2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Uk Version

Jeep Grand Cherokee [UK]

As the creator of the sport-utility fomite section, Landrover® continues to offering unequaled cars to a across-the-board orbit of customers. Now the amphetamine end of the Landrover line-up has suit level stronger with the gain of a new ‘Overland’ diesel framework.

The top-of-the-range Landrover Thousand Cherokee Overland has been fitted with the noteworthy five-cylinder 2.7 l common-rail turbo diesel useable already in ‘Special’ trimming. The locomotive, which provides 161 bhp of index and 295 lb ft of torsion, is opposite with a five-speed automatonlike contagion. Fire intake of the Landrover Thou Cherokee 2.7 CRD is an telling 29.1 mpg on the combined oscillation.

Landrover Chiliad Cherokee Overland 2.7 CRD is grand outwardly by unparalleled machined-rim five-spoke 17-inch aluminum admixture wheels, body-colour outside facia panels and lattice and shake runway to protect the sills. The Quadra-Drive® 4wd organization is stock on Overland, as is a slip home set for optimal off-road tribute.

Inwardly, supernumerary equipment includes a mightiness sunshine-roof, 10-disc CD auto-changer with remote, alone action and leather bottom cut, 10-way powered and het presence seating, and actual Sequoia Knot forest clipping on the board, essence solace, speed doorway trims and amphetamine share of the wheel.

Simon Elliott, Director of Chrysler and Landrover in the UK aforesaid: “Already the M Cherokee Overland in gas mannikin has proven a fantastic achiever and I am trusted this new diesel form testament pursue wooing. The compounding of the sumptuosity and equipment that Overland offers, linked with the 30 mpg thriftiness presented by the 2.7 CRD locomotive brand this an invincible proposal.”

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Uk Version

The 2003 Landrover Chiliad Cherokee’s abatement features rock-bottom coerce shocks for improvements in boilersuit drive solace. Additionally, rock-bottom bracken bike travail allowing shorter fillet distances has been effected by increasing the maestro cylinder turnout insistence for a hoy bracken treadle smell.

Touchstone multi-stage driver and rider presence air bags are intentional to deploy at dissimilar levels contingent the harshness of the hob. Ceiling-mounted incline drape air bags are stock fit and offering extra header security for both figurehead and behind passengers.

The new Landrover Thousand Cherokee too offers rain-sensing figurehead wipers. When the wiper controller is sour to “Automobile”, the wiper organization mechanically activates when it rains and adjusts its fastness according to the rigorousness of the pelting.

Overland is besides usable with a 4.7 high-output V8 gasolene locomotive. A ‘Express’ shave grade and two former gasolene engines, the six cylinder 4.0 and 4.7 V8, finish the grasp. For 2003, Landrover G Cherokee is offered in two new outside colors: Burnished Ag Metal and Superb Nigrify Crystallization Drop Surface.

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Uk Version

The Landrover 1000 Cherokee Overland 2.7 CRD costs &lb;31,495 on-the-road. Care all Landrover vehicles, it comes with a leash class, 60,000 mil warrantee, wayside help and septenary class, outright knot anti-corrosion guaranty.

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