renault Megane II CoupeCabriolet 2.0 Dynmaique Version

The Mégane II was launched in 2002, and pronounced a entirely saucy beginning. The two cars wear really footling resemblance, the new fomite having been elysian by the producer’s new elan low seen in the Avantime. The tremendous achiever of the Mégane crossways Europe proven that Renault’s new bluff styling was a taking recipe and the subsequent loser of the Avantime to trade in gravid numbers can be attributed to its strange commercialise emplacement preferably than its styling. The new Mégane was voted European Car Of The Yr in 2003, and achieved a 5-star prophylactic paygrade in the EuroNCAP clangour tests, the low car in its stratum to do so.

Mégane II and the Lagoon were both showcases for often of forward-looking technologies Renault launched about 2001-2002; the Renault Lineup keyless ignition, touchstone on the Mégane II, was a beginning therein form and has since been wide adoptive. Likewise, the choice of a bird’s-eye spyglass sunshine-roof is another country in which Renault led where others followed.

RenaultSport (RS) versions of the 3-door and 5-door hatchbacks were introduced, equipt with a turbocharged gasolene 2.0 L 16v locomotive producing 225 hp. On with the locomotive, changes were made to the presence and arse hanging geometry to ameliorate manipulation, and the framework features a deeper, wider figurehead bumper. The Mégane Renault Variation competes in the hot hatching section of the commercialize.

As with the old Mégane, the grasp of models is super wide-cut; thither is a iii and fin doorway hatchback useable, named “Athletics Concoct” and “Hachure” severally, thither is a 4-door ginmill/saloon (Play Bar), a five-door acres (Fun Tourist / Grandtour), and to supplant both the Mégane Coupe and Transformable, a new retractable hardtop Mégane Coupe-Convertible (shown supra). In position of the old Mégane Scenic arrives a new Scénic uncommitted in short- and long-wheelbase models, the latter offer vii seating for duplicate versatility.

The putsché-convertible features an forward-looking foldaway deoxyephedrine ceiling mechanics reinforced by Karmann.

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