2003 Bentley Continental Gt

Bentley Continental GT

Conceived to be a card-playing takeoveré without competitor, the Bentley Continental GT is the quickest actual four-seat putsché in the humanity. It is likewise the low all-new, singular Bentley invention to be launched in 70 eld. It combines all elements of the finest M Touring traditions and Bentley handcraftsmanship with about of the about sophisticated technologies e’er brought to the self-propelled commercialise.

Featuring a 6-litre, W12, twin-turbocharged, locomotive impulsive all four-spot wheels done a paddle-operated, six amphetamine serial reflex gearbox, the Bentley Continental GT offers supercar operation combined with the inner distance, versatility and relaxation of possession to survive a born mundane car. Therein regard besides as many others, Bentley believes the Continental GT to be unparalleled.

The Bentley Continental GT was intentional and engineered by Bentley at Crewe and bequeath be manufactured thither in all-new facilities that combining country of the art technologies with the alone give coating and attending to point that has been the authentication of all cars to wearing the winged ‘B’. It goes on sale this fall and leave play the expectation of Bentley possession to a wider hearing of apprehensive enthusiasts than always earlier.

And patch the Continental GT is a Bentley from bumper to bumper, the purpose of the caller’s Volkswagen AG raise has been vital to the treat: it was solitary the &lb;500 gazillion suffrage of sureness set in the brand by the VW Aggroup that brought the 20-year old aspiration to world.

2003 Bentley Continental GT


The styling chronicle of the Bentley Continental GT dates binding to Venerable 1999 when Dirk van Braeckel started on a excogitation for an all-new Bentley putsché. By Christmas, it had been sanctioned for yield.

The key to honouring Bentley’s designing by without creating an unsuitably ‘retroactive’ car was to see the conception ism of the brand and use it in an all modern-day circumstance. The doctrine for the Bentley Continental GT can be quantified as follows: the car mustiness let a myopic strawman beetle and a rife cowling. The tower less cabin itself necessarily to be aerodynamic and covenant patch the ass haunches should be tight and marked.

Lastly thither is the car’s ‘jewelry’. It was distinct that brightwork should be minimised spell the headlamps feign a predominant purpose in the styling touch to lot tending to the nigh typical Bentley boast of all: the matrix grille. A backside coddler that retracts into boot lid at low speeds provides substantive flowing constancy without spoilage the car’s lines.

Interior design and style

2003 Bentley Continental Gt

The cabin of the Bentley Continental GT is intentional to pee-pee Bentley devotees and brand newcomers spirit evenly at domicile. Almost famed peradventure is the harmonious fascia with a gist cabinet uprising up and curved leftfield and veracious before of the rider and driver in a bod that reflects the designing of the famous Bentley wings.

Bum the bicycle a singular drive surroundings awaits and it goes about without locution that an idealistic impulsive situation is well achieved – Bentley’s ergonomicists bear been as far as to measuring New York hoops players to micturate trusted all shapes and sizes are accommodated.

Interim, those in the rear leave scarce trust the quantity of thinking that has asleep into creating the backside cabin. Far from appearance as afterthoughts, the bum blank and seating bear been intentional with the like guardianship and care as those in the breast.

The toughest chore veneer designers of all sumptuousness car cabins these years is to deliver the controls and entropy interfaces in a way that is both unlittered yet loose to use. In the Bentley Continental GT, nearly bit operations victimised often can be operated organize from the wheel. Otc functions are severally controlled but displayed on the like screenland sited in the heart of the kernel cabinet.

Course court and leather continue an constitutional office of Bentley furniture but they deliver been bespoken to lawsuit the Bentley Continental GT, proving that these nigh traditional materials can stillness produce a modern-day spirit.

The Continental GT is too the low car to be fitted with a Breitling horologe. Intentional by Bentley subsequently blanket interview with Breitling to influence the chastise proportioning, sizing and manner of the typeface and needles. It features a classical nigrify dial with gabardine inscription in identification of the like stylus put-upon for the pre-war racing Bentley instruments spell its workforce are line orangeness in gloss. The form of the bezel reflects that circumferent the far-famed ‘bulls-eye’ air vents and has a satin goal. In output, the time leave be fitted by Bentley and has been intentional to be unified amply into the Bentley Continental GT’s ultra-sophisticated electronic networks.


