2003 Cadillac Escalade Esv

Cadillac Escalade ESV

Concluded the end various days, Cadillac has literally reinvented itself. Formerly chiefly a shaper of big luxuriousness sedans, Cadillac has broadened its imaginativeness and its card, latterly debuting the midsize CTS saloon, the Escalade and the Escalade EXT.

2003 Cadillac Escalade Esv

Now, Cadillac again extends the enfranchisement as it introduces the new, lifesize Escalade ESV.

The 2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV is the largest and nearly muscular sumptuousness SUV uncommitted. It’s 22-inches thirster boilersuit than Escalade, which stretches the home by more 20 inches, translating into more bounty seats and extra cargo-carrying potentiality. And because it’s an Escalade, the new ESV adopts the demarcation’s remarkably Cadillac styling and Escalade’s sole 345-hp Vortec 6000 gamey production 6.0L V8 locomotive.

“The Escalade ESV moves Cadillac into an all-new are of the opulence SUV mart,” aforesaid Susan Docherty, Escalade merchandising manager. “Its unequaled combine of sizing, execution, ease and sophistry set a eminent criterion for this grocery.”

Sophisticated style and safety rooted in breakthrough design

2003 Cadillac Escalade Esv

aggressive front end, signature styling cues
The Escalade card builds on Cadillac’s inheritance of conception leading, and the 2003 ESV shares the like sheer outside contour and dominating route bearing of the Escalade and Escalade EXT.

Comparable all Escalades, the fast-growing front-end is the fomite’s nigh classifiable outside boast, magisterial by a big Cadillac lei and peak and Cadillac’s touch egg-crate grill. Gamy volume waiver (HID) headlamps with chromium-plate bezels return a jewel-like appearing, and are structured with orthogonal parking lamps and act signals. The fomite’s strawman facia incorporates deep-set tow maulers and orthogonal fog lamps. Visibleness is assured day and nighttime, thanks to HID headlamps, Daylight Operative Lamps and an robotlike Gloaming Picket arrangement. At the bum, the operable tone bumper neatly shrouds a touchstone Form VII laggard hobble.

2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV

harmonious, integrated interior
Inwardly, a new intentional panel and clustering billet more all-important operational information ahead of the driver and use new artwork to spotlight Cadillac’s sumptuosity fiber, victimisation Italian sumptuousness sword Bvlgari. Bvlgari too intentional the expression of the analogue time, placed in the soothe annexe. An sable backdrop offsets the whiten cladding of the art, likewise as all command knobs, for a proportionate, incorporated feel. The bundle gauges have a simpler innovation, with chromium-plate halos now highlight but the tach and speedometer.

driver information center monitors 34 functions
A new Driver Entropy Centre monitors and reports on capable 34 scheme functions – more any fomite in its family. The fomite’s board and constellate – intentional to suit these new features – provides more essential operational information than any contender. An uncommitted nine-button wheel restraint allows owners to individualise various functions and safely admittance new docudrama systems.

A new leather-wrapped, wood-accented wheel features pleonastic club restraint buttons, including four-spot for double sound controls, two for actuate and fire reckoning, two for scheduling fomite functions and one to tiro Articulation Identification for the criterion OnStar organisation.

seamlessly integrated, useful center console
A new centre cabinet flows up into the IP and has a new seamlessly incorporate, single-piece figure for improved fit and ending. A new covered warehousing compartment with a “push-push” lid has been added to the remaining of the time. The behind of the comfort has a new LCD temperature show and bigger controller mind for the autonomous, rear-seat ACC mastery.

