2003 Dodge Kahuna Concept

Dodge Kahuna Concept

Auburn Hills, Jan 6, 2003

2003 Dodge Kahuna Concept

Where minivan office and contraption meets Following Undulation poise, you’ll obtain Duck Kahuna.

That Adjacent Undulation of fun and procedure blew in ilk a strong Peaceable zephyr at the N American External Automobile Establish in Detroit in the mannikin of the all-new construct fomite, Duck Kahuna. It is intended for those looking a free-spirited approaching to a fomite that meets many inevitably without obeisance to conventionality.

“Alive individuals, unfeigned absolve liquor, requirement vehicles that are whippy with allow board for gearing, but they deprivation it with manner,” aforementioned Trevor Credo, Fourth-year V.p. – Pattern, Chrysler Radical. “The Kahuna was named for its uttermost position and access – both Duck sword attributes.”

The six-passenger Circumvent Kahuna features an outside excogitation that conveys an gymnastic, open simulacrum that is pronto associated with the California coastal finish. But it is far from set rachis. This is approximately push inside intensity and tractability to the max to tolerate its owners to workplace or frolic arduous – all encircled by an outside that lends an ingredient of edification and tending to particular.

2003 Dodge Kahuna Concept

The Dodging Kahuna’s outside is ruined in Pointedness Breakage Disconsolate, with complex hoot’s eye maple laminate accents on the face panels. The cap is a silver urine resistive sheet that is sheer. The retractable top allows the away to get share of the internal as it folds binding in accordion-like forge.

Thither are minimal strawman and ass overhangs – a solid ocular release from what is seen in many minivans now. The front appearing features an all-new and boldface reading of the brass of Duck.

A ceiling arrangement that opens from the B-pillar to arse bumper allows for extremum use and delectation. In gain, all outside windows are frameless, with all threshold chalk having the capableness to altogether abjure into the doors.

Interior, the “big beckon” root continues, as Kahuna blends Peaceable Disconsolate two-tone colours. In summation, a aerodynamic brandish innovation can be seen in the formation of the panel besides as its switches, threshold impanel particularization and arse forms. Thither are 3 rows of elastic seats, two of which can be sour into tables if requisite, and a Sto & Go(R) lading level, complements the full-of-the-moon capacity and tractableness of the organisation.

2003 Dodge Kahuna Concept

Nether the cap thither is agile functioning from a 2.4-liter turbocharged, 215 hp locomotive and a four-speed reflex infection impulsive the breast wheels. Reprieve is autonomous in the figurehead, with a transmit axle and whorl foliage springs from the party’s award-winning minivan.

Dodge Kahuna Concept Key Specifications

Distance: 185.6 inches (4,714 mm)

Wheelbase: 122 inches (3,099 mm)

Forepart: 28.9 inches (734 mm)
Arse: 34.7 inches (881 mm)

Breadth: 77.8 inches (1,976 mm)

2003 Dodge Kahuna Concept

Peak: 67.0 inches (1,702 mm)

Presence: 65.3 inches (1,659 mm)
Ass: 65.3 inches (1,659 mm)

Battlefront: 255/50R22-inch; bicycle sizing: 22 inches; outer diam, 32 inches
Arse: 255/50R22-inch; pedal sizing: 22 inches; outer diam, 32 inches

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