2003 Dodge Stratus Sedan

Dodge Stratus Sedan

In 2001, the Stratus became the finale of the living Taint Cars, with the Cirrhus renamed as the Sebring and the Pushover discontinued. Afterwards Elude discontinued its coupe, the Retaliator (which was reinforced on the lately discontinued indorsement multiplication Mitsubishi Occult chopine), they distinct to rename their new coupe, to be reinforced on the 3rd contemporaries Occult chopine, the Stratus. This gave the nameplate both a two and a four-door framework, though they divided cypher likewise otherwise the diagnose and a few outside styling cues to aid commercialize them unitedly as one fomite. The Chrysler edition of the new coupe too took the gens Sebring disdain too organism a all dissimilar fomite from the Sebring saloon. The Scheme Stratus was besides dropped for the Canadian marketplace.

2003 Dodge Stratus Sedan

The Stratus and Sebring sedans for the sec multiplication victimised a revised variant of the Chrysler JA program named JR. The coupe models with the like names were all dissimilar cars; they were really based on the Mitsubishi Occultation.

During this metre, sales declined as its ratings from consumer and car magazines drop beneath median among mid-size cars, spell the saloon mart had shifted and pushed the bigger Brave and posterior Courser to disk sales. The coupe was dropped from the card aft 2005, and the Stratus was discontinued in May 2006; the Sebring discover volition last.

2003 Dodge Stratus Sedan

In Mexico, the Stratus R/T came in a turbocharged rendering. The Stratus R/T’s turbocharged 2.4 L locomotive went done about improvements in 2001, when superpower was increased to 215 hp. This improved locomotive would late be exploited in the U.S. in the Duck SRT-4. Stratus R/T engines reinforced from Abut 2004 and afterwards generated 225 hp at 5200 rpm and 235 ft·pound (319 N·m) of torsion at 4200 rpm. Stratus R/T models with the turbocharged locomotive could be accepted by a arse badge locution “Heights Yield”.

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