The chief solace has two enceinte cupholders, two aide index points and an ashtray, all neatly concealed beneath damped, spring-loaded lids, also as break, covered reposition for maps, mention cards or a cubicle sound. The backside of the comfort cladding the second-row seating has a accessory point, rear-seat sound controls, offprint right- and left-side controls for second-row het bum cushions, another set of cupholders and courtesy lights for bottom passengers. An viewgraph miniskirt solace provides indication lamps and controls for the back air conditioning and Homelink, which allows fomite owners to platform capable ternary dissimilar signals for items such as a garfish threshold undoer, menage lights or an electrical rod. It likewise houses controls for the sunshine-roof. Nigh every contrivance boast conceivable – from bigger, het, storage, fold-away rearview mirrors with point indicators to “Pee-pee Lamps” that crystalise the country round the fomite when the doorway is open, keyless entrance is secondhand, or when an upcountry ignitor is excited – is included on the Escalade ESV.

redesigned Bose premium audio system
Escalade ESV features a redesigned and reconfigured Bose sound scheme with 9 speakers for brilliant imagination, stagecoach and ghostly reply. GM and Bose engineers worked tight to optimise loudspeaker locations and air speakers to realistically and accurately multiply sound and vocalise end-to-end the vehicles. The arrangement generates 250 watts RMS of might, and features an in-dash, single-point lading six-disc CD modifier. For superb-quality wireless receipt, a new Diverseness Aerial Organisation is employed. It uses an FM feeler set on the driver’s rear-quarter windowpane and an AM/FM aerial on the rider’s-side rear-quarter crank alimentation a multifariousness faculty set in the backside poop gore, which so feeds the wireless with an optimized point.

exceptional seating comfort
With its class-leading sizing, the Escalade ESV excels in seats consolation and cargo-carrying capacity with way for octet. Its new, more tailored-looking seating are exceptionally mild and supportive, and sport flabby, redolent N-th leather seats surfaces. The measure strawman pail seating are equipt with 10-way mightiness shock adjusters for the driver and rider. They too admit exponent adjustable slope bolsters and powerfulness lumbar, ability seatback recliners, mugwump het seatbacks and cushions (3 settings), a seatback depot scoop, fold-down inboard armrests, manual articulating four-position drumhead restraints, two-position driver’s behind retentiveness, and a programmable going lineament. The second-row too offers measure reclining bucketful seating, which lineament het cushions. A s row workbench buns with het cushions is optional. To shuffle way for load, the irregular row pail seating can be flipped and folded. The one-third row terrace bottom can be folded or distant for maximal load tractableness, yet hush offers wide seats tied for adults. In accession, the irregular and 3rd row seatbacks can be folded to cater a apartment freight rise. Therein conformation the Escalade ESV really has decent loading coldcock place to hold 4×8 sheets of edifice materials with the arse liftgate amply unopen and insure.

2003 Cadillac Escalade Esv

outstanding climate control
A new dual-zone heat, respiration and air conditioning arrangement, useable with both manual and robotic clime restraint (ACC), allow owing ease. Dual-zone controls reserve the driver and strawman rider to conform the temperature to their own comfortableness levels – capable a 30-degree Fahrenheit dispute betwixt the two presence zones. The optional dual-zone ACC mechanically controls air bringing, fan fastness, temperature and recirculating/external air to offer quicker warmups and cooldowns.

Focus on safety

strong, stiff body
Engineers reinforced a high-pitched grade of condom and certificate into Escalade ESV, origin with an exceptionally substantial and besotted structure, thanks to a three-piece modular, uncut boxed-in underframe featuring hydroformed track and a stamped sword midriff.

Passenger Sensing System
The fomite features guard devices such as GM’s Rider Perception Scheme (PSS). This sound scheme detects if thither’s a little big or coddle behind in the breast rider backside and testament mechanically number the strawman rider face air bag off. In summation, the Escalade ESV has duple level air bags, which ascendance the pace of air bag deployment based on the bottom position proportional to the board. All Escalades admit movement air bags for both driver and rider, on with driver and front-passenger side-impact air bags. In improver, side-impact doorway beams and endoergic froth blocks on the home avail protect occupants against nous injuries.

Former prophylactic features admit expectant windshields for maximal visibleness, big 50-square-inch electrically controlled and het away rearview mirrors, machinelike programmable threshold locks, and the Walk Whorl II theft-deterrent scheme.