The abbreviated was to produce a car with as often board as the nigh broad takeoverés on the grocery, fit it with the operation and responses of the reality’s nearly active supercars and keep the solid inside concordat dimensions.

The mystical of the Bentley Continental GT’s national way is, in fact, its unbelievably contract locomotive. By exploitation staggered banks of cylinders, the W12 is the shortest 12-cylinder locomotive on the grocery, allowing distance it would differently use to lean concluded to the national.

Interior the key is a brocaded ‘H’ item – the office in which the driver and forepart rider hips course sit – which gives a comparatively vertical drive berth, liberating life-sustaining board in the rachis. The solvent is that in the Bentley Continental GT quatern six footers (1.82m) can be accommodated.

Level the 370 liter baggage content has lone been achieved done impertinent intelligent and instauration – siting the 90 liter fire tankful nether the storey and thereby besides providing a handy done loading readiness for skis.

Design Technology

The Continental GT is the get-go Bentley to deliver been intentional alone in the calculator ‘practical’ reality. Every individual constituent, fine-tune to the smallest washer was not only reckoner intentional but intentional into the Bentley Continental GT construct aboard every over-the-counter parting.

With all components existent in the practical reality ahead a 1 one is created as a strong-arm prop, it is potential to see how apiece function interacts with all the others, enlightening problems and conflicts that may differently ne’er get resuscitate igniter until the share deliver been machined. This serve cuts devour ontogenesis metre and enables Bentley’s engineers to figure in timbre and eubstance at a element floor.


The alternative of a W12 organisation locomotive was made to furnish a new stratum of powerfulness to the brand in a fashion that calm remained unreproducibly Bentley. The introductory locomotive was besides useable inside the Grouping and it was presently compulsive that turbo charging would enable it to render Bentley’s torsion and operation goals.

2003 Bentley Continental Gt

3K turbochargers were elect and incorporate into the under-bonnet box piece our engineers limited the interior componentry of the powerplant until they were glad all its exponent, torsion, emissions, use and strength targets had been met or exceeded.

When they were through, the resolution was a car with 560PS (411kW) at 6100rpm, qualification more beneficial Bentley’s before foretell to might the Bentley Continental GT with an locomotive of ‘more 500bhp’. It is, in fact the well-nigh hefty 4 behind car presently on sale. But exponent is cipher without the torsion to dorsum it. The thought that a Bentley should be fantastically antiphonal from any head in its rev-range is not new – so it was a precedent set by WO Bentley’s beginning six cylinder cars ended 75 age ago – but the Bentley Continental GT volition proceeds the implementation of the conception to new high, providing unforgiving speedup from slug to its red-line. This has been achieved not but by providing 650Nm (479lb ft) of torsion but by fashioning it usable at hardly 1600rpm, a fastness at which near engines are picayune more loafing.

Having created one of the humans’s well-nigh muscular and reactive engines, it was crystallise that an as over-the-top transmittal would be required to send its powerfulness and torsion to the determined wheels.

The use of 4wd was distinct in the soonest stages of the projection as it was matt-up that this new grade of might demanded a commensurate stratum of command. However, in decree to assure that the rectify Bentley smell is maintained, Bentley’s powertrain and figure engineers suffer experimented extensively to furnish the Bentley Continental GT with all the protection of a 4wd organization but, when conquer, the fun of a rear-wheel ride layout.

Providing the contact betwixt the wheels and the locomotive is a six-speed reflexive transmitting reinforced for Bentley by ZF and the outset of its typecast in the man to be put-upon in an ultra-high execution takeoveré. Foremost, the new infection was limited by moving the derivative onwards, which allowed the crusade shafts to be as far onwards as potential, hence enabling the wheels to be about the forepart of the car. But the shaping feature of this transmittance, aside from the use of six ratios, is its power to engage its torsion convertor in rule drive, providing the like immediateness of reply expected of manual transmissions. Scorn this, chemise calibre is so effective that oftentimes the well-nigh obvious manifest of a gearchange having interpreted berth is the repositioning of the rev-counter goad. Tiptronic propulsion agency that the car can be exploited either as a ceremonious robotic or as a clutchless manual.


