2003 Pontiac Montana Thunder

Pontiac Montana Thunder

The Montana nameplate was victimized as a passementerie story of the Pontiac Trans Athletics van from 1997 to 1998. GM dropped the Trans Mutant distinguish for 1999 (2000 in Canada) and the van but became Montana. This multiplication was related the late propagation Buick GL8, the Chevrolet Speculation, the Oldsmobile Silhouette, the Vauxhall Sintra, and the Opel Sintra. The Opel and Vauxhall were sole sold in Europe, although made in the like manufactory in the USA as the others. Chevrolet likewise introduced a near selfsame duplicate to Pontiac economize for its badging for European usance, named the Chevrolet Trans Athletics. Both of the Buick GL8 minivans were but sold in Chinaware.

The 2000-2005 GL8 is a standardized adaptation of the first-generation Pontiac Montana, and the 2005+ GL8 is standardized to the Pontiac Montana SV6. The Pontiac Montana came in both short- and long-wheelbase models. The Pontiac Montana was one of the few minivans which provided seats for ogdoad. For 2001, the Montana standard a new wheel with the Pontiac symbolisation which replaces the one with the Pontiac letters. For 2003, the sport-style caput restraints were dropped in favour of the schematic mind restraints the Jeopardize and Silhouette offered; and the anti-lock brakes became optional, likewise as for the Speculation, but remained measure for the Silhouette earlier Oldsmobile’s dying in 2004.

New for this coevals, cabin air filters were installed, and the filters can be accessed from buns an approach venire well accessed from inner the mitt compartment.

2003 Pontiac Montana Thunder

The Montana Scag was the near up-level manakin of the Montana. Introduced in 2002, Boom featured limited “Scag” badging, Thunder-specific 16″ chromium-plate 5-spoke rims, upgraded rag and manipulation box, and a particular freebooter on the rear of the ceiling wheel. Interior, the Montana Roar had especial two-tone nigrify and grayness leather seats, and a pierced leather-wrapped wheel. The Montana Roar was produced in 2002 and 2003, but for 2004 and 2005 it was made an optional box on Montana GTs called the “Chrome-Sport” software. Solitary the “Roar” badges were discontinued. Scorn the Pontiac Montana’s redesign in 2005, Pontiac continued to trade the archetype consistence panache for the 2005 framework yr for fade use. The death Montana involute off the line on Border 31, 2004 as a 2005 modelling.

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