2003 Mercedes Benz Cl65 Amg

Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG

The sec propagation of the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class is the C215-chassis putsché of 2000-2006. It is based on the 1999-2006 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W220), though it rides on an 8-inch (203 mm) shorter wheelbase. Sales in Germany started in Venerable 1999 for the CL 500 V8.

The C215 outside designing and participating hanging was previewed by the Mercedes-Benz F200 conception in 1996.

The CL is offered as fin models: the V8-powered CL 500, the charged V8-powered CL 55 AMG, the V12-powered CL 600, a limited-edition V12-powered CL 63 AMG, and the rarefied bi-turbo V12-powered CL 65 AMG. All models behind four-spot.

The CL coupes seed equipt with the identical modish in Mercedes-Benz engineering, and on with the S-Class sedans the CL coupes invite new technical features. It was the irregular car, (later the W220 S-Class), with Distronic: the offset world-wide radar-assisted Self-directed sail ascendance organization.

It was the commencement car in the earth with both low and gamy transmit (Bi-Xenon) Mellow Vividness Release headlamps.

2003 Mercedes Benz Cl65 Amg

It introduced the elegant Dynamic Personify Restraint full fighting suspension. Alive Trunk Ascendence uses foursome hydraulic respite rams that use 3 pressing regulators affiliated to a compounding superpower steerage and hanging ticker, push mobile at a force of 2,960 psi (20,400 kPa) done the organization that, on with various intercede computers and professional CPU, keeps this car dead mat done the corners. The CL-class has a drawn-out lean of usance uncommitted features. The pursuit features are received: clime command, ABC (hydraulic) abeyance, all-leather decorator solicit trimness, trip-up reckoner, CD, sailing scheme, breast het seating, superpower moonroof, besides as ability doorway and torso completion serve. Optional features admit a het wheel and voice-activated ring, too as, strawman fan-cooled and het seating.

2003 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG

The CL 63 AMG is the rarest W215 CL of all. It was produced just in November 2001 and upright 26 examples were e’er reinforced purchasable. Around UK examples were registered in Marching 2002. The V12-powered CL 63 AMG was lone sold in Europe and Asia. Mercedes-Benz ne’er offered the W215 CL 63 purchasable; all were sold solely done AMG.

From 1999 done 2003, the V12-equipped cars featured a cylinder inactivation organisation called Dynamic Cylinder Restraint. The sport was dropped when the 500 PS (368 kW; 493 hp) bi-turbo V12 was introduced. This disactivation boast allowed the CL 600 to get bettor fire saving than the corresponding CL500 (when not equipt with ACC itself, an selection for the V8), peculiarly on the route where the six-cylinder performance could be efficaciously victimized. Essentially this locomotive is two Mercedes six-cylinder serial engines paired to a usual starter with conquer locomotive monitoring systems.

In 2003, the cars were upgraded with Pre-Safe precrash arrangement and a newer electronics box that included a DVD-based pilotage arrangement alternatively of the CD-based COMAND organization. Besides, the locomotive options changed. The CL55 AMG became charged allowing the car to speed from 0-60 mph in 4.27sec according to Motive Style and the V12 CL 600 had turbochargers added and a flimsy locomotive diminution, from 5980 cc to 5513 cc. Both cars produced 500 PS (368 kW; 493 hp) the differentiation, again, was the quietude of the CL 600 as compared to quite noisy CL 55 AMG. The more knock-down CL 65 produced 612 PS (450 kW; 604 hp). The top swiftness of the car was express to 250 km/h (160 mph).


  • Pre-Safe, the unified Mercedes-Benz hit shunning and answer arrangement, that debuted with the W220 S-Class.
  • Electronic Constancy Syllabus (ESP) and Bracken Aid were measure features for unmanageable impulsive weather and pinch maneuvers.
  • The C215 CL-Class added stock movement and back english drapery airbags. In summate, the C215 features 8 airbags: 2 facade (driver and rider), 4 position airbags (one for apiece rider, optional for arse seating) and 2 window-airbags.
  • LED bracken lights were besides banner matter on the C215. LED bracken lights illume quicker than schematic bulbs.
  • Comfort and convenience

  • Distronic sail ascendence, which could asseverate a set space betwixt the CL-Class and any fomite before.
  • Speedtronic adjustable fastness clipper for not prodigious a set hurrying on roadstead with hurrying limits.
  • Keyless Go, a smarting key ingress and inauguration arrangement.
  • Rain-sensing windscreen wipers.
  • Lighter sensors to number the headlights on and off mechanically, contingent kindling destiny. The pawn showing and the COMAND filmdom’s backlight and colouring too conform mechanically contingent the ambient lighter billet.
  • Parktronic optic and hearable parking aid, with sensors in the breast and ass bumpers. Besides, the rider english mirror can pivot devour mechanically when piquant verso, to service see the restrict.
  • Mechanically het outside mirrors.
  • Amply robotlike clime mastery scheme with pollen and charcoal-grey filters and optional offprint rear-seat clime controls.
  • COMAND scheme combines the controls for sound systems, the video, the pilotage and the phone. COMAND based cars fling higher tone sound compared to the Sound 10 scheme.
  • Optional BOSE vocalize scheme.
  • Summertime Spread/Finish – Power to surface and finale all four-spot windows and the sunshine-roof at the sametime upon debut and/or expiration from the fomite.
  • Ego hatchway and closure body.
  • Self-closing doors.
  • Electrically adjustable seating are measure. Optional were the retention procedure for the seating (criterion in many countries on the bigger locomotive models) and the multi-contour backrests with knead role.
  • Light debut/issue office.
  • Auto-dimming midland and driver’s slope outside back panorama mirrors to forbid organism dazzled by cars bottom.
  • bi-xenon headlamps
  • Linguatronic vocalization credit arrangement which can be exploited to ascendence the sound arrangement, piloting organisation, and a cellphone done vox commands.
  • Drivetrain technologies

    2003 Mercedes Benz Cl65 Amg

    The C215 featured sole the hydraulic Dynamic Consistence Ascendence (ABC) organization. It is technically more ripe than measure Airmatic air abeyance constitute on the W220 S-Class sib, and keeps the car stratum flush in fasting corners, provides a puff and sports context. Besides, the car acme can be increased by victimization a clit, increasing background headroom (2 settings) for drive on hard terrain, lowers mechanically at higher speeds.

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