The Bentley Continental GT has been weaponed with a flesh that should solicitation to sybarites and thrill-seekers evenly. The car has a house but not rough drive, offer telling opposition to bowl, gear and retch yet compliant adequate to drive unwell surfaced roadstead with rank calm.

The footing of the bod scheme is an passing cadaver torso. To this was applied the modish dangling engineering featuring an modern image wishbone arranging at the breast and an exceptionally comfortably placed multi-link back axle buns.

Air springs are victimized at apiece box in spot of formal coils, apiece one containing its own immeasurably adjustable electronic muffler.

The electronic dampers fitted to the Bentley Continental GT are able of adjusting themselves endlessly and endlessly without the driver always beingness mindful of it. A estimator processes info fed thereto from sensors roughly the car and instructs the dampers consequently. Course both grip restraint and the modish Bosch Electronic Constancy Syllabus (ESP) are fitted.

That aforementioned, as the nearly card-playing Bentley in the society’s post-war story, the Bentley Continental GT is a driver’s car and Bentley’s figure engineers are cognizant that not lonesome moldiness the bod suffer the power to lucifer absolutely the locomotive’s phenomenal outturn, it mustiness furnish it in a way that indulges its driver.

To this end, a immense quantity of oeuvre has been through to insure the car has the correct posture on the route so thoroughgoing examination of unlike direction geometries has been undertaken both to excrete undesirable torsion reactions and too to cater the conquer quantity of ‘spirit’ in the bod.

Roll and tire alternative is important to the exploitation of any frame and it has been distinct that the Bentley Continental GT bequeath accompany 19in wheels as received.

Braking testament be provided by all new, ventilated discs brakes at apiece box featuring the up-to-the-minute Bosch anti-lock organisation with Bracken Help and Emergency Personnel Dispersion.

2003 Bentley Continental Gt


Also as all its telling fighting refuge attributes, the Bentley Continental GT has a wide deal of inactive safe features with two battlefront airbags, quatern slope airbags and two english mantle bags that, remarkably for a putsché, line the wide duration of the cabin. Seatbelt pre-tensioners are victimized for all quartet seating.

2003 Bentley Continental Gt


The Bentley Continental GT is the answer of a cryptical sitting excited trust extant inside Bentley for terminated 20 eld to make a new press putsché.

The patronage vitrine for such a car hinges on what Bentley believes to be a crystallize gap in the amphetamine opulence putsché marketplace: for those who thirst lawful supercar execution but pauperization the tractableness of a car that seating foursome, carries their baggage and can be ill-used quotidian.

These new customers bequeath be citizenry who already admire Bentley and would care one of its flow merchandise but who either cannot rather yield one or balk at the panorama of outgo &lbf.;150,000 or more on a car, level if they trust it to be deserving the money.

The visibility of the distinctive Bentley Continental GT emptor leave likewise be subtly unlike to those who buy from Bentley’s existent ranges. They bequeath lean to be jr., with an intermediate age of hardly nether as opposed to good terminated 50 geezerhood old. Men bequeath distillery buy many more women, but their bulk bequeath lessening from the overpowering 96-99 per penny of stream customers, to a slenderly more balanced 85-90 per penny.


Altogether strong-arm senses, the changes the Bentley Continental GT has brought to Bentley sustain transformed the society bey credit. The car itself and the renewed manufactory in which it bequeath be reinforced score the cockcrow of a new and electrifying era for the brand.

But in a no less significant way Bentley is reverting to its heartland values, as outlined by WO Bentley. The enduringness of any stain is the cerebration that created it and now it is this that resonates done the walls of the manufactory.

WO’s proposal was to combining forefront excogitation with usurious functioning and meridian craft to make a stiff, reliable and alone motoring get. Furthermore it would deliver a aim that took it bey bare refreshment and off it into something of genuine use and signification. And spell it would whirl big ease and undisputed lavishness, so it would likewise have a lightly veiled power to play into something really extra at any second. These are just the qualities the Bentley Continental GT has been engineered to render and as a resultant, we think, is a car of which WO Bentley would be justifiedly majestic.

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