2003 Audi A2

Audi A2

The Audi A2 is a agiotage supremini produced by Audi from 1999 to 2005. The close cars unexpended the Neckarsulm embed in July 2005.

2003 Audi A2

Design and construction

The A2 is considered to be onward of its clock in invention terms-but the daring styling has not won prefer with customers.

2003 Audi A2

Audi was reported to be frustrated with the storey of sales; The net output is estimated to be 175000 units. In comparability to competition Mercedes-Benz’ A-Class sales of 1 meg, this sadness on the parting of Audi is not surprising.

The A2 is reinforced victimization considerable aluminum debase contented, providing substantial weightiness reward o’er like sized cars. This helps the car to be importantly more scotch than vehicles victimization traditional build; below sure destiny, usance of scarce o’er 2 l/100 km (128 mpg, regal congius) is potential. The Audi A2 won the Nordic Countries EcoRun frugal impulsive airstream in 2005 with ingestion of 2.62 l/100 km. Eventide the formula gasolene engined versions are open of 5 l/100 km.

The A2 uses a place build pattern: the outer panels of the personify birth no morphologic use – similarities survive with the archetype Renault Espace-and the “distance skeleton” bears the forces functional on the car. Due to the conclusion to produce “knots” rather of welding the spa chassis, improvements in casing stableness, casing strength, depress angle, and punter internal spa are patent. Regrettably, the be of running with aluminum, especially with diminished yield runs, meant that the A2 was more expensive than its competitors. This may let contributed to the comparatively slacken sales in conjunctive with the paucity of selling from Audi.

2003 Audi A2

Audi was the get-go producer to try and incorporated whippersnapper edifice concepts exploitation Al and associated alloys into a “bulk marketplace” fomite; the former efforts at exploitation a Quad Skeleton were modified to the instead more expensive A8. As a scout to the masses convoluted: the full cuticle weighs so fiddling that two multitude can well pickax it up; the position empanel ended the doors including the A and D-Pillars weighs about 2 kg (4.5 lb). A 2002 Example A2 with criterion equipment has a bulk of 895 kg (1970 lb).

The A2 can, yet, thence be considered a pioneer for diverse newer aluminium-based vehicles, such as the deliver A8, extroverted Nuvolari and TT and the represent Panther XJ and XK8 serial.


The A2 was produced in Neckarsulm in Germany. It was the offset five-door fomite on sale in Europe whose medium fire intake is less than 3 l/100 km (94 mpg, purple gal), although these figures just applied to a peculiar “3L” rendering with a diesel and narrower tyres. Due to the expression, the median A2 weighs less than G kg (2200 lb), and this results in first-class fire returns for all engines, not to citation brilliant flesh kinetics.

The A2 has for its sizing noteworthy midland blank, including a bang bigger than the adjacent exemplar in Audi’s orbit, the A3. This is due principally to the “sandwich”-type expression, standardised again thereto of the Renault Espace or the Mercedes A-Class, which enables the floorpan to sustain an speed and a frown dower. The spa in the centre can be victimised to theater versatile components, such as the fire tankful and the locomotive’s electronics. The back passengers too gain, as their understructure quad reaches into this sandwich spa, creating a well-heeled seats billet eventide for marvellous bum behind passengers. This is in contrast to the comforter uncommitted on the bottom ben of an A-Class. To better the burden dispersion of the fomite, its barrage is placed indoors boot, below the deck.

Audi likewise has a edition of the A2 in its Neckarsulm imbed which has been reborn into a getaway by trainees – the “A2 Caddie”. This was on populace prove first at the A2-Club of Germany’s yearbook encounter in Amberg, Germany, in Venerable 2005.

Service Panel / “Serviceklappe”

The figurehead of the car features an interesting innovation tone called the “Serviceklappe” in German – this translates to “Serve Empanel”. On other cars, this was a glistening blackness gore at the frown abut of the hood / hoodlum; ass it are the pick points for oil and screenwash unstable, the dipstick – in early run-in, in the day-by-day use of the car, the hood does not want to be interpreted off.

This comes ended ill with guys, who deficiency to pedestal some with the hood up; the girls get it broadly beneficial that they don’t bear to get colly manpower to meet screenwash. The Avail impanel is the well-nigh obvious indicant of a car’s cradle, since it was changed for the offset colouring.storms to organism flatness nigrify and matt; for Modeling twelvemonth 2004 it was changed to suffer “grillwork slats”. Since the jury is self-colored, this could be seen as an indicant of Audi’s efforts to try and pee-pee the car “more rule”.

The venire is tied victimization two Torx screws and various clips, so updating the flavor of a car is rather uncomplicated. Real lilliputian else was changed outwardly; colors and wheels were changed gently during the product run. The but former outside indicant of the age of the car is the wiper; real other models birth a traditional sword, where newer ones sustain a “bend” edition. This variety was made for Modelyear 2002.

The Cowl itself weighs astir 8kg (17lb), so it is well carriable, but it is heavy and ungainly. It is identical soft to scraping the corners which are unremarkably succeeding to the windshield! To dispatch: firing the avail gore, so play the two open knobs. They testament protrude aft one 3rd of a turning some. Raise from the jury, rest the cowl back, so you can unclip from the “hinge” at the windshield. Replacing: draw in at the windshield, simplicity into spot, play and get-up-and-go the knobs, and ending the gore.

2003 Audi A2

Technical Information

Deuce-ace cylinder diesel engines
1.2 TDi (3L), 1191 cm³, 45 kW, 140 N·m, Semi-Automatic Contagion
1.4 TDI, 55 kW, 1422 cm³, 195 N·m
1.4 TDI, 66 kW, 1422 cm³, 230 N·m

Gasolene engines
1.4, 55 kW, 1390 cm³, 126 N·m
1.6 FSI, 81 kW, 1598 cm³, 155 N·m

Acceleration 0-100 km/h (62 mph) / Top Speeds
TDI 55 kW: 12.6 s , 173 km/h, 106 mph
TDI 66 kW: 10.9 s, 188 km/h, 116 mph
FSI: 9.8 s, 202 km/h, 124 mph
1.4: 12.3 s, 176 km/h, 106 mph
3 L: 14.9 s, 168 km/h, 102 mph

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