2003 Mercedes Benz Clk55 Cabriolet Amg

Mercedes-Benz CLK55 Cabriolet AMG

The Mercedes-Benz W209 cars sustain been produced since 2002. They are sold below the CLK-Class modeling names. The W209 is based on the W203 C-Class. It replaced the C208 CLK-Class afterwards 2004 which were the get-go car to express the CLK sobriquet.

2003 Mercedes Benz Clk55 Cabriolet Amg

The W209 is usable in two consistence styles, a coupe and a cab, and with 3 engines usable, a V6 (CLK320 in ’04, CLK350 thenceforth), V8 (CLK500), and charged V8 (CLK55). The cab (Designated with an A, as in CLK500A) features a full robotlike retractable mild top covered by a alloy tonneau that can be brocaded and lowered from exterior the fomite victimization the key fob.

Market position and competitors

The CLK is intentional to filling the mid-luxury commercialise billet for coupes and convertibles. It is Mercedes-Benz’s sole 4-seat cab. Its engineer competitors in the cab commercialise are the Volvo C70 and the Lexus SC430, although it is useable with bigger engines than any of its engineer competitors. The CLK is positioned middle betwixt the BMW 3 serial coupe/cab and the 6 serial coupe/cab.


2003 Mercedes Benz Clk55 Cabriolet Amg

The CLK is a summit fomite whose manipulation is exceptionally accurate evening below extremum cornering, route, and endure weather, and whose execution is capable the quickest promptly useable sports cars on the commercialise. Functioning is electronically circumscribed to 135mph in the CLK350 and CLK500 models, and to 155mph in the CLK55 example. The electronic limit is matte as a gunpoint at which the car but won’t go quicker, not as an stilted fire crosscut that can campaign bucking as in about vehicles.

The Electronic Stableness Controller (ESP) and Antilock breakage scheme (ABS) are both fantabulous aids to manipulation, devising such feats as a 90′ arcdegree arouse a distinctive two lane crossing from 50mph potential victimisation unproblematic arduous breakage and turn with no important fishtailing. Although the ESP scheme can be manually sour off, it ne’er really allows the wheels to twist altogether freely. E.g., the ESP organisation makes floating (designed high-energy fishtailing) inconceivable without closing the ESP organization off exploitation a mill tryout protocol that end-users cannot enable.

2003 Mercedes Benz Clk55 Cabriolet Amg

2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 Cabriolet AMG

Both the 5-speed (’04 and ’05) and 7-speed automatonlike transmissions are so tranquil that shift is obtrusive sole strange impulsive weather. The cars deliver a manual mutant/solace fashion substitution that sets the contagion to scratch in 2nd train and switch before in comfortableness modality. The new 7-speed transmitting ads approximately 20% amend fire milage in tangible drive weather concluded the 5-speed with no departure in functioning, although the extra shifty can be detectable. In the CLK500, at 80mph, the 5-speed transmittal runs at almost 3000rpm, piece the 7-speed runs at almost 2200rpm. Both transmissions admit reflex scoop train determination so that the driver pauperism not support rails of which pitch the car is in during operation impulsive, and in the AMG framework, the infection can be set to halt in the highest potential gearing for the topper potential functioning.

The 5-speed CLK500 gets an intermediate of 15mpg in substantial metropolis drive weather, whereas the 7-speed CLK500 get an modal of almost 18mpg below the like weather. Both add some 3mpg for highway impulsive.

The new 3.5 l locomotive delivers adequate operation to shuffling the car look essentially the like on the demarcation of motors; The before 320 matte alike a agile car but was not in the like grade as the CLK500/55 in price of functioning. The CLK55 AMG ads well less extra operation than the AMG versions of early Mercedes-Benz cars, which believably accounts for its comparative tenuity.

Comfort and convenience

Mercedes-Benz concentrates its ergonomic pattern technology efforts on elusive luxuries, such as seat-belt presenters, mechanically threatening headrests when the behind is stirred rachis so that it’s in the adjust berth for marvellous drivers, and sullen the rider incline mirror to shew the curtail when the car is in reversal.

2003 Mercedes Benz Clk55 Cabriolet Amg

More obvious comforts admit mechanically dimming mirrors, in-dash pilotage instructions, wheel controller of sound organisation, iPod, and structured call organisation, and cornering fog lamps that clear the route when you render the like focusing as the routine indicators signaling.

Model changes

The W209 was introduced in 2002. At unveiling, it was uncommitted with a 3.2 l locomotive, a 5.0 l locomotive, and a 5.5 litre locomotive. The 2004 CLK was the death Mercedes Benz motorcar to use the august D2B (Digital Information Bus) optic character media organisation introduced a dec before. The almost obvious trouble with this organization was the understandably disused CD-ROM based piloting scheme.

The 2005 update included a new 3.5 litre 6 cylinder and the Near (Media Orientated Consecutive Transferral) media scheme ill-used in the balance of the Mercedes Benz pipeline, delivery on a importantly ascent DVD based seafaring scheme and iPod integrating as optional features. The 2006 included an improved 3.5 litre 6 cylinder locomotive and added the wheel switching paddles from the AMG framework to the CLK500.

2003 Mercedes Benz Clk55 Cabriolet Amg

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