2003 Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche 911 Turbo

The 2003 Porsche 9-11 Turbo is an exciting commixture of powerfulness and ascendence. Ability comes from its 3.6-liter, horizontally opposed, six-cylinder “packer” locomotive, which uses the supercharge of duplicate turbochargers to offer 415 hp (SAE) and 415 pound-feet of torsion. Restraint comes from all-wheel cause, the Porsche Stableness Direction arrangement (PSM) and 18-inch wheels with Z-rated tires that pee-pee the modish Porsche Turbo the best-handling variation in the exemplar’s chronicle.

“Exponent is more meaningful when the driver is in discharge ascendance,” says Frederick J. Schwab, chair and CEO of Porsche Cars Northwards America. “That’s the mantrap of the Porsche 9-11 Turbo. It provides awing might and awesome dynamical restraint.”

And for a driver who wants evening more powerfulness, an optional manufactory installed X50 locomotive sweetening functioning parcel ups the turbochargers’ rise to acquire 444 h.p. (SAE).

2003 Porsche 911 Turbo

Nevertheless, thither’s more to the Porsche 9-11 Turbo than fell mightiness. Porsche intentional the 9-11 Turbo not alone for gamy functioning, but to render long-distance comfortableness too. The lean of measure equipment includes a Bose high-end digital sound organisation and early extra luxuriousness features.

Styled for form and function

Spell the new-generation Porsche 9-11 Turbo divine the front-end redesign of the 911 Carrera for the 2002 modeling twelvemonth, the Porsche 9-11 Turbo retains many single torso parts and conception elements lone uncommitted on the Porsche 9-11 Turbo. 3 great uptake grills command the depress battlefront facia and allow chilling air to the car’s leash radiators. Compared to the 9-11 Carrera models, the Porsche 9-11 Turbo has a wider posture, especially at the bum, where the Porsche 9-11 Turbo is 2.6 inches (65 mm) wider to fit the touchstone 18-inch metal wheels and monumental 295/30 ZR18 tires.

2003 Porsche 911 Turbo

Air scoops incorporate into the leadership edges of the bottom fenders canal air to the turbocharger intercoolers, patch louvers in the sides of the depress behind screening departure air from the intercoolers. The locomotive compartment lid carries a bikini backside stabiliser flank, the amphetamine parting of which mechanically rises at speeds supra 75 mph (120 km/h) and lowers at 50 mph (80 km/h).

Porsche’s turbocharged heritage

Porsche began exploitation turbochargers in the 917 racecar in the other Seventies and introduced its low Porsche 9-11 Turbo simulation in 1974. The 9-11 Turbo arrived in the Joined States for model-year 1976, and with its 234-horsepower locomotive (U.S.-spec) could reach 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 5.5 seconds. Porsche introduced innovations that increased the dependability of turbocharging, including the beat wastegate to determine encourage press and intercoolers to concentrate the temperature of the tight uptake air. From the origin, Porsche intentional the 9-11 Turbo as a full furnished thou phaeton with a high-pitched floor of banner lavishness features.

Porsche pioneered the all-wheel campaign supercar with the special yield 959 of the mid-1980s. Although not imported to Northwards America, the turbocharged 959 became a Porsche caption and paved the way for the outset standard-production all-wheel campaign Porsche 9-11 Turbo, which arrived in the U.S. for 1996.

Racing-derived engine

A racecar-derived 3.6-liter, twin-turbo six-cylinder locomotive gives the Porsche 9-11 Turbo astonishing execution capabilities. The locomotive produces 415 hp (SAE) @ 6,000 rpm and sustains 415 lb.-ft. of crown torsion from 2,700-4,600 rpm. Superpower drives done a measure six-speed manual transmitting, with the forward-looking Tiptronic S five-speed automatonlike infection as an selection.

With powerfulness characteristics of a far bigger locomotive, the Porsche 9-11 Turbo can quicken from zero-to-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in hardly 4.2 seconds. On the trial raceway, the Porsche 9-11 Turbo testament dash from a stand to 100 mph (160 km/h) in solitary 9.2 seconds and can reach a top upper of 189 mph (305 km/h).

The Porsche 9-11 Turbo locomotive is based direct on the 3.6-liter locomotive from the GT1 racecar that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998. (The locomotive is not a turbocharged interpretation of the new 3.6-liter whole secondhand in the 2003 9-11 Carrera models.)

To lodge the gamey rise insistency produced by its double turbochargers, the locomotive features a 9.4-to-1-compression proportion, compared to 11.3-to-1 for the 9-11 Carrera models.