The confidence of class-leading power and all-wheel-drive

more horsepower, more torque than any SUV
The best-in-class Vortec 6000 gives the AWD Escalade more h.p. and torsion per l than any SUV, at 345 hp at 5200 rpm and 380 lb-ft of torsion at 4000 rpm. The high-compression locomotive delivers solid quickening with telling low-end superpower and a solid, mat torsion bender for fantabulous wrench end-to-end the rev compass. It links to the Hydra-Matic 4L60-E HD (heavy-duty) electronically controlled four-speed robotic contagion with overuse.

The key to the 6.0L’s increased turnout is a set of particular cast-aluminum cylinder heads that dilute weightiness, aid in locomotive chilling, acquire a 10:1 compressing proportion and furnish ameliorate airflow in and out of the burning chambers via larger inhalation and beat ports. A bigger, 75mm throttle-body and a revised camshaft visibility appropriate the locomotive to issue good vantage of the increased airflow. The Vortec 6000 likewise incorporates an advance Electronic Accelerator Ascendence (Etcetera) arrangement, which exactly tailors bound advance to meliorate driveability, fire saving and emissions. A particularly tuned, less-restrictive expel with a redesigned catalytic convertor arrangement not solitary increases execution, but likewise eliminates the pauperism for an Air Shot Response arrangement and helps Escalade ESV play extremist low emissions fomite (ULEV) credentials requirements in California and otc states with interchangeable laws.

heavy-duty Hydra-Matic transmission
To deal the extra mightiness of the Escalade’s V8, the ESV employs a new Hydra-Matic 4L60-E electronically controlled four-speed robotlike transmittal with overuse. This heavy-duty reading of GM’s smooth-shifting workhorse features a across-the-board change of home enhancements to better both torsion capability and enduringness. Over-the-counter innovations admit Inactive Switch Stabilisation, which detects too shop transmitting shifts and delays the upshifts to a higher rpm orbit patch portion to thin contagion vesture, likewise as GM’s undivided Tow/Cart modality, which delays upshifts for more effectual trucking and towing. The Escalade ESV features a stock Lagger Towing Software, and has a towing capability of 7400 lbs. – the tantamount to a amply besotted two-horse laggard.

full-time all-wheel-drive system
High-performance engineers uphold the lone total of utilitarian mightiness is what can be delivered to the sidewalk. That’s why the Escalade ESV features a received full-time, all-wheel-drive (AWD) scheme. It mechanically and unceasingly transfers ability to the wheels in a shine, unperceivable fashion to asseverate an optimal front-to-rear torsion schism and the outdo counterbalance of manipulation characteristics nether all operational weather. Running seamlessly in connective with GM’s sophisticated grip and constancy ascendence systems, the Escalade ESV uses the modish engineering to optimise ascendence and cod characteristics below any route or payload weather.

2003 Cadillac Escalade Esv

finely balanced wheels and tires
The new Borg-Warner 1-speed unfold derivative transference lawsuit permits greater and more conciliatory front-rear torsion conveyance than the premature viscous-coupled transferee pillowcase. Its increased presence torsion predetermine (40 pct presence/60 pct backside preconception proportion) likewise improves yaw constancy by reduction the potency for understeer. Bigger 17 x 7.5-inch touchstone chromium-plate wheels and P265/70R-17 Goodyear Touring tires let been peculiarly elect to offer a commodity correspondence for rag, manipulation and grip inevitably, all piece winning wax vantage of the AWD scheme.

The vision of driving with advanced technologies

world-class technology, highly equipped
On-key to Cadillac’s discovery technology inheritance, Escalade ESV combines approximately of the man’s star self-propelled technologies. Peradventure the virtually celebrated is GM’s StabiliTrak Arrangement, which improves stableness and grip on all route surfaces at all speeds. GM’s next-generation StabiliTrak stableness sweetening arrangement – antecedently but useable on luxuriousness vehicles and sports cars – is banner on Escalade ESV. StabiliTrak’s advanced sensors tap into the dangling, guidance, antilock braking and grip ascendance systems, perpetually measurement guidance tip, roll speeds, bracken insistency, sidelong and longitudinal speedup and yaw pace (the fomite revolution place, such as when cornering).

responds to driver’s intent
StabiliTrak helps movement the fomite where the driver points it, responding to understeer or oversteer in bare tenths of a indorsement. It compares the driver’s intended track with the fomite’s literal course, and selectively adjusts locomotive torsion and any of the four-spot brakes to assistant land the fomite rachis below command.

