2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L

Lincoln Town Car Cartier L

The following new consistence fashion premiered in 1998, a redesign which included the remotion of the car’s punk grace and more angulate shapes. The Cartier modelling besides standard a 220 hp interpretation of the Modular V8.

2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L

The more boxlike Township Car conception of the Nineties was replaced by a curvacious conception dodge with a downwardly slanting trunklid, pursed lip grill and cat-eye headlights.

Spell the Townsfolk Car doomed trey inches in boilersuit distance, the new Townspeople Car was two inches wider, one in taller, and weighed 600 pounds more. The post-1997 Township Car features a somewhat yearner wheelbase also.

2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L

The internal was besides all redesigned. Doorway and tool panels also as the wireless brass, switches and controls were redone. Extra solicit cut was added to the fresh intentional dahsboard and the doorway panels. The index arse controls were touched to the threshold panels. Lincoln emblems were too added to the threshold panels.

A manufactory alternative uncommitted to case-by-case owners of Townsfolk Cars since 2001 has been a interpretation of the Township Car with an spare six inches of ass backside legroom, designated as the “L” or “foresightful” rendering. This modelling provides additional conveniences for rear-seat passengers, including a unequalled rear-seat alternate that allows the front-passenger bottom to be stirred ahead as coveted for spare way in the behind.

2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L

A Touring Version too became usable in tardy 2000. The Touring Variant featured a more brawny 235 hp interpretation of the Townsfolk Car’s Modular V8 locomotive, three-fold eject pipes and unequalled 16 in admixture wheels with bigger tires.


A nestling consistency redesign in 2003 added the cowling beautify backbone again. 2003 too pronounced the finis class that the Township Car was uncommitted in a passementerie bundle with the diagnose “Cartier” (1981 to 2003). First with the 2004 exemplar yr, the top-of-the-line Townsfolk Car was rather designated as the “Ultimate”. The Touring version (on the Touch modeling but) was dropped belike because the treatment of 2003 Townspeople Cars were far wagerer than finale yr’s Touring variation. The 4.6 L V8 with 239 hp was likewise introduced for the 2003 example twelvemonth.

The internal remained mostly unaltered for 2003. More fleecy satin metals and an analogue time were added to the internal. The Lincoln emblems on the threshold panels were remote and the radiocommunication brass including clime controls standard a lift.

2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L

For the 2005 example yr, the Ultimate passementerie storey was dropped. The reduce levels for the 2005 Lincoln Township Car were: Touch, Touch Special, and the Touch L with a elongated wheel-base.

For 2006, the manakin reduce levels were changed again. The trimness levels for the 2006 Townspeople Car are: Touch, Touch Circumscribed, Intriguer, and Touch L.

The Township Car overpoweringly dominates the limo marketplace in the Joined States, since it is the but American opulence car quieten in product with trunk on framing building, qualification the product of stretched versions easier than with unibody expression.

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