Inhalation air enters done louvers in the locomotive lid, flows into a spliff air percolate lodging then into the turbochargers. The turbos contract the air to a maximal of 11.76 psi (0.8 bar o’er aura). From the turbos, the inhalation air flows done double intercoolers (one mounted in apiece bum pilot) so into the trigger scheme.

Similar all flow Porsche engines, the Porsche 9-11 Turbo features reduplicate smash camshafts and foursome valves per cylinder. The new-generation Porsche 9-11 Turbo introduced a new rendering of the Porsche VarioCam valve timing organisation. Called VarioCam Addition, the new scheme provides ceaselessly adjustable valve timing by victimisation two camshaft profiles and two sets of tappets to variegate both valve rhytidoplasty and continuance. The scheme helps further low-end and mid-range torsion. Two-fold valve springs assure dependable, high-performance performance.

2003 Porsche 911 Turbo

Serial multi-port fire injectant features ramify fire mixing restraint for apiece cylinder camber and a coil-on-plug (“distributorless”) ignition provides nimble answer and honest surgery. The ME 7.8 locomotive ascendancy faculty incorporates the E-Gas electronic gas. In situation of a ceremonious bound telegraph apparatus, E-Gas electronically transmits treadle berth to the locomotive restraint whole. The new organization provides evening cardsharper bound answer and ensures low emissions.

The Porsche 9-11 Turbo adds an optional X50 locomotive sweetening execution box that increases h.p. to 444 (SAE) @ 5,700 rpm and sustains 457 lb.-ft of eyeshade torsion from 3,500 – 4,500 rpm. The new software includes modifications to the turbo courser, air inspiration tank, electronic command whole, exhaust, besides as a reinforced transmittal. The X50 software is but uncommitted as an pick from mill.

Six-speed manual or advanced Tiptronic S transmission

The Porsche 9-11 Turbo offers a prize ‘tween a precise-shifting banner six-speed manual infection or the optional Tiptronic S five-speed robotlike transmittance. The six-speed manual features a dual-mass flywheel for low vibe and a hydraulic grip for uniform execution.

With the innovative Tiptronic S, the driver can post the switch prize into “D” and let the transmittance do the shift, or switch into “M” and mastery gearshifts with steerage wheel-mounted ovolo switches.

In robotic style, Tiptronic S uses boundlessly varying switch points to answer to the impulsive fate and the drive manner. During easy drive, Tiptronic S volition upshift former to cater a tranquillity rally and the outdo fire efficiency. With faster accelerator activeness, the transmittal responds by nurture switching points to grasp apiece train thirster for crinkle reaction and exponent. The Tiptronic S transmittance draws from among 250 unlike shifting maps to offer optimum functioning at all multiplication.

Fifty-fifty patch in robotic modality, the computer-controlled Tiptronic S responds comparable a driver operative a manual transmittal, downshifting or belongings frown gears when cornering and impulsive on hills. Tiptronic S allows the driver to choice manual mood by urgent an up- or downshift push, tied with the sack pry in the “D” spot.

All-wheel drive

The Porsche 9-11 Turbo uses an all-wheel driving organization based on a gluey multi-plate clutches situated now butt the figurehead derivative. Deliberation solitary 120 pounds (54 kg), the all-wheel driving organization in the Porsche 9-11 Turbo qualifies as one of the lightest such systems in the manufacture.

The all-wheel crusade arrangement directs torsion to the forepart wheels at a pace of five-to-40 pct, contingent uncommitted grip and exponent applied. The viscid whole compensates for differing pedal speeds during cornering. The Porsche 9-11 Turbo exhibits prominent grip on all route surfaces. Notwithstanding, Porsche did not signify the all-wheel cause scheme as an all-weather grip supporter.

The four-wheeled main dangling features a Porsche-optimized MacPherson-strut invention before and a multilink frame-up in the back, both with al hanging components to concentrate unsprung angle. Battlefront and back stabiliser bars and gas-charged cushion absorbers render blandish cornering. Touchstone index rack-and shackle direction yields a nimble 2.98 turns lock-to-lock and a nasty 34.8-ft. (10.6-meter) turn roofy.

A “staggered” bike/wear align (wider wheels and wider, lower-profile tires in the ass) contributes to indifferent treatment. The touchstone aluminium hollow-spoke debase wheels measuring 18 x 8 inches ahead and mountain 225/40 ZR18 tires; the 18 x 11-inch ass wheels rise 295/30 ZR18 tires.

Race-proven brakes

The 2003 9-11 Turbo employs the four-wheeled vented record brakes derived from the Porsche GT1 racecar. One-piece (“monoblock”), four-piston bracken calipers thin unsprung slant and better hotness dissolution. The figurehead and ass discs bill 13.0 inches in diam (330 mm), but dissent in heaviness – 1.34-inch (34 mm) ahead and 1.1-inch (28 mm) in the ass. The cross-drilled discs shoot passion to keep braking execution and bracken spirit eventide nether backbreaking utilization.