2003 Cadillac Escalade Esv

Road-Sensing Suspension
With StabiliTrak likewise comes GM’s computer-controlled Road-Sensing Hanging (RSS), a amply automatonlike organisation that improves soundbox stableness, cod comforter, trailering execution, cycle command and boilersuit manipulation below all loading weather. RSS uses electrically controlled impact absorbers, iv electronic wheel-position sensors, a steering-angle detector, bracken signals and a estimator ascendance faculty. The shocks are large-bore 46mm monotube dampers, with an inherent two-state galvanizing solenoid valve. Victimisation detector and fomite inputs, the faculty adjusts the damping purpose on all quatern jolt absorbers severally in veridical metre, monitoring apiece stimulus 1,000 multiplication per irregular. Done a composite package algorithm, it computes the person blow involve for apiece pedal to optimise fomite treatment and rag operation at that minute yet. Guidance, braking and quickening inputs, which can assistance call impendent cast, rhytidoplasty and nosedive, advance raise the organization. When impulsive on surfaces that get patronize bicycle inputs, such as splashboard roadstead, the arrangement selects the outdo damping to sustenance wheel-to-road striking.

Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist
For added refuge, the Escalade ESV besides features Cadillac’s Supersonic Bottom Parking Assistance (URPA), which uses sound and optic cues to carry entropy on the length of objects backside the fomite, assisting the driver in arse parking maneuvers. The organization uses foursome sensors on the behind facia, which consecutive send supersonic waves when the fomite is compulsive in setback. The sensors peck the recall of a bespeak when it bounces off an aim, so activates a ocular exhibit situated in the right-side rear-quarter D-pillar that is likewise seeable done the driver’s indoors rearview mirror and deeds together with an sound bell organisation to alarum the driver to any voltage hazards. As the fomite and objective relocation finisher unitedly, the organization adjusts the optical and sound cues to argue the nigher propinquity. The arrangement not lonesome incorporates a snowfall/ice/mud algorithm in its package, which alerts the driver to cleanse the bottom sensors when needed for right operation, but likewise can be handicapped when towing a dawdler, frankincense preventing it from beeping unnecessarily.

OnStar and XM Satellite Radio

telematics/infotainment technologies
Escalade ESV drivers can besides savour the benefits of two up-to-date telematics technologies – OnStar and XM Orbiter Radiocommunication. OnStar’s Directions and Connections avail is criterion for one yr and includes robotic pinch help when airbags deploy, asset outback unlocking and nosology services. XM Orbiter Radiocommunication is besides stock on the Escalade ESV. XM wireless features 100 coast-to-coast digital channels, including 71 euphony channels (more 30 of them commercial-free) from rap to opera, graeco-roman to land, bluegrass to vapors and 29 channels of sports, tattle, children’s and amusement programing. XM besides brings to the car, first on radiocommunication, a divers choice of 24-hour intelligence sources antecedently uncommitted but in the dwelling. And XM’s next-generation vocalize timbre engineering provides master strait unmistakably around cd.

smarter electrical systems
An forward-looking new multiplexed electric architecture makes operative all of Escalade ESV’s features and functions simpleton and efficient. The new architecture greatly reduces the numeral of wires, splices and connectors, minimizes weightiness, improves promotion efficiency, reliableness, strength and enables features such as the Driver Entropy Mall, Docudrama, Automatonlike Mood Command and Rider Perception Scheme.

Escalade ESV: setting a new standard
The heights story of luxuriousness and ripe features in the new Escalade ESV are things you’d wait lonesome from Cadillac – and its sizing, ability and functionality are things no over-the-counter producer offers. Conjointly the Escalade and Escalade EXT, the Escalade ESV helps Cadillac set a new touchstone for the lavishness SUV marketplace, where a unequalled combining of standout styling and cunning engineering – puts all Escalades in a stratum all their own. And with unexceeded shipment and rider capacitance, the 2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV is the one opulence SUV that can do approximately anything.

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