2003 Dodge Tomahawk Concept

Dodge Tomahawk Concept

Auburn Hills, Jan 6, 2003

Spirit barely got more extremum. Often more utmost.

The Viper-powered Duck Hatchet conception fomite shatters all the barriers of schematic cerebration roughly personal deportation. This four-wheeled, single-passenger fomite is a flowing, peal grave that combines art-deco styling with extremum technology.

The 500-horsepower Viper V-10 locomotive powering the three-fold behind wheels gives this root fomite a potency top speeding of well-nigh 400 mph – for anyone who wants to trial it. The Hatchet roared into world scene at the N American Outside Machine Prove.

“The Scheme steel ism invariably challenges us to seize spirit by the horns,” aforementioned Trevor Gospel, Aged V.p. – Conception, Chrysler Radical. “In the suit of Hatchet, grabbing and belongings onto anything for beloved aliveness is a requisite. It’s equitable that uttermost and passionate; a glance into the person and loyalty of genuine enthusiasts.”

Initial response to the conception fomite typically comes in two quarrel: “Wow” and “why.”

The “wow” is gentle to infer from Scheme, the steel that continues to campaign its understructure to the deck – about latterly with the all-new 2003 Viper, Great Obligation and Spark Tariff Rams and an SRT card consecrated to technology the nigh brawny yield vehicles in their segments.

2003 Dodge Tomahawk Concept

But “why” would a society, far-famed for its innovational car and motortruck designs, settle this specific track?

“Hatchet is an image of the uttermost intellection for a blade that is known not solitary for the fabled Viper and Ram, but besides for all new, innovational vehicles such as the Magnum SRT-8 and Durango concepts,” aforesaid Credo.

2003 Dodge Tomahawk Concept

That utmost cerebration produced a auto in truth custom of power-junkie mania, powered by a 505 cu. in., 8300 cc aluminium Viper V-10 locomotive.

“This is a boldface faced bang against averageness,” Credo aforesaid. “Hatchet is a glittering exercise of what originative minds can do when granted the chance to run justify. It is a complete mechanical sculpt and a joyous jubilation of the prowess and emotion of figure.”

The Contrivance Hatchet is a Chrysler Radical pattern construct that is as practically a Viper-powered ferment of art as it is a unit new eccentric of fomite innovation. It is both a grave that can be ridden, likewise as a sheer instruction around the Chrysler Radical’s partisan acculturation and warmth for conception.

“Hatchet moves figure construct introductions and the construct car stake to a solid new stratum – as just Stratagem and the Chrysler Aggroup can,” aforementioned Credo.

Dodge Tomahawk Preliminary Specifications

2003 Dodge Tomahawk Concept

World-wide Info
Consistence Fashion: Single-seat Viper-powered bike construct fomite

Boilersuit Duration: 102 inches
Boilersuit Breadth: 27.7 inches
Boilersuit Meridian: 36.9 inches
Wheelbase: 76 inches
Arse Acme: 29 inches
Kerb Angle: 1,500 lbs.
Running, Forepart: 8.75 inches
Rails, Backside: 10 inches
Burthen Dist., % F/R 49/51
Background Headway: 3 inches
Fire Tankful Capability: 3.25 gallons

Eccentric and Description: 10-cylinder 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled
Supplanting: 505 three-dimensional inches (8277 cc)
Twist: 356-T6 al metal stop with iron liners, aluminium metal cylinder heads
Bore-hole x Slash: 4.03 inches x 3.96 inches (102.4 x 100.6)
Valve Organization: Two pushrod-actuated viewgraph valves per cylinder with roller-type hydraulic lifters
Fire Shot: Serial, multi-port electronic with someone runners
Contraction Proportion: 9.6:1

Superpower (SAE net): 500 bhp (372 kW) @ 5600 rpm (60.4 bhp/l)
Torsion (SAE net): 525 lb.-ft. (712 Nom) @ 4200 rpm
Max Locomotive Upper: 6000 rpm
Fire Requisite: Leadless agio, 93 octane (R+M/2)
Oil Arrangement: Dry Sink
Oil Capability: 8 qts. Mobil1 10W30 Celluloid
Cooling: Match al radiators mounted atop locomotive uptake manifolds, force-fed from front-mounted, belt-driven turbine fan
Coolant Capacitance: 11 qts.
Exhaust: Equal-length cannular stainless headers with treble collectors and key bum outlets

2003 Dodge Tomahawk Concept

Electric Organization:
Alternator: 136-amp high-velocity
Bombardment: Leak-resistant, maintenance-free 600 CCA
Firing: Headlights dwell of 12 five-watt LEDs, presence, with beam-modifying optics and cloaked lenses. Octet LEDs, arse. Headlamps vocalise with wheels.

Manual, foot-shifted two-speed
Character: Aluminum-cased two-speed, consecutive racing-style with dog tintinnabulation, straight-cut gears
Pitch Ratios:
1st 18:38
2nd 23:25
Clasp: Double-disc, dry-plate with constitutional rubbing materials, mitt jimmy actuated with help

Concluding Crusade:
Double 110-link motorcycle-style irons
Strawman Sprockets: 14 dentition
Behind Sprockets: 35 dentition

Layout: Longitudinal, centrally mounted locomotive, rear-wheel thrust
Form Building: Monocoque, locomotive is cardinal, distressed mem
Eubstance Structure: Spot aluminium

2003 Dodge Tomahawk Concept

Movement: Outboard, single-sided latitude amphetamine and lour mastery blazonry made from urbane position al. Mounted via ballock roast to aluminium direction uprights and hubs. Phoebe degrees castor. I, amply adjustable centrally set coil-over muffler (2.25-inch curl with adjustable leaping pole); pullrod and rocker-actuated single-channel linkage. Center-lock racing-style hubs

Arse: Hand-fabricated box-section sword inboard sway munition, incorporating “hydral-link” lockable recirculating hydraulic circle parking standpoint. I full adjustable centrally set Koni coil-over muffler (2.25-inch helix with adjustable bounce alight); pushrod and rocker-actuated single-channel linkage. Center-lock racing-style hubs

Eccentric: Twofold hub essence typecast.
Guidance Linkage: Cradle arm and advertize/wrench rod with crimper bearings. Urbane office al steerage brace with off aluminium grips and position levers
Direction Operate: 20 degrees, leftfield and redress
Inclination Slant: 45 degrees, odd and rightfulness

TIRES (4):
Mfr. and Modelling: Dunlop custom-built proportionate
Sizing, Strawman (2): P120/60R-20
Sizing, Behind (2): P150/50R-20

Typecast and Stuff: Office al discs, crooked
Sizing, Battlefront (2): 20×4
Sizing, Bum (2): 20×5

Forepart: 20-inch perimeter-mounted drilled machined stainless rotors, one per rack. Two four-piston set aluminium calipers per pedal (16 pistons add), usage intentional. Disconsolate anodized calliper coating. Hand-activated.
Arse: 20-inch perimeter-mounted drilled iron rotors, one per roll. One four-piston set aluminium calliper per bike (8 pistons totality), usage intentional. Dark anodized calliper conclusion. Foot-activated.

2003 Dodge Tomahawk Concept

0-60 mph: 2.5 seconds (est.)
Top Upper: 300+ mph (est.)

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