Porsche Stability Management

Porsche equips the 2003 9-11 Turbo with the Porsche Stableness Direction scheme (PSM), an initiation the carmaker kickoff introduced on the 1999 9-11 Carrera 4. Exploitation information from various detector inputs, PSM can observe a release of grasp at the breast or backside and thin unbalance by applying braking to case-by-case wheels and, if essential, neutering locomotive mightiness. PSM can aid dungeon the Porsche 9-11 Turbo expiration in the guidance the driver steers, particularly on tricky roadstead.

The PSM arrangement operates so promptly that nigh drivers probably leave not flavour it qualification corrections, and, if excited, the scheme operates whether or not the driver is exploitation the brakes. The driver can free PSM with a fascia alternate, but, for refuge, PSM bequeath engross below braking so free when the driver lifts off the bracken. Patch the arrangement provides active treatment help, Porsche cautions drivers that PSM cannot subvert the laws of physics.

Safe by design

With the mellow functioning possible of the Porsche 9-11 Turbo comes a gamy story of occupier security. A patented crinkle district structure protects a built rider compartment. Supplementing the three-point inertia-reel seatbelts, the Porsche 9-11 Turbo has seatbelt pretensioners and payload limiters. All Porsche 2003 models admit duple presence airbags summation the Porsche Incline Shock Shelter Arrangement that includes boron-steel threshold reward beams, endoergic threshold panels, and door-mounted slope airbags. The 30-liter content sidebags offer extra aegis for the breast, brain, and hip.

Child safety seat can be used

At a client’s asking, a U.S. Porsche bargainer can instal a organization that deactivates the rider airbags when a U.S. Porsche-approved minor bottom is ill-used. The organization features a hybridization bitstock with rap lock presence of the rider buns. Buckling the limited nipper backside into this pair deactivates the airbags. To establish the scheme, the principal likewise moldiness reprogram the airbag ascendancy faculty.

Security and luxury features

The Porsche 9-11 Turbo comes weaponed with a full-of-the-moon ticket of banner luxuriousness and protection features:

  • Anti-theft arrangement with locomotive immobilizer and alarum
  • Machinelike mood ascendance with dot/pollen and excited charcoal-gray aroma filters
  • Bi-Xenon headlights (xe high-intensity sack lights for the low and gamey beams)
  • Bose digital sound organisation with six-channel amplifier and 12 speakers
  • Het powerfulness sideview mirrors
  • Het windscreen washer nozzles
  • Leather-covered telescoping three-spoke wheel with Porsche Peak
  • Metal key
  • Superpower porta for the baggage and locomotive compartment lids
  • Index sunshine-roof
  • Superpower windows with one-touch up/polish
  • Power-adjustable entire leather seating with driver’s bum storage
  • Programmable outside lockup organisation
  • Stumble figurer
  • The outback launching organisation allows the driver to unfold the trunk lid and control the ass store office.

    2003 Porsche 911 Turbo

    Communicating at the speed of light

    Porsche’s new Communicating Direction organization (PCM) comprises tuners, CD actor, pilotage arrangement, and stumble calculator, all joined done Media-Oriented Systems Transferral (Almost) digital databus. The Virtually scheme incorporates light-wave conductors that change information ‘tween the case-by-case components without departure of timber and at ultra-high speeds.

    2003 Porsche 911 Turbo

    PCM includes a 5.8-inch gloss cover with its 16:9 expression proportion and 12-position keyboard for well and expeditiously ingress radiocommunication frequencies. The organisation assures splendid sound character.

    The seafaring faculty provides such features as route joint zoom-in, active sailing to avert over-crowding, map scrolling so you can see bey your flow post, enlistment provision with the power to memorise as many as 8 destinations in a row and a CD-ROM organisation that can be victimised for the sailing arrangement or for euphony.

    Bose audio

    The Porsche 9-11 Turbo features the Bose arrangement as touchstone equipment, patch former Porsche models crack a Bose organization as an pick. Apiece Bose sound scheme has been custom-engineered for a detail Porsche modelling.

    The Bose self-propelling euphony systems blend balanced stereophony, a bird’s-eye soundstage, cryptic deep and tranquil oftenness answer to get vivid euphony replication evening in the thought-provoking surround of a car. Digital amplifiers cater strip, uncoloured audio at any hearing stratum. In the Porsche 9-11 Turbo, 12 ripe loudspeakers and a subwoofer flux seamlessly into cabin cut, upbringing and broadening the fathom level and ensuring balanced stereophonic.

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