2003 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

Miniskirt is both the describe of a auxiliary of BMW, and a car produced by that auxiliary since 2001. The car is marketed as a “retroactive” redesign of the pilot Miniskirt, which was manufactured by the British Motive Pot and its successors from 1959 to 2000. To severalise it from its harbinger (the ‘definitive Miniskirt’), the marque for the new car is Miniskirt (scripted in chapiter letters). It is frequently called ‘The BMW Miniskirt’, ‘The New Miniskirt’, or but ‘Miniskirt’. The Miniskirt is manufactured in Cowley, Oxford, Joined Realm, in what was historically the Morris car embed.


The Miniskirt is usable in septenary models: the Miniskirt One D, the Miniskirt One, the Miniskirt One Transmutable, the Miniskirt Cooper, the Miniskirt Cooper S, the Miniskirt Cooper Transmutable and the Miniskirt Cooper S Translatable. In Portugal, the Miniskirt One is powered by a 1.4 l interpretation of the Tritec locomotive but all former gas powered MINIs use the 1.6 l reading. Since 2004, a soft-top transmutable selection has been uncommitted crosswise the total grasp.

Thither are legion styling and badging differences betwixt the models, possibly the nearly obvious existence that the Cooper S has a typical best delve the cowling to supply airflow o’er the top mounted intercooler. The Cooper S besides has counterpart exhausts which expiration nether the centerfield of the back cornice. The (non-S) Cooper has more chromium-plate parts than the Miniskirt One and has a ace release. The Miniskirt One/D has no seeable release pipes at all.

In roughly markets, such as Australia and the US, sole the Miniskirt Cooper and Cooper S are sold because the Miniskirt One’s locomotive was considered to present deficient superpower to run an air conditioner – a necessity sport in those climates. Nonetheless, the lonesome deviation ‘tween the engines in the ‘One’ and the ‘Cooper’ models is a package modification inside the locomotive ascendancy whole which is tuned for optimal fire thriftiness on the Miniskirt One and for a compromise betwixt ability and thriftiness on the Cooper. Virtually l pct of all MINIs sold in Australia and approximately lxx percentage of those sold in the US are the top-of-the-range Cooper S framework.

2003 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

2003 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

The names Cooper and Cooper S recall the names ill-used for the sportier interpretation of the authoritative Miniskirt which successively occur from the participation of Can Cooper and the Cooper Car Accompany. The Cooper inheritance is advance emphasized with the Privy Cooper Plant (JCW) reach of tuning options that are uncommitted with the Miniskirt.


The Miniskirt One, Cooper and Cooper S use a Brazilian-built Tritec locomotive piece the Miniskirt One/D uses a Toyota-built diesel. In Grand 2006, BMW proclaimed that engines would in succeeding be reinforced in the UK, qualification the car basically British-built again (besides as the last assemblage at Cowley, the consistence pressings are made in nearby Swindon).

Piece the bodoni Miniskirt uses none of the technology of the pilot Miniskirt, it does catch practically of the feel of the graeco-roman car. Similar the archetype, it uses a transversely-mounted four-cylinder locomotive impulsive the figurehead wheels. All 4 wheels are pushed to the corners of the personify which is a ‘two-box’ or ‘hot incubate’ invention. The styling of the car, wish that of the Volkswagen New Overhang, is a retroactive designing that is advisedly resonant of the master Miniskirt with contrastive cap colors, optional cowl stripe, optional rag lights and with inkiness reduce some the rack arches and cradle panels that mime the across-the-board roll flares institute on many classical Minis.

The Miniskirt One and Miniskirt Cooper are uncommitted with a unendingly varying transmittance or with a ceremonious Getrag five-speed manual transmittal. The Cooper S comes with a six-speed Getrag manual or (from the 2005 framework yr forwards) a full reflex infection with totter shifters.

2003 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

Proficient innovations admit an electrically goaded might guidance scheme that avoids pickings might from the locomotive, peer distance driveshafts to decimate torsion bullock, and a advanced multi-link back respite. The Miniskirt has a ’cause by telegram’ electronic gas, electronic brakeforce dispersion, and electronic stableness command to ameliorate ascendancy and treatment in untoward weather.

Adding a supercharger to the Cooper S exemplar needful that the bombardment be resettled into the bum of the car – departure no way for a bare tire. Thence this modelling comes with run mat tyres as received.

2003 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works


At the ‘Salon Outside de l’Motorcar’ (Hollands Drive Establish) in 2004, Miniskirt introduced a cab (transformable) exemplar which was released in the 2005 modeling twelvemonth and uncommitted in One, Cooper and Cooper S versions.

2003 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

The transmutable ceiling is amply reflexive – an strange sport in such a minor car – and can be open partly to routine a sunshine-roof whilst the car is drive at hurrying. The transmutable modeling forsakes the back brood of the hardtop Miniskirt – replacement it with a sink ‘tailboard’ figure redolent of the hellenic Miniskirt and incorporating likewise outstanding international hinges. The translatable too adds two belittled might windows for the ass bum passengers which are retracted mechanically as the ceiling opens. The cap is made from a expectant material with many layers of insularism; the bum windowpane is of ice and has a bullet/deicer but no washer or wiper.

As a put-on, (and doubtless as a contribution of Miniskirt’s viral merchandising overture) purchasers of the Miniskirt translatable were asked to foretoken a ‘abridge’ bright that they’d thrust the car with the cap unfold leastwise 90% of the sentence. Miniskirt likewise set a call hotline (in the USA: 1-888-DO NOT Finish) which one may birdcall to story translatable owners who are impulsive with the ceiling up unsuitably. The machine-controlled scheme offers such helpful advice as how to dispense a wedgie to the wrongdoer.

The Works GP MINI

The end reading of the cars to be made with the Tritec locomotive are the “Miniskirt Cooper S Deeds GP”, a jackanapes, race-prepped Privy Cooper Workings example. It was produced as a limited-production run of 2000 cars in 2006, approximately 400 of those ear-marked for the US commercialise. It has racing elan strawman seating and no ass seating, decreased sound-deadening, optional air-conditioning and over-the-counter refinements that slim the boilersuit angle by roughly 15%. Additionally, it has enhanced brakes and hiatus likewise as 218 h.p. from the Privy Cooper Deeds locomotive alteration bundle. In berth of the backside seating thither is extra personify rigidifying and below-floor store areas. Thither are many unequalled styling points such as red doorway mirrors, a unlike coddler pattern and specialized badging. Apiece car is severally numbered with a decalcomania on the ceiling.

2003 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

Success story

Whilst the car has been criticized for its pathetic space-efficiency compared with the pilot Miniskirt (scorn its importantly bigger sizing), its fidelity to the archetype’s razor acute manipulation characteristics and its singular styling has seen the Miniskirt suit a sales winner in Europe and (from 2002) in the U.S..

BMW has standard a important reserve of orders end-to-end the biography of the car and the Cowley manufactory is presently expanding to scope a capacitance of round 240,000 cars p.a.; all of this with footling established advertizement.

The car has featured in many movies, about famed of which is the 2003 remaking of The Italian Job. (See besides: Tilt of movies in which Miniskirt cars are featured.)

As with the graeco-roman Miniskirt, the new Miniskirt has a far-flung clubhouse and fancier chase and stiff after-market reenforcement for functioning upgrades and styling enhancements. Such community backup keeps the make extremely precious and shows BMW’s determination to relaunch the Miniskirt as a successful job scheme. The Miniskirt Cooper/Cooper S won the N American Car of the Yr awarding for 2003.

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