2003 Alfa Romeo 147 Ti

Alfa Romeo 147 TI

The Alfa Romeo 147 has disposed everyone a bit-by-bit templet to achieving bang-up external winner in equitable a few short-circuit months. Get-go came the vital eclat: the ‘Car of the Class 2001’ rubric, the ‘Volante d’Oro’ awarded by the German cartridge ‘Bild am Sonntag’ and the ‘Trophée du excogitation 2000’ honour from the French ‘Car Clip’. So came the eclat from readers: the esteemed ‘Machine Europe 1’ organized by Car Bild on behalf of 13 motoring magazines (the Alfa Romeo 147 standard nearly votes in no fewer than eight-spot countries) and ‘My front-runner car 2001’, which reflects the opinions of readers who buy the monthly cartridge ‘Quattroruote’.

2003 Alfa Romeo 147 Ti

So came the well-nigh receive mark of discernment of all: from the mart. Altogether, 55,000 orders were self-contained ‘tween the end of October 2000 and February this twelvemonth. This pleasurable solution has been so unexpected that we sustain evening had to agenda a yield gain at the mill. The numbers bear been upped from 100,000 to 120,000 units p.a. and plans are underway to supercharge this number to 140,000.

The virtually authoritative matter, though, is that the Alfa Romeo 147 has through what it begin to do, i.e. micturate a qualitative spring upwardly from the old framework and ground itself securely at the speed function of the section where the outdo prestigiousness contract sports cars are now agglomerate.

The figures birth this out. The Alfa Romeo 147 occupies a damage ring where prices are higher than those commanded by the Alfa Romeo 145. This is because discreet Alfa customers precious a more extremely specified car. And too because these self-same customers apply the almost comp versions and specifications in the scope: the 120 bhp 1.6 has been the highest-selling Alfa Romeo 147 in Europe soh.

2003 Alfa Romeo 147 TI

The Alfa Romeo 147 owes its winner to the fact that it appeals to women, it appeals to the youth and it besides appeals to motorists who until lately horde competitors’ cars. Do it to say that in Italy, e.g., 65% of traded-in cars were not Alfa Romeos and 30% were not eve Decree Motorcar models.

2003 Alfa Romeo 147 Ti

Altogether, the 147 has attracted new customers to Alfa Romeo and has made a important donation to boilersuit mark results: our European commercialise ploughshare has risen by 23% during the beginning two months of the twelvemonth.

The compass is now complemented by:

2003 Alfa Romeo 147 Ti
  • 5-door rendering that offers greater versatility and repose of admission piece maintaining all the personality and manner of the 3-door;
  • 1.9 JTD, a adaptation created for customers who need all the ease and execution the example can pass combined with a receive reducing in fire expenditure;
  • 2.0 T. Glint 16 valve with manual gearbox.
  • These are authoritative additions when you regard that, boilersuit, the grocery for these new versions is deserving threefold that of the petrol-driven three-door subsegment unparalleled.

    2003 Alfa Romeo 147 Ti

    The Alfa Romeo 147 compass has not only been elongated to pass iii new versions, it is besides offer its customers another authoritative intersection have: the Relate organisation.

    This gimmick is bound to vary the way we feel the car. More that, to metamorphose our unharmed construct of mobility. Because products and services were two break worlds ahead Associate came on but now, first, they are one and the like.

    2003 Alfa Romeo 147 Ti

    All this substance that car occupants leave welfare from info, communicating, aid and safe as a outcome of a organisation that is now fashioning its entry on the Alfa Romeo 147 but volition shortly be adoptive on all new Edict, Alfa and Lancia models. This instrument is bound to pee Fiat Car the downright leader in the mobility services bailiwick.

    As parting of its new delegation to pee-pee state-of-the-art communications engineering approachable to all, Decree Automobile is oblation the commencement story of Join (addition an yearbook subscription to Associate services) at the be of a rule piloting organization. It is too freehanded drivers a luck to describe the tremendous benefits of these services by throwing in a dislodge 6 month subscription.

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